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Labour Leadership Contest

Diane Abbott on the Labour leadership ballot as nominations close

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Reader comments

  1. Who cares who the next labour leader is, new face on old policies isn’t going to get more votes next time. What do any of them think of gay marriage, do they all think we should balance this will relgious beliefs or that it should solely be the traditional one between man and woman. Haveany of these guys got anything new to offer anyone?

  2. vulpus_rex 9 Jun 2010, 2:59pm

    Diane Abbot went to Cambridge so she doesn’t really distinguish herself from her rivals on that score.

    She has also had a son privately educated, so is up to her neck in the shallow, two faced hypocrisy that typifies most Labour politicians and their supporters.

    A great shame really as she comes across as the only one of the candidates with a mind of her own and real personality.

    Still anyone would be better than that repulsive thug Ed Balls.

  3. Patrick James 9 Jun 2010, 3:16pm

    I am delighted to see Diane Abbot in the race for leadership of the Labour party.

    She will liven up the debate in the Labour party which is very important for democracy.

    If she wins she would stand a very good chance of being the first black PM in the UK.

    The candidates are of an extremely high calibre indeed.

    To make progress in the Labour party requires a great deal of political savvy. This is rather good because it means that you get people at the top who have worked very hard to be there and developed hugely important skills.

    Dilettantes don’t get far in the Labour party.

  4. Labour should elect anybody but the NuLabour clones of the two Milibands and Ed no Balls. All three of them are repugnant slime-balls that makes me feel sick just looking at them the NuLiebour c***s.

    I wish Diane Abbott the best of luck and hope she can bring the Labour party back to what it used to be a socialist party.

  5. @Vulpus “She has also had a son privately educated, so is up to her neck in the shallow, two faced hypocrisy that typifies most Labour politicians and their supporters.”

    If I say ‘don’t do x’ and the proceeed to do x, I need not be hypocritical, depending on the reasons for which I do x. For example, if I say ‘don’t send children to private school’ and then send my children to provate school, I may hold other principles which ovveride ‘don’t do x’. In this case ‘don’t do x’ is really elliptical for, ‘don’t do x unless a circumstance or set of circumstances obtain’.
    Now, this set of circumstances could involve reference to other principles or ethical views that one has. For example, you might hold the principle that, should you think your child will not be able to receive an adequate education, schooling them privately may be morally permissible, but that, in most cases, schooling a child privately is morally wrong.
    I would submit that Mrs Abbott had something like this principle in mind when she sent her children to private school. This principle seems to me to be perfectly sensible. Perhaps the principle can be refined, as follows. Should it be a fact that your child will not be able to receive an adequate education, schooling them privately may be morally permissible. Note this principle is slightly stronger. Note also, like the foregoing principle, it is entirely consistent with believing that private schooling, in the main, is morally wrong.

  6. vulpus_rex 9 Jun 2010, 5:15pm

    No Luke, I’m afraid not.

    For example I think people should pay taxes therefore I pay them myself, it’s not difficult and I don’t think of moral sounding excuses to avoid them.

    Diane Abbot found herself in a difficult situation, she did not want to send her son to the local Hackney sink school so she took the decision to send him to a school that is both private and selective – two things that as a Labour MP she thinks are wrong and should be denied to the rest of the population.

    Hypocrite pure and simple. If she had a backbone she should have sent her son to the local dump and then devoted her time to turning it into a school good enough for her child.

    Mind you, despite what they say about education, education, education, it has always been my private belief that the last thing Liebour want to do is educate the proletariat, as they might then work out what a bunch of useless numpties most labour politicians are.

  7. It says something about the state of the Labour Party when only one of the five leadership candidates is actually left-wing. I couldn’t give a sh*t where her children went – she’s got my vote.

  8. Mihangel apYrs 9 Jun 2010, 7:19pm

    does Burnham wear eyeliner? He is cuter than the Milliboys and Balls.

    A bit shallow I suppose

  9. @ Vulpus

    You are ignoring my point.

    Someone can think ‘x is wrong but x is permissible in certain circumstances’.

    For example, someone can think murder is wrong but permissible in certain circumstances.

    Likewise, someone can believe that sending children to private school is wrong but permissible in certain circumstances.

    That is not hypocrisy.

  10. Diane Abbott would be an absolute disaster! But then so would the other 4! I’m sorry but we just cannot have a vile bully boy leader in Ed Balls we’d be the laughing stock of the world and don’t get me started on the Milibands…..

    The only thing going for Diane Abbott compared to the others is at least she has some kind of personality. Other than that they are all fake!

  11. This is the woman who said that the Finnish nurses in her local hospital were not acceptable because they had probably never seen a black person before and wouldn’t understand their needs. Imagine if a white MP had about nurses from Mozambique wouldn’t know how to deal with white people. The uproar! She is a bit of a racist herself obviously, but she goes with whatever issues will bring her popularity from the black community. As mentioned before, she is an Oxbridge graduate and sent her son to a fee-paying school, she is hardly any different to former Labour leaders or even Tory leaders for that matter.

    The Millibands are Jewish and of Polish heritage, is anyone making a fuss about that? No, but then they haven’t jumped on the ‘I’m a Jew, give me sympathy’ bandwagon, whereas Diane has focused almost solely on black issues.

    Part of me also thinks Labour are looking for a British Obama and, through sheer tokenism, they want Diane Abbott to fulfil that role. Bit shallow.

  12. PS I am actually very happy that, David Laws and his foolishness aside, the other minority MPs have just got on with their jobs and are being MPs – not ‘minority MPs’. The more mundane they seem, the better acceptance will be for all of us.

  13. pete the meat 10 Jun 2010, 3:52pm

    Spooks, you totally hit the nail on the head making the connection with Obama. New Labour have always been more about grand gestures than anything with substance, it will be interesting to see how this pans out- will Labour opt for tokenism or some average white middle class male? Diane Abbott is a crippling hypocrite who’s out for No.1, but then so was Blair.

  14. Thanks Pete. It’s a shame really, she could have used that position to be a real role model to show that black people could be educated, female and capable of a cabinet position. But she let herself down with some of her values and Labour voters will be turned off by that. Tokenism is for 1980s television, it has no place in society today. Those with the talent should get through to the positions they deserve. And she doesn’t deserve it. Obama on the other hand, rock on. I hope he busts BP’s ass over that spill!

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