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Children of gay parents ‘proud, but need schools to tackle issues’

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  1. Cue Martin/Simon mad rant at Stonewall that has nothing to do with the article’s subject….

  2. Sure.

    please stop referring to Stonewall as an ‘equality charity’

    They are opposed to LGBT equality as they believe that same sex couples be denied acceess to the legal contract of civil marriage based solely on our sexual orientation.

    This study is important. But the association with the homophobic Stonewall organisation delegitimises it.

    Stonewall does not believe in equality for gay people, so why should we trust their motives about anything?

  3. By the way it is not ‘ranting’ to refer to Stonewall as a ‘homophobic organisation’ .

    It is a statement of fact.

  4. Thank you, you never fail to disappoint.
    Now please go get a life and some therapy which involves you heavily sedated while the words Ben Summerskill are repeated over and over until your mouth stops foaming…

  5. What do they mean by “issues”? Why not just use the word “problems”?

  6. Sister Mary Clarance 9 Jun 2010, 9:54pm

    Steward, you could set you watch by him!!! Never anything new, just the same old jaded rhetoric unfortunately

  7. There are idealists and realists. There are 2 ways of getting change. Bit by bit while I am alive or all at once after I am dead. The idealist is happy to imagine all their perfect dreams coming true after they have died and living with their misery and dogma intact. The realist would like not to lose their home when their partner dies unexpectedly.

  8. On the issue of gay kids in school, we now have a government that wants to both increase the number of faith schools and tackle homophobic bullying. I await the results with interest.

  9. MartinM – ‘Stonewall is a homophobic organisation.’ Yes, and the Roman Catholic Church is a Scientific Institute.

  10. Nothing surprising here. The only thing that worries me about Stonewall doing such reports is the awful temptation to say well what would you expect Stonewall, a gay campaingning company, to find – there is such a temptation to just say that the whole report is biased , shouldn’t these reports be produced by an unbiased organisation. It very difficult to put any credibility to anything like this when it’s produced by a gay organisation. They’re naturally going to come out with these results, any other results would not look good for them…

  11. You know, I have to point out that gay people can be homophobes.
    Why not an organization?
    You can just say that Stonewall has internalized homophobia, since this is really what it is. Even USA states have ruled that separate is never equal, so some of our states have full blown marriage. If sometimes backwards America can do it, something I am still surprised at, why not Britain really?

    Though I may be biased, since the name sort of pisses me off. Taking an American LGBT fight back against police, Stonewall riots, yet only seeming to do reports like this?
    Teachers have constantly been saying “we don’t feel equiped to tackle homophobia”, so why don’t you do something to help them with materials, Stonewall?
    At least man up and say “You just intervene and tell them it is inappropriate to say, teacher”. I’m in Highschool in the USA and I am the only one that ever fights against the derogatory talk, and it gets old when the entire teacher body won’t step out of their comfort zone to help you. I am sure kids over there are getting tired of looking out for their own bullied asses too.

  12. PumpkinPie 10 Jun 2010, 6:52pm

    Nice study. It’s good to have information like this around.

    Children should start learning about same-sex parents at about the same age that they start learning about mixed-sex parents – i.e., immediately. There is absolutely no reason to hide it from them. We’re not “dirty”.

    Some call this social engineering. I absolutely cannot fathom how. You know what is social engineering? Hiding us away. Pretending we don’t exist. Conditioning gay kids into thinking they’re straight so they end up confused and have to declare their true sexuality (whenever they manage to figure it out) like some sort of conversion.

    Current societal attitudes on this disgust me. “Recruiting” kids? That’s what straights have been doing to us for millennia. If they stop hiding us from the kiddies, all that’s going to happen is that some of their bull**** social engineering will be nullified, and gay kids will finally be set free from this insidious conditioning.

  13. Erik the Kiwi 13 Jun 2010, 7:18am

    This was not an issue at our youngest boy’s last school. Why? Because my man got elected to the school board and became its chair… I became the ‘First gentleman’ and got to help had out awards at school prizegivings and suchlike!

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