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Newspaper claims Malawi couple have split up over a woman

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Reader comments

  1. I suspect he’s lying as he’s worried about being lynched by a primitive mob of homophobic Malawian savages.

    Any news on whether the UK is ONLY going to give aid to Malawi so long as there is cast iron guarantees it won’t be used to persecute minorities.

    The savage law that saw the 2 men imprisoned in still in effect.

    Has Malawi been suspended from the Commonwealth yet?

  2. He said he was now seeing a 24-year-old woman called Dorothy.

    Sounds like a friend of Dorothy.

  3. Sure her name wasn’t Madonna

  4. I guess that means he won’t need to seek asylum from the UK based on his sexual orientation if he’s now turned straight…

  5. OK, maybe I’m getting hopelessly confused, but if Chimbalanga identifies as a woman (as has been pointed out repeatedly in parallel threads), then this isn’t actually a story about gay men at all – ?

  6. Mihangel apYrs 8 Jun 2010, 9:53pm

    it’s a story about alternative sexuality rather than the straight as a die normals.

    I’m sorry for Monjeza, he’s embraced heterosexuality in the hope of survival, thus rejected the support of the LGBT community. If he needs it again it may not be there for him

  7. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    MartinM may have a point.

    What does Stephen mean…coerced?

    This story is a brainteaser.

  8. @Mihangel: Honestly, if he’s lying then its out of desperation. His story has been hugely publicised, and he’s in a place where his safety could be greatly at risk. If I were in that situation I imagine I’d lie too.

  9. Mark Healey 9 Jun 2010, 6:40am

    Does it really matter to us what his sexuality is or how it turns out to be in the end of things, I thought that the point about liberation is that people would be free to be whatever they want to be and I hope that both of them find the love and happiness that they both deserve. Whether Monjeza defines as LGBT or not – surely the LGBT community will still stand up for human rights. I wish them both love and support and hope that we can continue to do what we can to help others in these dreadful situations.

  10. Now that they are no longer being prosecuted, it is time to turn the cameras off these people. From now on it’s their own private lives, and that’s not news.

  11. Mihangel apYrs 9 Jun 2010, 11:27am

    @ Matt: I quite agree, I hope they will both be OK and keep the support they need

    @ BenB: keeping an eye on them is essential; I could imagine that once people think that no-one’s watching they could be fair game. Murder isn’t alien to uncivilised bigots

  12. @Mihangel apYrs: I don’t believe it’s the press’ place to monitor people. When an issue of national or international importance occurs, the press should report without bias what has occurred to the relevant audience. Monitoring people for their protection (which is debatable enough in and of itself) doesn’t fit into that. I’m not saying these clearly now very vulnerable people should be ignored now they are no longer newsworthy, I just think that their protection should be left to groups specifically intended for that purpose like humane groups and charities and hopefully the authorities.

  13. “Neither Mr Monjeza or >> *Mr* <>*trans woman*<<, could be reached for comment."

    THe was a lot of clear evidence she was. You are insulting her by using the wrong pronoun. Why are you purposefully doing this.

  14. My last comment got mangled, but you will understand what I mean

    “Neither Mr Monjeza or **Mr** Chimbalanga, who some reports say identifies as a trans **woman,** could be reached for comment”

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