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Children of lesbian couples ‘have fewer behaviour problems’

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Reader comments

  1. has boulez 8 Jun 2010, 11:48am

    Yeah, if I were a kid I’d be less inclined to act up in front of lesbians, they’re more adept at kicking ass than their male counterparts. Plus they’d be dab hands at teaching a wee nipper to shave.

  2. Oh, my aching sides…

  3. Matt Pepprell 8 Jun 2010, 12:37pm

    Yeah, if I were a kid I’d be less inclined to act up in front of lesbians, they’re more adept at kicking ass than their male counterparts. Plus they’d be dab hands at teaching a wee nipper to shave. — has boulez

    Dude! Judgemental much?

  4. Even when we read positive stories, some of us are too busy trying to be clever and ‘ironic’ rather than just celebrating the story. So, instead, folks, let’s just say ‘Hurrah’ for this report – it lends empirical support for us to challenge and counteract the endless, uninformed and unsupported propaganda about same sex parenting being ‘bad’ for our children.

  5. Common sense also would dictate that children raised in households that are widely inclusive of all types of people are going to learn that cookie-cutter people don’t really exist and that a well-rounded home-life full of diversity brings about children who are more accepting of others’ differences.

    When my oldest daughter Jessica was 16 she went to a job interview for a well-known clothing store. I prepped her all the way there on what possible questions they could ask her so she would be prepared for a role in women’s clothing retail. When she finished we went and had a soda and I asked her about the questions. Extremely surprising was the question “We only sell women’s clothing. A man enters the store and says he would like to try on an outfit. It is obviously a man but we only sell women’s apparel. How would you handle it?” My beautiful inclusive daughter replied “Well, I would imagine this guy is transitioning from a man to a woman so I would treat him like every other customer and help him find an outfit he looked great in.” My heart just swelled!! I had never even discussed a M-to-F transition but I expect through her open mind she had discovered this phenomena on her own and found it perfectly acceptable. I’m still so proud of her for that open-mindedness. I think that’s why she is a wonderful mother to her own wee son. She will be encouraging whoever he becomes and he will be a new generation of diversity, inclusivity and kindness. Life is good!

    ps,,,she got the job!

  6. That’s a great story jaxxy. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  7. I think the key point to this study is – “These are not accidental children”.

    If a gay or lesbian couple decide to have children, they are often required to prove themselves capable of doing so, whether it is by the adoption process or through assisted conception/surrogacy. Heterosexual couples often have children which are less than planned for, which I daresay would have a potential impact on the child’s wellbeing.

    Wanted children will always fare better than unwanted children, regardless of whether they have a mum and dad, two mums, two dads, or a single parent.

  8. I bet NARTH is already covering this up and claiming gays have fudged the numbers as usual

  9. Dominick J. 8 Jun 2010, 3:47pm

    @ Lilith, right on topic! We should be celebrating the Positive of that result. My question is Will the same test be done for Male Parents and hopefully the same results would come about that would completely shut the mouths of the RR and weaken their Homophobia..

  10. PumpkinPie 8 Jun 2010, 5:00pm

    Ah, I remember this study. It was reported here a while back, but it’s good to see the full results.

    I think this addresses a very pertinent sort of homophobia that many people still face from so-called “tolerant” parts of society. The sort of homophobia I’m referring to is where we’re accepted, but seen as inferior. “Gay parents are acceptable, but straight ones are preferable”. “I’d still love my son if he turned out gay, but I hope he doesn’t”. That sort of thing. A belief that, although it’s not our fault and we do nobody any harm, there’s still something inferior or detrimental about us. So it’s nice to see studies like this showing that we don’t have to play catch-up, because LGBs are just as good as straight people.

    Actually, this insidious sort of homophobia is something I wanted to email David Cameron about. In one of his speeches on family, he made a remark that straight parents are ideal, but gay parents are fine, too. He meant that to be taken as a compliment, as a commitment to inclusivity. Given what I’ve just written, there’s no prizes for guessing that I actually took it as a massive slur against us. I was furious that he’d say something like that and think it was acceptable. I wanted to write to him and ask him to clarify what he meant by that remark, and send him a link to this study. But… I wonder if it’s worth it? He’s the Prime Minister. He probably gets hundreds of emails a day and just gets his PR people to answer them. It’s a shame, because his answer to this question, even if it is PR spin, would be very revealing of his true beliefs regarding same-sex parents. Eh, maybe I will try sending an email…

  11. This is a very positive report, PumpkinPie i agree with your post and go on try e mailing the PM! of course he gets lots of mail but its still worth having your say.
    By the way, my son’s gay and i hoping to be a grandma one day, he’ll make a great dad.

  12. Patrick James 9 Jun 2010, 3:04pm

    I think this is a great story!

    I’ve known quite a few LGBT people with children over the years and the children always seemed to me to be well adjusted, rather good kids in fact.

  13. Anna Kyle 9 Jun 2010, 5:10pm

    I thought the comments about children being planned for and wanted was interesting. My (un)civil partner and I are about to embark on training to become foster parents. We are told we are the first in our area which I think is due to the law having only just changed here. We are with out doubt planning and very much want to do our best for children who’s lives for one reason or another are in crisis. I have to agree that some of our straight friends who are expecting a child have said ‘well it wasnt planned but we’re happy with it’ or ‘it was an accident but its ok’ Family planning has been around for decades. I agree that there may be something in planned children being better ajusted in general just simpley because the parents are ready and waiting rather than surprised and kinda happy?

  14. I like the theory about planned children, its true theres never gonna be a gay shotgun wedding is there?! Interesting study.

  15. Thank goodness there are studies like this to counter the homophobic ones. Gay mums and dads can share experiences and information about local services at

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