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Archbishop of Canterbury punishes Episcopalians for lesbian bishop

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Reader comments

  1. Rowan Williams is bigotted and spinelss scum.

    I’m glad his sh!tty church is divided over the issue iof gay bishops.

    Anything that damages that superstition based cult is a cause for celebration

    Rowan Williams – a man of no principle.

    remember how he refused to condemn the genocidal new law in Uganda as he didn’t want to antagonise the African part of his cult.

    Yet he claims to be a ‘christian’.

    Good to know that human life is less important to Williams than his church remaining united.

  2. Wayne Hawtrey 8 Jun 2010, 3:27pm

    Rowan Williams is setting himself up as a pope (or anti-pope). No wonder he opposed the Anglican Ordinariates created by Rome.

  3. Ian Bower 8 Jun 2010, 3:57pm

    And there I was thinking that, at last, he was actually living in this century. Oh, how naive am I

  4. The Episcopalians should rename themselves the Escapealians and leave the Anglican communion. Why would they want to be associated with homophobes like Rowan Williams!

  5. Mihangel apYrs 8 Jun 2010, 4:28pm

    and without their money….

    will the CoE send sack loads of cash to Africa?

  6. Wow, the Episcopalians must be really scared now,
    the big, bad woolly Welshman is acting tough.
    Such a pity his “toughness” is kept hidden away
    when it would perhaps matter on questions affecting
    treating all others decently (Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria come to mind), rather than on something utterly irrelevant like getting people off ecumenical committees.
    What a complete buffoon he is.

  7. I agree that Williams is a spineless intellectual coward. That said, let’s be careful. The CofE is one entity that stands between us and the truly evil cult of Catholicism. Many argue that it is weakened at our peril, bearing in mind that at least that church is capable of having a serious debate about the issues…

  8. And I’m sure that he will reduce their annual assessment by amounts commensurate with their new role. Right, Rowan?

    And the Africans will make up the difference in this ball-less newt’s salary.

  9. Hmm. Used to vaguely like Rowan Williams, and think he was a harmless old codger with friendly eyebrows and a voice that was fun to do impressions of.

    Now I find he’s a soulless twat like the rest of them.

  10. Stefano A 9 Jun 2010, 3:38am

    Basically Williams is cutting off his nose to spite his face as the saying goes. While he claims his actions are all in the effort of preventing further schisms, his continued posturings and threats will utlimately only lead to one outcome: The break of the US and Canadian provinces from the Church of England/Wales/Scotland and the establishment of a more modern religious communion.

  11. So Rowan Williams has decided to enforce the sanctions of that moratorium on changes to the lesbian and gay status quo in the anglican communion, has he? So how come it is the American Episcopalians get sanctioned (and effectively made unable to represent their/our case in international meetings) when the other side has been galloping along its path of promoting anathemitisation and hatred quite unhindered?

    The last year or so has seen criminalization of homosexuality in Rwanda, proposed penalties in Nigeria, persecution in Kenya and Zimbabwe, and a massive campaign in Uganda, with anglican participation in every case. What more do they need to do for Williams to sanction them?

  12. Mihangel apYrs 9 Jun 2010, 7:05am

    Beardy will never say anything aganst the African churches because of post-colonial guilt and fear of appearing racist. He will lap up their exorcisms, their blinking at polygamy, their homicidal hate of LGBT people, muslims etc, their tribalism, because that’s their way; a decent white church that won’t bow to the whip must be punished.

    Dis-establish the abomination, remove the bishops, and indeed ALL religious appointees from the HoL and ignore them.

  13. Oatc writes “The last year or so has seen criminalization of homosexuality in Rwanda, proposed penalties in Nigeria, persecution in Kenya and Zimbabwe, and a massive campaign in Uganda, with anglican participation in every case…”

    I’m also right off beardy, but this may be the only defence for his actions. He may calculate that the lovely (not to mention rich) Episcopalians will do just fine with or without the rest of the church, whereas if there’s a schism with the African church, he’ll have no way of defending the incredibly embattled gay people who fall into their hands.

    Or he may not be thinking that at all, and an inward-growing eyebrow may be addling his frontal lobes.

  14. Rowan Williams is living proof that you can’t please all the people all the time. Just a shame when forced to choose between bigots and progressives, he sides with the bigots.
    Was he afraid that the Pope might have poached the bigots from the Anglican communion unless he pandered to them a little more?

  15. Rowan Williams has proved to be a total disappointment in his role as Archbishop. But then, isn’t that true for EVERYONE who ends up in a position of power? Their ideals get compromised and they end up pathetically trying to please everyone and managing to annoy us all. But the really sad thing is that the hurt and the injustice that his pronouncements cause for LGBTQ people is obviously considered to be a price worth paying for ‘unity’. I don’t think Jesus was that bothered about unity – much more concerned with fighting against injustice, bringing peace, and challenging the status quo? Or have I misread the Bible?

  16. Now we know where damned Rowan stands. Not that I am surprised but this is why he has not made any difference as an Archbishop. I thought that he would wallow in and take advantage of the brave, inclusive, ‘god’ly-like decisions the US Church is making (for him).

    But as their bible says, Rowan, Ratzinger or whoever the ‘worldly’ ecclesiastic authority doesnt determine who goes to heaven – if one exists. For that, they should be really ashamed that their authority would be ignored by the so-called ‘God’ they so desparately and wickedly represented when ‘Christ’ returns for the rapture. damnED!

  17. If the Anglicans want to ignore civil rights advances that are the fruit of the Spirit, they should remember that black slavery was once condoned by the major churches, including the Anglicans. And there is a scriptual basis for black slavery in the writings of St. Paul. Slaves are advised to obey their masters, even if they are beaten. But no one today would follow the admonitions of St. Paul in his epistles. And St. Paul also advises wives to be submissive to their husbands, even if they too are beaten. But no one believes that today, at least in the Western world. So a person of faith believes that the Spirit can move and advance society. We should not be taking our lead from African bishops who still condone or fail to protest female circumcision, polygamy and persecution/murder of gays. Their attitudes about gays are contrary to where the Spirit leads: liberty and dignity for each individual, gay or straight.

  18. Rowan may be as useful as a chocolate teapot but this report is hardly balanced. In addition to disciplining the leftist US Episcopalian church for ignoring the Anglican Communion’s request for temporary “restraint” on the gay bishop issue he also disciplined the conservative African bishops who had chosen to go over the heads of the US Episcopalian hierarchy to poach their anti-gay flocks. The Anglican Communion is supposed to work on agreement and consensus not gayophiles doing their own thing and gayophobes doing theirs. There is supposed to be discernment and concord – not the arrogance and bullying by Ms. Jefferts Schori versus the backward bigotry of the African church.

  19. Jess Conrad 14 Jun 2010, 10:41pm


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