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Lesbians are first gay couple to marry in Portugal

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  1. Sorry pinknews which campaingners say CPs are adequate and not adequate for British gay couples, could you expand on that one liner? Surely all gay campaigners should be seeking equality for gay couples in the UK and that surely means gay marriage.

  2. Susan, Stonewall come to mind as a major LGBT charity claiming that there’s no need to change the law to introduce same-sex marriage.

  3. Susan, you are right, all gay campaigners should be seeking equality for gay couples in the UK and that should mean gay marriage. Unfortunately, Stonewall don’t pursue gay marriage as a goal.

  4. Congrats to Helena & Teresa and to all same sex couples in Portugal wishing to marry! The Uk should push for full marriage as CP’s don’t offer fully the same rights (or responsabilities) and even the name sounds second class…

  5. Susan, No. 1… are so right about that. None of the gay StonewallUK loving anti same-sex marriage haters have NEVER provided an adequate response to the following question which is….why have 8 other countries abolished the mish mash of same-sex unions for civil marriage? They can’t come up with one rational, logical answer. They just don’t get it and they stubbornly refuse to see the larger picture and the implications. They’re well and truly on the wrong side of history and that becomes more apparent as more countries legislate for FULL marriage equality. I don’t think we’ll ever get there unless more than half of the EU follows the example of the six other members and allows it, making it increasingly difficult for the powers that be to uphold its stand of non-involvement in the marriage laws of member states. Its going to come and we in the UK will be dragged kicking and screaming, just as we did on allowing gays to serve openly in our military. Our government, Labour and now Tory, have NEVER done anything major for gay people on a purely voluntary basis unless prodded or mandated by the EU Commission. Marriage will happen the same way sooner or later, its inevitable. Blair, Brown and now Cameron are delusional if they think that CPs will ever be the norm across the EU, not going to happen and besides, CPs are far outnumbered by 6 to 1 and the gap is steadily growing.

  6. the Presidente of Portugal, Aníbal cavaco Silva, also pulled that subject in his horrible speach. He said that other countries, such as the UK, France, Germany or Denmark have come to an agreement on other forms of unions, instead of approving same-sex marriage, regarding this he said that these countries did it and that they can’t be called of unadvanced countries. He regreted the decision made in Portugal, he would have prefered to do the same as the UK, Germany and whatever.
    Lucky for us in Portugal, the Government thought bigger and fairer.
    Onde day all of western Europe will have same-sex marriage, when that time comes it will be easier to help all the other countries. And let’s face it, the boom of development in LGBT rights is now unstopable…it is so in Portugal and it is so in Europe, and let’s hope the world ;)

  7. Also, Portugal and Spain is now the most populated area in the World where SSM is legal, making it the place on Earth where the most people can marry someone of the same sex, with a total of about 55/57 milion people. It comes before South Africa, Canada and the 6 US jurisdiction all together.

  8. The UK claims to have promotion of equality for LGBT people as a prime foreign policy objective, but, domestically, they consider civil partnerships to be equal, so I wonder if they pressure against equal marriage? Indeed, do they press the countries that have equal marriage to switch to civil partnerships? Someone should ask.

    When Blair pushed through unequal civil partnerships they had already become the favoured route amongst homophobes for avaiding marriage equality, and several courts had rejected them as incapable of being equal. There was never any possiblity that they could be other than a barrier to equality.

    On the subject of Portugal; this marriage law is such a major step, but its a shame adoption was excluded. I imagine that was because the adoption laws are separate from those regulating marriage, ad separate legislation is needed. But excluding L&G people from adoption is a prime policy of homophobes and must always be challenged since it is based purely on prejudice.

  9. Congratulations. Another important battle won in the war against inequality. I hope to see other countries following.

  10. Vitor Barcelos 16 Jun 2010, 4:22am

    I’m so Happy for Portugal :) wish much more countries following … :)

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