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Ex-gay preacher Ted Haggard founds new church

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Reader comments

  1. Ladyfriend 7 Jun 2010, 11:21am

    what, he just opens a church and expects everyone to come in and listen to him? Are there no regulations about what people can call a religion in the USA? And what is he going to be telling the gay and lesbians who walk in his door? God forgives your sin? I think not.

    Also, blaming his own sexual prefernces on alleged ‘abuse’ as a child is a crock. There is no firm evidence that abused children become gay.

    1. Not believing it in Chicago 9 Jan 2012, 3:18pm

      This man is a complete fraud, he’s only trying to fool himself. Apparently in the U.S. a church can be anything and still receive government support, because everyone is so scared being P.C. (politically correct) that we have blanded the hell out of life.

      I don’t blame my being gay on an abusive upbringing ~ everyone has a sob-story, man up Haggard and stop pretending to be something you’re not

  2. Yet another crackpot evangelical.
    Lordy, lordy, lordy!

  3. I’m sure it will just be a matter of time before he’s involved in another sex scandal…and his thick wife will probably stand by her cheating man yet again.

    1. Not believing it in Chicago 9 Jan 2012, 3:20pm

      I believe the old saying is “stupid is as stupid does”, this goes for Haggard and his wife!

  4. No doubt Ted Haggard will be spending long holidays in Thailand without his wife!

  5. First-class crook and liar. How many more people will be damaged through these new antics? I’m somehow not surprised he got into insurance selling!

  6. thetoblerone 7 Jun 2010, 12:52pm

    AmeriKKKans are, on the hole, a pretty unpleasant bunch. KKKhristians are vile. Amerikkkan KKKristians – eek!

  7. Erroll Clements 7 Jun 2010, 2:00pm

    Only in America, home of the the nutjobs and wacko’s would this happen! So he’s not gay any more, then why does he want all these gay people to join his church, surely that would be ‘temptation’….ahhh sorry I forgot he’s now STRAIGHT !Wifey must be very desperate to still be hanging around him?

  8. 7 Jun 2010, 2:09pm

    Do these people have no shame at all? Do they not know of other more honourable ways to regain public trust? Truly, the land of utter hokum…

  9. darkmoonman 7 Jun 2010, 2:50pm

    “Are there no regulations about what people can call a religion in the USA?”

    As long as the founder can sign his name to a few tax documents, only overt prostitution or pedophilia can stop a church from being founded in the USA by anyone.

    As for Mr. Haggard, what I speaks loudest to me is the number of gay men who will continue to willingly have sex with this homophobe without requiring payment

  10. Oh delightful, this is so not going to work. He’ll end up a pariah in both the gay and evangelical worlds.

  11. You need to remember that the main purposes of most of these sort of churches is to control people and take their money. Belief is secondary.

  12. Har Davids 7 Jun 2010, 4:49pm

    Well, we don’t have Ted Haggards in Holland, but we have our own crazies. Yvette Laclé, founder of Evangelische Partij Nederland (no need to translate this), a lady with a very colourful past and a hard-on for homosexuality. We’ll be having elections next Wednesday and she’s been told by her god, she told on TV, that all of us will drown if we don’t vote for a christian government. No half measures, people. If our dykes break because of a tsunami or something, don’t be surprised, because we will have pissed off Yvette’s invisible friend.

    1. Not believing it in Chicago 9 Jan 2012, 3:23pm

      I’ll be waiting to see this go down ~ do these kind of people think that the more dramatic consequences will be, the more they are to be believed ~ in Chicago, we call that a nutjob! I will leave the Netherlands with their nutjobs, we’ve got plenty over here (case in point, Haggard!)

  13. I can’t believe he used the child abuse angle.

  14. Still can’t beat Roy Zimmerman’s musical tribute to Ted Haggard… sums it all up for me.
    So all these gays he’s welcoming to his flock with open arms… that’s for therapy purposes, right?
    OK… let’s stick some crystal meth in the sacred incence burner and all kneel for the service. May the battle of wills commence!

  15. Glory Halle Lube Ya

    Love it!!!

  16. Insanity!

  17. A face only a mother could love.

    @12 Har:

    Do you mean this Yvette?

    “Yvette Laclé (Paramaribo, August 25th 1955), until early 2009 known as Yvette Lont(-Eersel), is a Dutch local politician in Amsterdam since 2002.

    After working as a prostitute, she became a member of Pentecostalism and caregiver for the addicted.

    Laclé is known for her extremist christian views on gay rights, so extreme in fact, that they were reason for expulsion from the conservative christian democratic party Christian Union in 2008.”


    And the election is in 2 days…June 9.

    Somehow it’s more difficult to imagine a right-wing nutter in Holland than in the USA.

  18. There’s a part of me which almost feels sorry for Ted, in that he’s become a victim of his own homophobic right wing fundamentalist meme and it doesn’t take Freud to figure out that a ‘straight man struggling with same sex attraction’ is by definition not straight.
    But then I remember he’s peddling his line in BS to other impressionable gay people having trouble coming to terms with their identities and that’s where the sympathy dries up. It really is a case of the lunatics taking over the asylum.

  19. The man’s a six dollar note. Always has been and always will be. (I am not sure if I would kick him out of bed though; I’ve always like tall men.)

  20. Jess Conrad 15 Jun 2010, 5:10pm

    Talk about Dumb And Dummer….I bet he’s still screwing Rent-Boys!!

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