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Anna Paquin says bisexuality revelation was ‘no secret’

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Reader comments

  1. or maybe wanted a tiny bit of publicity..

  2. Hodge Podge 7 Jun 2010, 7:53pm

    @jo Oh yes, I do wish she’d kept it a secret, that would have been so much better.

    Unless she made it up altogether! We’ll need some sex videos as proof-of-queerness before we can take this young, confused individual seriously.

  3. oh, interesting shes in the media a week before true blood starts =]

  4. good for her!

    proof of queerness? If she says she’s bisexual, that’s good enough for me. It’s her life, her experience of her own nature, and she’s welcome as far as I’m concerned.

  5. ooooh, does that mean there might be even the slightest possible that Stephen moyer might be too (I know this is a total unavailable fantasy fancy but hey ‘n all that)… *slurp*

  6. Bisexuals should date other bisexuals so that they could have amazing sex orgies. Threesomes are not as fun when one of the envolved is heterosexual.

  7. Go Anna!

    And why should any of us have to “prove” our sexuality?!?! We are all sexaul beings from the day we are born. Labeling things is what fosters prejudice. Why can’t we feel safe about wanting who we want, and loving who we love and not be so concerned about their body parts?

    Thanks Anna for being open and honest!

    1. Samuel Croft 27 Jul 2011, 3:31pm

      Jess I agree. It’s good that people support and come out but WE should not have to. WE should be able to be who and what WE are as long as we are a positive influence on the world and society. I’m Gay and I don’t care who knows it. It is natural for me and always has been. I love women but I don’t what to sleep with them. As long as I am the involved person are in agreement with what we are doing then the rest of the world should BUTT OUT!

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