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US Episcopal leader stands firm in support for gay bishops

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Bishop Jefferts Schori! Rowan has sold out gay christians and has lost his moral authority. For too long gay people have been appallingly treated by some in the anglican church and it is good that at least one bishop has the guts to say NO MORE!

  2. peter roberts 5 Jun 2010, 2:25pm

    The idiot Williams is not fit to be called a Christian let alone an archbishop. Not because he is homophobic; he isn’t: his writings before he became called archbishop proved that; but because he has no balls to stand up to those in the church who are, to put it bluntly, not Christian.
    I’m a Reader in the CofE but when I’ve checked out the facts of this, I may well not be for much longer. How can we be gay and CofE when our leader (!) is rejecting us to this extent.

  3. It is indeed a great pity that Williams, the coward, cannot do the same. The cock has crowed thrice, Archbishop!

  4. Hopefully Katharine reads this, just wanted to tell her that no many how many bigots get in her way that she has SUPPORT from people all over the world, maybe not in the pues but on the streets and her message of compassion is definitely under represented in the church so its good to have people like her. Keep up the good work!

  5. Isn’t it just really nice to have a church that gives you a warm feeling of what good spirituality is like? It’s not just the gay thing – still all too rare to see a woman in a top job, an adult response to differences of opinion — as well as the refusal to fall in with Rowan Williams’ depressingly nasty plans.

    Perhaps there will be a schism, just not the one he expects, as the Episcopal Church shows the way into the 21st century for people not hemmed around by ignorance and fear. Ultimately if Christianity is going to survive in the West, it will be in this sort of form.

  6. ‘…warm feeling of what good spirituality is like’

    I’m afraid that we all will have a chance to experience that ‘warm feeling’ very soon.

    As soon, that is to say, as some of those currently being taught at madrassas-style ‘schools’ all over the country that homosexuality is ‘wrong’ and that ‘god’ created the world in 7 days some 3000 yrs. ago gain power.

  7. The article needs to be read in the awareness of the different organization of the Episcopal Church USA. The Presiding Bishop is not “appointed” but elected by the bishops, clergy, and lay delegates. Bishops are not confirmed solely by the Presiding Bishops, but after being elected by the clergy and laity of their diocese the bishops of the ECUSA give or withold their consent. The system is much more open and democratic than the Church of England hierarchical model. That is one of the things Rowan Williams and many other Anglican leaders don’t quite seem able to wrap their minds around, and that’s at the heart of what the Presding Bishop speaks to in her response.

  8. Dakotahgeo 8 Jun 2010, 5:41pm

    All the best to Presiding Bishop Schori and to the newest GLBT Bishops who have been called by God (not man or woman, thankfully) to further the work in God’s Kingdom here on earth! If the Church of England can’t handle this, why are we even associated with them? We are either in this together or for those who are against the situation, bow out, leave, go forth, don’t let the door hit you…!!! Blessings, Godspeed… just don’t come back! Promise?

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