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Online survey to question football fans on homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t believe that football fans are necessarily any more homophobic than non-fans.

    Homophobia in football is a problem among the Football Association and the management and players of the football clubs.

    It is a cowardly excuse to blame the fans.

    The FA have shown how institutionally homophobic they are by their disgracefull cowardly behaviour over the recent anti-homophobia ‘Kick it out’ campaign

  2. So who yells the homophobic abuse at the matches? The ‘20%’ who don’t like it?

  3. Piara Powar – I’m not sure he’s really on our side.

  4. martin m you need a good slap in 98 after England lost fans rampaged through soho my mate got his jaw broken. in 2002 my cousin was walking home from work and got hospitalised after England lost. 2006 some idiot tried to square up to me in Camden on my way back to work again after England lost.the common demonitor we are all gay(and goodlooking) this year im on holiday. you gay hating bnp loving pig

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