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Moscow Pride ‘a success’, gay activists say

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Reader comments

  1. paul canning 4 Jun 2010, 2:56pm

    Our government failed to support the Moscow activists, as did no EU governments or the EU, unlike in Latvia and other Eastern European countries.

    LGBT MEPs have asked the European Commission to explain why they were snubbed and William Hague should be asked the same question.

  2. de Villiers 4 Jun 2010, 5:06pm

    Whilst it is not for the UK government (or the French) to interfere directly in other countries, as I would expect Russia not to interfere with us, I applaud the gay rights activists who held this Pride March.

  3. Why is it everyone comes into these forums and says this goverment should do this & this goverment should do that.. Evry country is different with different morals and values and i get fed up when seeing the do godders coming on here and saying the Uk should do more. We are the first to moan when it comes the otherway, so i say let each country deal with their own problems and events and leave our country to ours. If you want to be a do-gooder to whetever country, go live in the bloody place then

  4. David Myers 6 Jun 2010, 1:33am

    I’m originally from the U.S. I moved to Canada in 1970 because of the Viet Nam war. I have worked on the U.S. civil rights movement, the anti war movement, the women’s rights movement all in the U.S. After moving to Canada I got involved in helping create Vancouver area gay-lesbian community institutions and fighting for gay-lesbian rights. I applaud the activist of Moscow and I disagree vehemently with the comments of “dogooders”. As gay and lesbians of the world we have a duty to support and encourage gay-lesbian rights as well as human rights in all countries and cultures throughout the world. Human right are universal and deserve our support, all of us. Congratulations gay-lesbian activists of Moscow. We are with you in spirit, hope, and voice.

  5. I’m with you on this one, David Myers.

  6. Jean-Paul 7 Jun 2010, 6:35am


    Check this out:

    It is a challenge to think globally about the LGBT community and It took a while for me to realize how important it is to at least keep in touch with international news concerning obstacles and victories experienced by our brothers and sisters.

    By the way, I thought the organizers of the Moscow Parade used that extra bit of ingenuity typical of Russia.

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