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Lt Dan Choi ends hunger strike over gay soldiers

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Reader comments

  1. pete the meat 3 Jun 2010, 3:21pm

    Pfft, lightweight. 7 days ad there are fears over his health?? Total f**king lightweight. Ever hear of Bobby Sands mate?

  2. Yeah, he’s a lightweight. A lightweight who is trying to make life a little more tolerable for his fellow LGBT forces personnel and by doing that improving everyone’s quality of life, by breaking down the pointless hatred fostered by homophobia.

    What are you doing to make the world a better place Pete?

  3. Maybe he’s not a lightweight but he is seriously misguided. The whole point of a hunger-strike is that the protestor’s health is in danger.

    A fast and a hunger-strike are two very different things; a hunger striker will not eat until their demands are met, a faster merely gives up food for a period of time. Failed hunger-strikes reinforce the idea that the issue being protested is not that important, that it is certainly not a life or death issue (or that the protestors are weak or do not have sufficient willpower).

    This strike has been a waste of time!

  4. Michael★ 5 Jun 2010, 7:03am

    with or without him, DA/DT will be lifted.

  5. Anthony Stanley 6 Jun 2010, 10:18am

    Unfortunately, Michael, you’re probably correct. Despite the wishes of most commanders and an overwhelming number of soldiers, the DADT will go to the wayside as moral relativism rears its ugly heaad and social engineering enters the most non-democratic institution in America. Do you really believe that soldiers want to be in a foxhole with a transsexual? Absurd. Gays don’t want civil rights, they want special rights.

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