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Church costs for Pope’s visit ‘out of control’

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  1. This and a few compensation claims might just do for the church, every cloud etc…

    Pity there is so much money in the Vatican, they would have to end world poverty and sickness to spend all that.

  2. The Grinch 3 Jun 2010, 2:35pm

    Those choirboys don’t cum cheap….

  3. sean Turner 3 Jun 2010, 2:38pm

    i dont get it, why is the tax payer/government paying for this at all?!!

  4. I wish I lived in the UK (as I used to live there until 2007) for 1 reason in particular:

    If I lived in the UK i would buy 1,000 eggs and I would throw them to the popess the day she arrives in Britain. Her lovely dress is too white, but she is not a bride, she’s a trashy gay basher who lives in the closet. She likes gold, so she likes yellow. Good. 1000 eggs will do the job. I really hope uk gays and lesbians will buy 1000 eggs X 2,000,000 gays and lesbians = 2,000,000,000!!

    …just a gift from the LGBT community for that lousy baiatch!

  5. As usual it is religion that is the “dangerous threat” to the people. Someday hopefully people will realize their lives will be far better living in reality instead of myth. I wonder what the Nazarene would say about them spending millions on a propaganda trip instead of feeding the poor. Oh wait, St. John, the one closest to Christ, refused to become the pope as it was against the teachings to form such a church in the first place. But what does the papa razi care about history, they try very hard to keep history well hidden as it always makes them look like the hideous lying sacks of crap that they really are. Not that any religion is any better, one in particular is far worse, but it is politically incorrect to say so. Funny though the one extant religion in the world at the time the Nazarene actually mentioned thinking well of was the Buddhists, in fact he forbid his followers to proselytize in the East (not that they listened to anything he said unless it was politically and financially profitable for them). But interesting that to this day the Buddhists have less blood on their hands than any of the hideously evil religions that came out of the middle east. The middle east’s terrorizing of the world started a very, very, long time ago, Xtianity just hit so long ago we seem to have forgotten the nasty place it also came from and think it is the religion of the west.

  6. Why does my tax have to pay for this man coming to this country? Because of the economic climate we are supposed to curbing out spending yet…’s going to cost 20 million for this person to visit this country? Well I don’t want him here, if the catholic church does then they should pay every penny!

  7. Chris J-D 3 Jun 2010, 4:32pm

    The mind boggles at how a 4 day visit could cost £20million anyway, regardless of who is footing the bill. I wouldn’t mind having a look at a breakdown of costs. I think it’s a disgusting and highly irresponsible waste of money considering the current state of the economy.

  8. Mumbo Jumbo 3 Jun 2010, 7:36pm

    “……and likelihood of the trip’s centerpiece, an open-air mass at Coventry airport, being cancelled and moved elsewhere to a smaller venue.”

    Such as a prison. Strangeways would be particularly appropriate.

  9. It will be a lot cheaper to arrest this huckster criminal though won’t it..

  10. Jean-Paul 3 Jun 2010, 9:33pm

    Am I reading too deeply between the lines, or is the vatican preparing to abandon the paple visit to the UK ?

    …er *papal

  11. O.M.G. let’s hope the above comment is right — and we don’t have this this deadly, winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering, giggling, fruit-flavoured, mincing, ice-covered heap of Hitler love traipsing round Britain in his popemobile.

  12. Seems like a win-win to me… if he comes it bankrupts several UK Catholic diocese, and if he doesn’t we don’t have to pay a penny for the privilege. That’s a result, right?
    The only part I’ll miss is the pelting him with eggs wrapped in condoms.

  13. Would it not be better pelting him with spunk filled condoms.

  14. I look forward to the Pope’s visit. I hope to visit the UK for part of the visit. I think it sad that there is so much hate and contempt for this holy man on this comments forum. This hatred and spite is not of God. The Pope is not homophobic. He points out the narrow way to salvation, and hedonistic narcissism will not help any of us get to heaven.

  15. Martin, think about your choice to go to Heaven!
    It isn’t for the best!
    Pets go to hell, wouldn’t you like to be with your pets?
    I am gay because I was born like this, but heck, if being gay gets us to Hell… count me in! ;)
    Plus, I hear Heaven is quite drafty. Hell is far more toasty and welcoming, like a big fire place~

  16. Jean-Paul 4 Jun 2010, 3:23am

    The question is as it’s always been;

    How badly does John Cardinal Newman want to see the pope ?

    (You really wont like this book review, he he.)

  17. Martin – Heaven is a gay nightclub in King’s cross and hedonistic narcissism is more or less mandatory… did you not get that memo?
    The only way the Pope will get in is with a gay plus one.

  18. Well the easy answer is STAY AT ‘HOME’!

  19. Cancel the damn trip already!!

  20. I though the new ConDem government had promised us transparency in public spending and politics and how important it was to spend money wisely, and cut back on “out of control” spending. Given jobs are being lost through those cuts, I think it’s trite that they are willing to fork out so much money from the public purse for this visit.

  21. Right on, Jay.

    Try throwing that into the balance with the David Laws scandal.

  22. Medieval Patriarchs do not come cheap . . . unfortunately!!!

  23. Tell the Vatican to pay their own way! Never have I despised any other organisation more! Especially after this!

  24. Good luck England! The so-called (Catholic) World Youth Day here in Aus. cost us a fortune and was a local disaster. We had the alternative of being baracaded in our own home (couldn’t even go grocery shopping!) or having a weekend out of Sydney (at our expense). We chose the latter. The Catholic `youth’ were the rudest and most self-centred hoons I have ever met. They trashed the place – left rubbish everywhere and even had the council rip out trees so they could more easily make their pilgrimage.

  25. 21stCenturySpirituality 4 Jun 2010, 1:18pm

    @ Chris. Totally with you on this one…

    “The mind boggles at how a 4 day visit could cost £20million anyway, regardless of who is footing the bill. I wouldn’t mind having a look at a breakdown of costs. I think it’s a disgusting and highly irresponsible waste of money considering the current state of the economy. ”

    I signed the NSS petition to the then primeminister that the Catholic Church should foot the bill, not the British taxpayer. Perhaps the current administration need reminding about the tens of thousands of people who signed that petition.

  26. 21stCenturySpirituality 4 Jun 2010, 1:28pm

    There are far more important things, than giving a hate preacher a platform in the UK, to spend £20million on, such as hospitals and schools.

  27. 21stCenturySpirituality 4 Jun 2010, 1:47pm

    And not only a hate preacher, but a man who has denied justice to victims of child sexual abuse.

  28. Philip Wester 5 Jun 2010, 5:32am

    How could his visit POSSIBLY cost £20?! What, do they have to have him stay in the most expensive suite at the most expensive hotel, feed him only the flesh of endangered species and spun gold and doing the same for his cadre of 10.000 underage male concubines?!

    £20?! Are you kidding me?! If the government is going to even CONSIDER going through with this, they need to demand that the church tell them EXACTLY what the money’s going to and then publish the details and have the taxpayers decide! £20 is an irresponsible huge amount of money to spend on what amounts to ONE (hugely bigoted) MAN (to visit a supposedly secular and equality-friendly country).

  29. I’m guessing the majority of that 20 million is going on his personal security detail, crowd control etc. Basically to hold back the millions of british taxpayers who think the money would be better spent on eggs to lob at him.
    Why would I want to coughup hard-earned tax to keep this vindictive, homophobic, child molester-protecting git safely sconsed in his popemobile with hundreds of security outriders shadowing his every move?
    A set of stocks on the other hand only costs the price of three oak beams, two hinges, a padlock and a secure wooden base plus labour. I’m sure we can cover the cost of the eggs and tomatoes. And if it’s a hot day, he gets the world’s largest spanish omlette. Everyone’s happy…

  30. The pope must not visit Britain for a number of reasons, one of which is that no-one can afford him in more ways than one.

  31. 21stCenturySpirituality 8 Jun 2010, 12:52am

    And today we have news of more cuts to benefits, pensions, etc. I’m all for religious freedom but in the current economic climate the Catholic Church must foot the bill for this extravagent visit, not the UK taxpayer. I shall be expressing these sentiments to my local MP and I suggest other people do the same.

  32. john montgomery 23 Jun 2010, 7:20pm

    I am against the Popes visit both on the views held by him and the spiraling cost.
    After reading some of the comments while commendable if you go to
    sign up let the new tossers in gov have a rethink because of recent Budget cut. While we all will have to tighten our belts.
    Let the faithfully pay and he can come I say this as A Gar rights leader might want to come here and well the government would not pay a dot would that be descriminarion pardon my spelling not to well at moment.
    best wishes

  33. john montgomery 23 Jun 2010, 7:25pm

    Sorry deadline closed

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