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Alan Duncan says David Laws will ‘bounce back’

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Reader comments

  1. “he will bounce back, and will do so stronger, better known and with a reservoir of respect.”

    No he won’t.

    David Laws is a thief and a coward.

    He stole from his constituents and lied about his sexuality when he had no valid reason for doing so.

    As for that Alan Duncan creature – of course he will support David Laws.

    This is the same person who was caught on camera defending the ‘right’ of MP’s to steal from their constituents.

    He is a moral vacuum if he thinks theft is acceptable.

    David Laws, and any other MP who has engaged in theft should be charged with a crime.

    If I get caught stealing, I will be reported to the police and probably jailed.

    Why are these thieving scum politicians not getting charged and punished for their crimes?

  2. He took £40,000 that he was entitled to. And saved us £6billion… what a criminal…???????
    I think we need to look past his mistake, and realise that he is the right person to do the job regardless!

  3. John(Derbyshire) 3 Jun 2010, 11:42am

    I agree Dax-its impossible these days to conceal your sexuality-it may have been possible a few years ago-but with Twitter and blogs and social networking-I think those days are gone forever now.

    You can`t just bluff it out anymore.

  4. Yes, he probably will bounce back, and far too soon. Disgraced ministers get restored to favour far too soon nowadays. A finance minister with his hand in the till is a particularly egregious case, but I suppose he is too useful to be left in the wilderness for a suitably long period.

  5. No 2: Dax: “He took £40,000 that he was entitled to.”

    He was NOT entitled to that money.

    His refusal to come out of the closet meant the money was not his.

    If he had had a shred of courage and dignity he would have been open about his sexuality (after all there was no valid reason for him to be closeted) and could have used tge money.

    The fact that he freely chose to deceive his constituents means that he was not entitled to the money. It was therefore theft. And I want the police involved.

    As for Alan Duncan – he really is a man without any integrity or principles.

    Look at this comment he makes:

    ” “Two decades ago, any Tory hopeful who had openly admitted their sexuality would have fallen at the first fence. A polite rejection would have been couched in deceptive terms – ‘We really liked you, but were looking for someone a little older’ or ‘We were hoping for someone who knew a little more about farming’.” ”

    So he admits that the Tory Party were sickening, hatemonngering bigots.

    But rather than confront them about their bigotry, or found a party that did not hate him, he decided to lie about his sexuality.

    A politician like Duncan who has no issue with being a member of a party which hates him, simply cannot be trusted.

    He is clearly willing to betray anyone and anything if it does his own career good.

    Alan Duncan and David Laws are contemptible. Laws for being a thieving coward, and Duncan for being an amoral opportunist.

    Neither of them are fit for office.

  6. BobbetStillTheSame 3 Jun 2010, 12:53pm

    Another gang member. Where’s Robin Hood?

  7. Miss Duncan is just another one with her snout in the trough.

    The ‘standards commission’ (and the Daily Telegraph) is trolling back ten years and £140,000.00 worth of expenses associated with Miss Laws, (the permanent) former Chief Secretary to Treasury.

  8. But of course. Sh!t floats.

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