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Nick Clegg predicts David Laws could return as a minister

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Reader comments

  1. We can only hope he returns asap

  2. David Laws is not fit for public office.

    He is a thief for claiming rent on his partner’s flat as ‘expenses’.

    He is a coward for remaining in the closet when he had absolutely no valid reason or excuse to do so.

    I think he should resign from public life. His dishonesty and cowardice make him entirely inappropriate for public office.

    He is a contemptible, cowardly thief.

    How can anyone respect a closet case, when there is no reason to remain closeted?

  3. pete the meat 2 Jun 2010, 4:02pm

    Laws out, Alexander in. From bad to worse. It comes to something when the Liberals make the Tories look snow white. Ha!

  4. “It comes to something when the Liberals make the Tories look snow white.”

    Well the LibDems are not homophobic scum like Theresa May; David Cameron; Chris Grayling; Philippa Stroud; Julian Lewis; Iain Duncan Smith and William Hague.

    Remember that the Tories should be judged on their voting records; not on their spin.

    David Cameron is a sickening homophobe based on his voting record on LGBT issues and his refusal to denounce the homophobic, anti-semitic Polish fascists he is in alliance with in Europe.

  5. BobbetStillTheSame 2 Jun 2010, 4:30pm

    Of course, What a surprise ! The ConDemn government wants one of the gang members back. We need Robin Hood to put them on the right track.

  6. This is not about him being gay although I am sick of him using it as an excuse this is about him taking money that doesn’t belong to him. His a millionaire it not like he needed the money the LibDems have let us all down and I for one will never vote for them again

  7. He is a thief for stealing from taxpayers

    He is a coward for being in the closet when he had no reason to be.

    He is dishonest because of the theft of the money and the cowardice over his sexuality.

    He is not fit for public office. He should resign as an MP.

    A thieving, closet case is not a suitable candidate as a politician.

    He disgusts me.

    Closeted gay MP’s (particularly those in the Tory Law and Justice Party should be outed).

    They are opposed to legal equality for gay couples through their opposition to same sex marriage.

    Therefore they fall within the recognised parameters for ‘outing’ people.

    Through their support for civil partnership apartheid these closet cases are damaging the quest for equality.

    They need to be named and shamed.

  8. Some much for the people of Yeovil deciding then – he lied to them , he lied about his expenses, we’re told he effectively lied to his friends and family about his sexuality , he lied to the press about being single …. No thanks Clegg, can we have a man with higher intergrity that this, I’m sick of the spin and I don’t care whether the person is straight, gay, bisexual or has 2 heads , just let’s have someone who we can believe in and trust and look up to – I’m afraid laws has lost my trust and regrettably the lib dems as well – the only gay issue in all this spin is that it is so disappoiting that a lib dem MP feels he has to hide his sexuality , a party that is supposed to stand up for gays and is supposed to promote it and not hide it … He really is in the wrong party I feel and perhpas would be better suited to the tory party than the lib dems… Afterall if this had happenned to a tory I don’t think I would have been so surprised or annoyed. I feel I really don’t know what the lib dems stand for on the gay issue if their advice is to stay in the closet … Not a very positve image for the gay community –

  9. David Laws created the most spectacular pair of mind forged manacles for himself, but I’m staggered by the amount of venom on news talk boards about his situation. The fact that he could’ve made far more money on expenses by being out proves that what he says is true: that he was driven by an obsessive need to keep his sexuality secret.

    Being a little younger and out a very long time ago, I could get all smug about this, but then I don’t have heavy Roman Catholic parents or (I suspect) quite such a naturally conformist personality.

    A comparison with what would happen if you were on benefits and created the same situation probably does mean that he had to go, at least for a while. But I’m not left thinking that he’s a dishonest person. Yes, not likely to go down on the list of brave gay heroes, but it’s a tall order to have every part of your life in order just to be an MP – I know plenty of flawed people who are nevertheless good at their jobs.

    I think a lot of the stuff I’m reading is

    i. fuelled by the fact that we live in a very unequal society where some people demonstrably get far larger life chances, and far more compassion when they mess up – not least all the 30 and 40 something public schoolboys now suddenly running the government. And

    ii. A general discontentment from left and right at not getting the political landscape they wanted

    Myself, I hope David Laws sorts his head out and is soon back in government. Being about as far left as he is right, I reserve the right to start loathing him shortly after that. But for the time being, I’m sorry he got himself in such a mess and that he’ll retrospectively feel liberated by what has happened.

  10. PS is it me, or does Nick Clegg look about 12 in that picture?

  11. MartinM, do you know what it’s like to face coming out to family members whom you know won’t accept you, and could conceivably disown you and/or make your life hell? Nobody should be outed, and while, were I publicly known, I for one would like to be publicly out, I would not come out because of my family. I fully support gay rights and gay marriage, but I’m not out to my family not because of shame but because I don’t want to face their reaction – I’m out to pretty much everyone else, because I know that society as a whole is accepting.
    (Also, I’m 18 and thus still live with my parents, which makes it worse, but I digress.)

    He did cheat on expenses, but then so did so many others, and if he could have claimed more if he was out (as some are saying), and if he’s a skilled politician, I support his return as far as I can without knowing everything about his situation.

  12. I think he should be asked to return…absolutely yes.

  13. @10: Comment by Greeks: (“PS is it me, or does Nick Clegg look about 12 in that picture?”)

    You’re right, he had better arm himself with a can of “Priest Off” if he goes anywhere near a Catholic Presbytery

    “Uh-oh, Looks like somebody got raped by Father Flanagan”…”Again!”

  14. @ 11. Strength to your arm Oscar. It’s much easier to come out to your family once there are several miles between your house and theirs – gives everyone a chance to readjust, even if they are basically pretty chilled. You have absolutely loads of time to come out when it suits you (and I’m sure once you have some space you wont put it off for another 26 years like Mr Laws ;-)


  15. My God, how did the country ever manage without David Laws. There is no way back; not when the full extent of his expenses are revealed. £140,000.00 over ten years is quite a lot of dosh.

    Laws should retire to the backbenches forthwith and remain there permanently until the next election. There move aside for some other tosser.

  16. @ 15 Actually 40, not 140k. Still ‘quite a lot of dosh’ but not nearly so much as he’d have legitimately got either living openly with his boyfriend, or choosing to buy himself a second home in London and charging the tax payer for it. If maxing his profit from the taxpayer was really his motive, then he was very, very bad at it.

  17. people go to jail for not paying their tv licence something is wrong

  18. <>

    Yes, they shouldnt be in jail – completely insane. Or for minor benefit fraud. The fatwa against people who do minor fiddles because they can barely cope is really disgusting.

  19. Jean-Paul 3 Jun 2010, 7:01am

    David Laws never should have resigned.

  20. Mihangel apYrs 3 Jun 2010, 7:51am

    Oscar, and this isn’t an attack, you are 18 living at home, beholden to your family for support and security. At some time you will move out, and eventually find the special person you wnat in your life, and about whom you won’t want to lie to your parents.

    Laws was a selfmade millionaire at 25, master of his own fate, and eventually an MP. MPs are public figures with their lives open to scrutiny. Laws could have kept his relationship secret by not claiming the cash oince the rules changed, or he could have been open to the expenses office and hoped it would be overlooked. The point is he severely misjudged the situation and has come out looking like a hypocritical prat (especially as he was in cahrge of the hack’n’slash end of things).

    That is why people are incredulous: he chose one of the most public jobs in the world and expected to keep secrets once he was in the full glare of publicity at top-table

  21. I believe this is called “Doing a Mandelson”
    Commit a dishonourable act, own up, throw yourself on your sword and then disappear until the sh!tstorm blows over, and then reappear, almost magically, in a new position as if nothing ever happened. If you are lucky, they make you a Lord.

    Politicians are the same all round. Parliament needs to be changed so there is public accountability, and if the public doesn’t want someone, we can have them sacked.

  22. But Mr laws had to come out because he was a MP and he was in a stable partnership and what he did was against the rules. Other’s also did the same, some were sacked, some resigned , some didn’t restand for MP. Mr Laws continued to stand on as Yoevil MP on false grounds. If he had come clean prior to the election, then he may or may not have even been voted back in. We will never know and I doubt if the people of Yeovil will really have the true person that they voted for. The gay issue has completely clouded this whole affair. We can either believe him and sympathise with him but for a large proportion of us , seeing one of the leaders of our country diddling the expense and blaming his sexuality on this, is rather pathetic…..

  23. Jean-Paul 3 Jun 2010, 3:43pm

    I guess I believe him and I sympathize with him; but you guys are right, he ain’t perfect.

  24. Yes come back soon- and let’s have a civil partnership as a bonus!

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