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Exclusive: London mayor Boris Johnson scraps Pride reception

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Reader comments

  1. All nice and friendly while the want to be in power then…..

  2. They not the dam keyboard!!!!

    First the funding for Soho pride now the reception. I’m guessing it will be London pride funding next year!

    Welcome to the ConDems same as the old nasty party I guess!

  3. Mihangel apYrs 2 Jun 2010, 7:30pm

    no doubt no reception for the Olympics, a minority interest…

  4. Sister Mary Clarance 2 Jun 2010, 7:42pm

    If only the Olympics did go as well – definitely money best spent elsewhere

  5. @Abi_MK I think you’re confusing London government and national government. As the article itself says, the GLA are still putting in £100,000 for the main event.

    These are tough times, so I can see why a second Pride in London might not be funded. Soho Pride itself relied upon the GLA contribution of £10k and, as I understand it, couldn’t find anyone to replace it. I think Pride everywhere are going to face similar funding issues – so it would be good if the community could help raise more money if we want these events.

  6. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Jun 2010, 9:03pm

    Dear God Brendan, you’ll get nowhere on here with an attitude like that!!!

    Gay people pay for their own for their own p1ss up, do you know what you’re saying??

    The next thing you’ll be suggesting is that those Soho bars and clubs that make an absolute killing on the day fund the event!!

    Where would it end?

    You do realise I presume that every pound put in the collection bucket is a pound less to spend on drugs and alcohol.

    Frankly I’m shocked!!

  7. I might say, it was quite a nice jolly – but an utterly pointless event. Mr Johnson arrived drunk, gave a theatrical speech about Sappho, and wondered where we would be without Lesbian literature – or something to that effect – signed a book and buggered off.

    Well, thanks for the wine. But what is the point of being in the presence of such people? TO be seen with them? To fawn over them? Peter Tatchell’s protest outside did more for the cause than the whole sorry affair. Frankly these events are about toadying up to politicians, being nice and polite and jolly – well to hell with that. We cannot be any of these things with the atrocities in Malawi, Iraq, Iran, the US Military, on the streets of LIverpool and Shoreditch, in schools.

    The place to be is on the streets – and until we see action from these politicians the only interraction with them should be sharp words – or, taking inspiration from Chumbawamba when meeting the inflated John Prescott at the ludicrous Brits awards ceremony, a bucket iced water over the evening suit.

    Hopefully this snub will embolden the gay rights movement to a new radicalism.

  8. Boris and the Deputy Mayor (Out and Proud Richard Barnes) are absolutely right – the diverse city of London has moved on and it is time to focus on what unites us and not seek to maintain an apartheid of emphasising difference. We are one community of Londoners now not a series of inward navel-gazing silos pursuing narrow minority agendas. So lets have integrated celebrations we can all enjoy together – gay, straight, black, brown and white.

  9. Mihangel apYrs 2 Jun 2010, 10:58pm

    SMC, Thomas:

    your points are well made, as long as the line holds, ie NO minority interests supported, rather than those that are considered expendable.

    Queers pay taxes as well!

  10. Yeah will Boris Johnson be visiting rabidly homophobic churches’ carol concerts this december, as well? now that will highlight division, no end.

  11. The best thing about the question of whether there will be an official City Hall Olympic reception is that the next Mayoral election is in May 2012. The new mayor will get to decide as Boris will have been kicked out on his overfed arse as he is the most ineffectual, promise-all deliver-nothing idiot.

    After 4 years of failing to deliver, Londoners who were seduced by by his bumbling charm and comedy hair last time will wise up and realise we need someone prepared to take action in City Hall, not a clown who tinkers at the edges and does nothing brave.

  12. Jean-Paul 3 Jun 2010, 4:21am

    Now for the important stuff, does anyone know who is portrayed in the marble bust in the background of Boris’ photo ?

    Looks like Cicero… on a good day.

  13. No sure what the hell a london pride mayoral reception is all about, but does sound like a bit of a bore for the old guy. Sounds like a right waste of money. Could you also change the name “pride” gay or otherwise, sounds so seventies…can’t they come up with somehting that sounds more like the 2010s…The time of woe is me , militant gays and singing along to some gay song has run its course a bit… Can’t we have something a bit more open to everyone, like a mardi gras or something that sounds a little less naff..

  14. You poor things! get over it !

  15. smc I still hear battyman shouted out on the streets as casually as good afternoon and boris has just patted the homophobic idiots on the head and agreed.

  16. Patrick James 3 Jun 2010, 10:49am

    Sister Mary Clarence writes:

    Gay people pay for their own for their own p1ss up, do you know what you’re saying??

    In Brighton & Hove, where I live, it has been costed that the Pride event brings a massive amount of money to the city in general, and yet most of it is paid for by the LGBT businesses and most of the work at the event performed by LGBT voluntary organisations.

    So, money spent ensuring the Pride event in Brighton & Hove is a superb investment, it brings massive profit to the city very quickly.

  17. I’ve been to the reception three times, it’s alright for networking, but essentially it’s a free piss up on the taxpayer, well done Boris we can’t afford private functions like this at the moment.

  18. Sister Mary Clarance 3 Jun 2010, 4:20pm

    Thank you Jamie .. I think that makes my point nicely.

    Personally I don’t want my council tax spent on anyone getting bladdered who ever they are.

    It is so typical of some of the people on here, as soon as something is stopped or taken away, it whine, whine, whine. The world hates us, everyone is homophobic, its not fair.

    Jesus Christ, what isn’t fair is that some sections of the gay community think that we deserve better treatment that the rest of society – we wanted equality, we’re got it – ALL minority interest receptions are getting the boot.

    I hope he finds a few more things to cut – its about time we all started to show a bit more concern about how we are going to pay for things rater than assume we can do whatever we want without any thought for the consequences

  19. Merseymike 3 Jun 2010, 5:30pm

    Communities can be those of interest as well as geographically based, and I thought that was hardly controversial…..this seems very retrograde in terms of the reasoning given

  20. Sister Mary Clarance 3 Jun 2010, 5:33pm

    Not controversial, just expensive. So why don’t we all just tighten our belts a bit, cut out the luxuries and in no time at all we can all spend til we puke again I’m sure

  21. Sister Mary Clarance 4 Jun 2010, 2:01am

    Oh and Patrick, isn’t there some very big question marks over Brighton Pride’s solvency, as reported he a couple of weeks ago?

  22. Mihangel apYrs 4 Jun 2010, 7:35am

    so Jamie you went 3 times to what was effectively a free (ie paid for by someone else) pissup and networking opportunity.

    Why did you go the 2nd and 3rd times if you saw it as a waste of tax payers money?

  23. If it’s a choice of Ken or Boris. Boris wins outright!!

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