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Madonna celebrates release of gay Malawi couple

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Reader comments

  1. Jean-Paul 1 Jun 2010, 6:22pm

    Thank you, Madonna.

    And thanks for the ‘Thank You’ email.

  2. I heard tonight that they were threatened by the police and told that they cannot see each other and now Tiwonge has ‘disappeared’. Their only hope is if they can get out of Malawi to a country like South Africa.

  3. Charlie-o 2 Jun 2010, 1:02am

    Why doesn’t Madonna adopt this couple? Sure, babies are cuter and get you better publicity . . . OK, I’ll quit being a bitch. Madonna’s doing the right thing.

  4. Jean-Paul 2 Jun 2010, 1:51am

    The way I heard it is that Africa News reported that Tiwonge’s uncle said he had gone missing on the evening of May 30, but the next day the same paper reported that Peter Tatchell was in touch with both Tiwonge and Steven and that there is a good possibility that the UK will receive them.

  5. I hope that they remain safe and are able to leave Malawi. I heard a female Malawi MP who is a Minister for Gender or ‘whatever’ interviewed on the radio. What a nasty piece of works that lady is! Ranted on about how all Africans are Christians and that honosexuality is an abomination, especially of the West. Said we can ‘stick it’ virtually. I thought we could all save a lot of money in the west if we didnt send aid. However, the Chinese and Russians would move in to replace the West and China is ABSOLUTELY devastating the African continent environmentally at this very moment.

  6. “Oh mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most self-important one of them all?”

    “Why you of course, Madge!”

  7. friday jones 3 Jun 2010, 12:43am

    Madonna actually made me cry tears of joy today. Thank you Madonna!

  8. off John the insipeth, what did you do to save the moment you bitter old hag!

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