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US House delivers victory on proposal to overturn gay military ban

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Reader comments

  1. Not sure what the Republicans think is going to happen if this gets through. They should hold their heads in shame if they expect their troops to lay down their lives for their country but not respecting them in allowing them to be open about themselves.

    Surely the prove is these LBT troops have fought bravely in silence, hiding who they are but willing to protect their country. This dinosaur Republicans should be bowing and apologising to them for being so disrespectful.

    Here’s hoping the Senate act respectfully and responsibly and pass this act.

  2. I am in complete agreement Squidgy. well said. it was a law from a less enlightened mindset.

  3. marjangles 28 May 2010, 1:52pm

    The sad thing is that all this does (and if the Senate votes the same way) is give the decision on ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ to the Pentagon rather than having it as a political decision. The Pentagon in effect could, if it so chose, bring in a blanket ban on gay people serving in the armed forces, open or otherwise as a result of this vote.

  4. This has been a long time coming, and many have suffered under the ban. It has also given licence for continued discrimination throughout the USA. Thankfully after shard fought battle here in the UK we got rid of the ban a decade ago and as can be scene it has not made any difference to morale or the fighting capacity of our brave armed forces.
    If the Pentagon goes against the wishes of the senate then it’s political suicide, they may be generals and admirals but at that rank they are polititions and will have to fall in line.

  5. Pumpkin Pie 28 May 2010, 3:11pm

    More time required to complete studies? What a joke. Something like opinion or morale is so incredibly vague and subjective that they could keep doing tests for the next decade or two, claiming they still don’t have enough evidence. It’s just like those Young Earth creationists who insist that evolution is still a myth.

  6. I hope the ban is overturned.

    If it is overturned I do hope however that LGBT refuse to sign up to the Army.

    700 billion dollars on ‘defence’ spending.

    That is an absolutely disgusting, obscene amount of money that has NOTHING to do with defence.

    Have the war criminals George Bush 1; Bill Clinton and George W Bush been arrested for their crimes against humanity yet?

  7. Paul McAndrew 28 May 2010, 3:42pm

    wish we could just ban the military xx

  8. While the decision to nullify the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law is commendable, the rule outlawing gays in the military of the U. S. still exists. Any gay person in the military who does come out, even after the U. S. Senate passes the removal of DADT, and the President signs it, is still subject to removal from the military just for being gay.
    An awful lot of work remains in order to eventually grant full citizenship to gay persons in the U. S. This is but a very small step toward that. I dearly hope that people who are working toward full citizenship for gay persons understand that, and continue to work toward that effort.

  9. It’s obvious there’s no military justification for the ban, and that it’s cost the military billions by losing skilled personnel over the years. My belief is that many Republicans oppose the lifting of the ban because straight soldiers from all over the US will get to know and accept their gay comrades like Dan Choi and find out all the myths they’ve been told are untrue, in other words it would lead to further “normalisation” (i.e. acceptance) of gay people in society generally, which really bothers them.

    It may be that desegregation of the forces in the USA decades ago helped counter racial prejudice, and they’re afraid this will do something similar for gay people.

  10. Unless it’s changed dramatically since I was in the Brit army (’75-’87), the average squaddie doesn’t give a toss who you love, just whither you’re a good “oppo” in a firefight and do your job well….
    So, to me, the question is moot… Unless you have institutionalized bigotry at the “tabber” level; which seems to be the case in the Yank forces.

    “Tabber” in the Brit forces means “Staff Command” level; as they wear red tabs on their lapels.

    I am sure that I served alongside many homosexuals during my time, that had to “keep quiet” to keep serving, but they did an excellent job nonetheless and I salute their dedication to their Country, to serve in spite of the hardships they must have gone through.

    I never asked, they never told. I never gave a damn who they loved, just that they served their Country.
    Why can’t America see that?

  11. Good man, Jock.

  12. Well done – keep the momentum going and follow it through to a complete ban of DADT, and then the full acceptance of LGBT people who wish to serve their country in the armed forces.

  13. If all homosexual soldiers would be killed for serving inhuman politics of such presidents like William Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama – I would be very happy about it. Supporters of mass murderers must die first. Period.

    Shame on gays who supports mass murderers!

  14. im a british soildier that serves openly as do about 8 other lads and i have never expereanced any problems at all, i have also served alongside us soildiers which have known that i was gay and had no problems so whats all the fuss it seems the only people botherd about lbgt people in the forces are those who dont serve and have no idea what they are talking about. no one cares about it exept bigots and scare mungers

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