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Simon Hughes MP runs for deputy leadership of Liberal Democrats

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  1. I want to see a commitment from the LibDems that they will pull out of the coalition if the Tories try to reverse any LGBT rights.

    The Tory Party is fill of positive PR and spin but the fact remains that it is the party of choice for homophobes.

    Chris Grayling; William Hague; David Camerson; Julian Lewis; Theresa May etc cannot be judged by their declarations where they say they support equality.

    They can only be judged on their voting records to date. And their voting records on LGBT rights are abysmal and shameful (despite all the PR and spin)

    Contact Nick Clegg and Simon Hughes to tell them that one of their most important jobs is monitor the bigotry of the Tories and to withdraw from the coalition if the Tories even think of reversing gay rights.

    And another thing – the LibDems allegedly support marriage equality. What are they doing to introduce this?

    Contact Nick Clegg directly at

    Contact Simon Hughes directly at

  2. @1; They’ve already warned the Tories about tampering with the Human Rights Act, and the Lord Chancellor wants it left in place too, so I think the status quo is pretty safe.

  3. The new HM Government Coalition policy document: “We will use our relationships with other countries to push for unequivocal support for gay rights”

    Simon Hughes fully supports the Coalition, so what is happening now in Russia? This is part of a message I got this evening from Peter Tatchell –

    Moscow court upholds Gay Pride ban

    EU, UK and US fail to condemn ban

    Russian gays will defy courts and mayor

    Activists gather in secret Moscow location

    Moscow 28 May 2010

    The EU and western embassies are hypocrites. They support Gay Pride events in Poland and Latvia, but not in Russia. The UK and US governments have not protested to the Russian authorities. Their ambassadors to Russia have offered no support to the Moscow Pride organizers. They have ignored suggestions that they host Gay Pride events in their embassy grounds and that they fly the gay rainbow flag on Moscow Pride day, 29 May. On the eve of the banned march, activists are arriving in Moscow from all parts of Russia, to join the Saturday parade. We are being billeted in secret locations across the city. To outwit the FSB security services, who have previously tried to locate Gay Pride activists by tracing their mobile phones, we have surrendered our mobiles and been issued with brand new Russian sim cards.

    I am holed up with a group of activists in an apartment in Moscow. We’ve been asked to remove all badges and ribbons that might identify us as gay or as activists. All the beds and sofas, and much of the floor space, is taken up with activists form far and wide. Everyone is messing in to organize food and household chores.

  4. Incredible insight.

  5. David Henry 29 May 2010, 2:23am

    I’m sorry but the Lib Dems have NOT been “staunch and outspoken supporters of gay marriage”.

    OutRage! and the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) have been campaigning on the issue for decades, the Lib Dems along with Labour and Stonewall all refused to support our calls for same sex marriage.

    pledge on Same-sex marriage was mere election rhetoric from Clegg. There’s no commitment from any of the big three parties to FULLY support LGBT rights to the extent our community deserves. The Greens have been supportive and it is in their manifesto.

    With all due respect, Simon Hughes appears (once again) far more concerned with pursuing his own adventures as a career politician than standing up for oppressed and voiceless.

    It took him over twenty years to apologise for his abhorrent behaviour in Bermondsey. Although it’s great he’s now “one of us” – and obviously getting a lot of coverage in Pink News (surprise surprise).

    I’m with Martin, if Simon really wants to show solidarity for the LGBT community he’ll cross the benches. I’m sure Caroline Lucas could do with a friend.

  6. I’m also rather disappointed with Mrs laws statement about his wanting to keep his “partner” quiet and to keep his “sexuality” private .For a party that is meant to promote LGBT rigts this isn’t encouraging if a major player still feels that he has to hide behind a facade of being straight. Apart from the actual expense issue this is really disappointing from a LGBT point of view. Yes, the Greens are the only party that seem to be for gay marriage but if the major gay lobbying charity in the UK refuses to stand up for our rights and are more interested in pre defined sponsored activities or consultation work or on international issues or work that the govt already has accepted needs addressing then I don’t seem much hope for gay marriage in the UK. None of the major parties are promising it, and as far as I can see from now on ,none of the parties have policies that particularly differ from eachother on LGBT issues, they are all saying the same thing. Can someone remind me of what the difference are, I’m not interested in past voting. It’s encouraging the GALHA and outrage are arguing for gay marriage, perhpas our money and support should start going to them and not Stonewall.. They certainly don’t seem to be representing me..

  7. silly billy 29 May 2010, 10:26am

    The Labour party did bring in Civil Partnerships which was an absolute stunning – and historic – thing to do only a few years after the previous government was encouraging agent provocateurs to go into known cottages and arrest gay men once they had tried to seduce them. It is clear from the writings on PN that many people consider “marriage” the final equality, (and some of us find that debatable in the wider scheme of things). The Lib Dems may have supported LBGT in their chatter but they have joined forces with, and are propping up, a very right-wing government that shows no consideration for ordinary people whether or not they are heterosexual, gay, trans or bi; marriage could have been put in the Queen’s speech if they intended to do anything about it. This much can only suggest that they really don’t give a fcuk about LGBT rights. Also, for Simon Highes to even suggest that the Liberal Democrats will push Labour over is utterly ridiculous,. They don’t have the backbone as might be suggested by Laws who had kept his sexuality a secret. Would he have done this if he were heterosexual? I don’t think so. Unfortunately it seems the Lib Dems are pretty crass as all this (and now Laws) shows, and I wish those who voted for them believing them to be progressive would at least ask for their votes back and stop pretending that they are okay.

  8. The Lib Dems are supposed to be a democratic party and all that, and Nick Clegg excused not putting gay marriage in their election manifesto down to the fact that it had not been approved at a party conference (which would be needed to set the official party policy.) I’ve heard, though, that attempts have been made to debate the issue at Conference, but they’ve been blocked by the party leadership.

  9. Silly billy – I agree with you the laws denial of his sexuality and Mr Hughes being “forced” to come out as bisexual doesn’t correspond with a party that is totally at ease with the “homosexual” issue – “love is the same” gay or straigh we were told, this denial by key people is disturbing to me … But I can’t see any difference between the major parties at this time and moment on their LGBT policies… WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES? Gay marriage is important to British gays who currently have long term partners and want the choice of getting married or CPed, what is important to British gays who do not currently have partners may differ in the same as single straight people as opposed to married straight poeple. Our needs may be the same but the fact that we are a couple may also mean that they probably differ as well. Afterall many of us may have adopted children, so issues around gay adoption and bullying at school may be more important to us than single people. CP is NOT a marriage and that is a major inequality in the UK for established couples. Yes there are other major LGBT issues which affect us all but we are talking about what couples are allowed to do in the UK and at the moment we can’t get married if we want to. All parties are being giving an easy ride by our major UK gay charity Stonewall at the moment. They SHOULD be pushing the rights of gay couples in the UK – that means they should be forcing this issue on all parties… Labour are NO BETTER that the other parties at this current time!

  10. Isn’t she another one like Laws who shared another man’s farter for years while professing to be straight? Mind you, I don’t think she defrauded the taxpayer like Miss Laws in the process.

  11. Sister Mary Clarance 1 Jun 2010, 10:06am

    I know – why don’t you all run off and form a new political party of your own?

    You could maybe call if the ‘Never Happy’ party, or what about, ‘Its All About Us’ party, that’s got quite a nice ring to it.

  12. Jess Conrad 1 Jun 2010, 3:43pm

    Simon Hughes….Bastard!

  13. Simon Hughes is a first class c*nt. His behaviour against Tatchell in Bermondsey was appalling and I’ve no doubt that he would still be in the closet if it wasn’t for the Sun.

    As for Laws (OT granted); being Gay in 2010 in the UK takes a certain amount of bravery. Facing friends and family, standing up for and defending yourself in the workplace and in our communities can be tough; I expect that the cabinet position held be Laws would be tougher.

    I also have little respect for an extremely wealthy man that claims large expenses for fictitious rent and piddling amounts for utilities (£37???) and is then tasked with taking away average salaries from thousands of everyday workers.

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