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Malaysian trans woman makes asylum bid

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Reader comments

  1. The Home Office should get this sorted as quickly as possible. Fatine and her husband are in a stable relationship and she is in danger if she goes back to Malaysia. If she was European would there be such a problem? If she wasn’t a trans woman would there be such a problem? I Don’t think so.

  2. I only know bits and pieces ablout Malaysia, mostly from Fridae, despite having so many Malay friends on FB. But I do realize that homosexuality is a crime, and possibly so is being transgender. At the very least, she is unwelcome in her homeland as a result, thus I hope and pray that UK will grant her the assylum she seeks.

  3. Ah, you’ve said “This comes after the news earlier this week that the coalition government have promised fresh action on the plight of gay asylum seekers.” but she’s not gay; she’s transsexed and straight. Bit off, there.

  4. This is also about the freedom and right of every British Citizen to love and marry the person of their choice, even if that person happens to be foreign. This should never have reached the stage of needing to apply for asylum, someone needs to look very closely at the way the case was handled in refusing PR by whichever official, and whether that decision was justified or down to prejudice.

  5. Seven@No. 4…quite….but even we can’t marry the person we love can we? We’re banned from doing it, the only group of people subject thereto.

  6. Need more details please – did she enter the UK as Mohammed or Fatine? if she entered as Mohammed and become Fatine in the UK then surely there is something strange about the UK causing the problem in the first place…If she were still Mohammed she could return? Was she Fatine in Malaysia, what does her Malaysian passport say? Why was she rejected 3 times for a visa? Aren’t you allowed to keep your wife or CP in the UK on a visa? I really hope this isn’t a sensaliation story, it doesn’t help asylum seekers and doesn’t gain sympathy, we really need to know what going on here in this particular sitution …


    According to this she is in a CP and NOT a marriage, are CP recognised in Malaysi. I have sympathy with her, but it seems that she was living as a per-op trans in Malaysia, so it’s not the Trans bit that is the problem but the marriage which in fact is a CP? .It seems absurd that she has to go back first to Malaysia to apply for the visa, but it seems that this might be the process for all foreign nationals in a CP? What is the Malaysian govt saying

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