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Openly gay MP Alan Duncan visits Nepal

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Reader comments

  1. I certainly think an openly gay MP for International Development is a positive step forward.

  2. I think an openly gay Minister for International Development is a good thing in theory.

    To date however Mr Duncan (the same politician who defended the right of MP’s to steal from their constituents and was caught on tape saying so) has done nothing of merit when dealing with genocidal African regimes which want to kill gay people.

    His reaction to the savagery of Malawi is to suggest ‘Oh we must keep sending them money’.

    He has not uttered a word on Uganda.

    Then again he is a Tory I suppose. What do you expect? Basic human rights are not important for the Tories – hell the Tory Minister for Equalities Theresa May is a homophobe – at least according to her voting record on LGBT issues.

  3. 370 zellars 26 May 2010, 1:51pm

    He can’t have worked his way thru’ all the twentysomething admin assistants and office boys in Whitehall already can he? Why else take a junket to Nepal?

  4. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2010, 1:56pm

    I’m Very impressed with everything this new government has done so far, this story included.

  5. “Basic human rights are not important for the Tories”

    This coming from someone who thinks an entire nation should starve!!

    Hypocrite much??

  6. “This coming from someone who thinks an entire nation should starve!!Hypocrite much?? ”

    No I don’t. I have said that aid money to NGO’s with a respect for human rights in Malawi should continue. All other money should stop.

    Everyone agrees with that.

    If YOU (like Gay Uncle Tom / Alan Duncan) are suggesting that Britain sends money to Malawi, no questions asked, where the government can get their savagely murderous hands on it then YOU are suggesting that Britain should fund a homophobic genocide.

    Considering that you support the party which consists of the likes of Philippa Stroud, Chris Grayling, Iain Duncan Smith, Theresa May, Julian Lewis etc etc and all the other revolting homophobes, I am not surprised that you think Britain should be funding a homophobic genocide.

    Why is that pathetic Gay Uncle Tom, Alan Duncan in Nepal on a junket?

    Shouldn’t he be busy at work dealing with the genocidal likes of Uganda and Malawi (both Commonwealth members)?

    But I imagine Alan Duncan quite simply doesn’t care.

    He is the waste of space who was caught on tape saying that MP’s should be allowed to steal from their constituents after all.

  7. 1. You use the terms ‘homophobic’ and ‘homophobia’ way too much. I request again you look up what they mean.

    2. Also using your logic of branding doesn’t you calling someone ‘Gay Uncle Tom’ make you indeed ‘homophobic’?

    In future it may be better if to you we assume Everyone is homophobic unless you state otherwise. It would be quicker!

  8. “1. You use the terms ‘homophobic’ and ‘homophobia’ way too much. I request again you look up what they mean”

    No I don’t overuse them. I use them when they are appropriate.

    I call Stonewall a homophobic organisation because that is what they are.

    They are opposed to same sex couples being allowed to enter the legal contract of civil marriage because they are gay.

    That is homophobic. Stonewall thinks that someone’s homosexuality is a good enough reason to deny them access to marriage.

    That is quite similar to the catholic church’s position (although the catholic church is also opposed to the civil partnership Apartheid that the homophobes at Stonewall

    2. Calling Alan Duncan or Nick Herbert a ‘Gay Uncle Tom’s is not homophobic because it is an accurate description of them.
    They are willing to tolerate the most vile, homophobic scum simply to stay popular with their heterosexual masters.

    Nick Herbert or Alan Duncan have NEVER condemned the alliance between the Tories and the Polish Fascists. Nor have they commented on the fact that the Philippa Stroud lunatic was a suitable Tory candidate. Nor did they demand that Chris Grayling get sacked when he was promoting homophobia before the elections.

    Alan Duncan and Nick Herbert will sell the LGBT community down the river if it is convenient to them.

    Look at that waste of space Duncan – off on a junket to Nepal when he SHOULD be organising aid and trade sanctions against the genocidal regimes in the Commonwealth countries of Uganda and Malawi.

  9. MartinM, I totally concur with your statement,in fact on all of the points you raised in No. 8. Right on target! Stonewall is most definitely homophobic because like our government, it does NOT believe in FULL equality and supports the ban on access to civil marriage for gay couples. Every good reason not to support them.

  10. Patrick James 26 May 2010, 6:46pm

    Squidgy writes:

    I certainly think an openly gay MP for International Development is a positive step forward.

    Before the general election we had a cabinet which contained openly gay people in the very most powerful positions. The voting record of the cabinet members before the general election on LGBT issues was impeccable.

    After the general election we have a cabinet with no openly gay people whatsoever. Powerful positions are taken by the right of the Conservative party, which is very right wing indeed.

    The home secretary and minister for equality is a lifelong homophobe. When choosing the cabinet it must have seemed quite a joke to Cameron that the minister for equality is someone who has dedicated her life to opposing equality.

    The two LGBT Conservative party MPs have been given absolutely derisory jobs. “International Development” is of very little consequence.

    The people that David Cameron cares about in the Conservative party are the very large right wing.

    His post election message to the LGBT people of the UK is, now the election is over, that he could not care less about them.

  11. Patrick James 26 May 2010, 6:51pm

    MartinM writes in reference to Alan Duncan:

    Gay Uncle Tom

    “Uncle Tom” is a racist term.

    I entirely agree that Alan Duncan is a grotesque apologist for homophobia in the Conservative party but “Uncle Tom” is a racist term and not appropriate for use.

  12. @2 MartinM:

    You said:

    “To date however Mr Duncan … has done nothing of merit when dealing with genocidal African regimes which want to kill gay people.”

    Spot on, but he did promise some “urgent representations’.

    Perhaps this trip to Nepal is an “urgent representation” to help the Malawi couple illegally arrested, jailed, brought to trial, and sentenced to 14 years of hard labour, Steven and Tiwonge.


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