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Matt Lucas accepts damages from Daily Star

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Reader comments

  1. theotherone 26 May 2010, 11:23am

    more money for an old Transphobe.

    He should be able to buy an really nice mirror to sneer into.

  2. What with this compensation and the money he is getting for being transphobic for Nationwide maybe he could retire an STFU.

  3. Matt L is transphobic?

  4. theotherone 26 May 2010, 1:55pm

    I wish he would just shut the fvck up abi.

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 May 2010, 4:03pm

    Unfortunately Matt Lucas has done irreparable damage to the rights of trans people everywhere with his bald antics and cross dressing ways. We need to fight this intolerance at grass roots levels. If a guy blows you off in the woods will you make a sound? Rise up fellow queers and beat this meat til its bloodied and spent.

  6. Well,good luck Matt Lucas,like he needs the fecking money!Hey,maybe he could donate his ‘compensation’ to a worthy LGBT charity/organisation!The fact that he gets a kick outa dressing as a laydeee might spur him onto showing his support for those who suffer the indignity of having their privacy invaded on a daily basis for being trans!Just a thought!

  7. Mihangel apYrs 26 May 2010, 5:13pm

    unfortunately Lucas carried out this period of his life in the public eye: CP,interviews etc.

    The tragedy was of equal interest to somemof the public, and he had rather forfeited his right to privacy.

    Very sad, but no doubt the money will help

  8. vulpus_rex 26 May 2010, 7:04pm

    His work has so gone downhill since he did the Star Wars Sequels, was surprised to hear he was gay though.

  9. @5 Jean-Paul Bentham:

    Fortunately, nobody here is stupid enough to believe that your comments are mine.

    There is nothing about your writing style, your vocabulary or your attitude that remotely resembles mine.

    In the meantime each one of your comments are being reported as harassment.

    Have fun while it lasts.

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