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Queen discusses Pope’s controversial visit in coalition speech

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Reader comments

  1. Liz was probably pissed that some other aging drag queen is going to be voguing the royal wave in better jewelry and gowns then her. Bitch please, just lock yourself in Buck Palace and flick the bird from your balcony…or better yet, send Fergie out to negotiate dinner at your place for £500k.

  2. notinmyname 25 May 2010, 4:41pm

    Just bar this old coffin dodeger from this country and not allow him in
    This Goverment will pussyfoot about this old bigot and pamper to his every need
    better still he should be arrested when he sets foot on our soil.

  3. The Queen’s discussion (as pinknews puts it) was the standard stuff about state visits put in automatically at the end of all Queen’s speeches. null content. Not a news story.

  4. Patrick James 25 May 2010, 6:03pm

    Harry writes:

    Not a news story.

    There is a tendency in the comments sections of PinkNews to be perhaps a bit unfair to the PinkNews writers.

    For me this is definitely a news story. I am a British Humanist Association member and so of course the vast amount of money to be spent on the Pope’s visit when we have a national deficit is very concerning.

    There is a very major aspect of this story which has great consequences for the make-up of the UK and shows how much the UK has changed.

    This is the first Papal visit. I remember the last visit by the Pope in 1982 and that was of course a pastoral visit.

    Historically speaking it would not have been possible for the pope to make Papal visits because the UK is constitutionally protestant.

    So this Papal visit does represent a very big change in the UK’s self image over the last three decades.

  5. Will somebody not rid of this deluded old fool who believes that HE is the world’s leading moral arbiter and who believes that he is so because he has a hot-line to a non-existent “God”.

    He really ought to be incarcerated in an Italian mental-care institution.

  6. Dave North 25 May 2010, 8:39pm

    “For me this is definitely a news story. I am a British Humanist Association member and so of course the vast amount of money to be spent on the Pope’s visit when we have a national deficit is very concerning.”

    I think the LGBT basis of the argument is why is this very clearly insane old man is allowed into the UK, when he patently condemned us as “Intrinsically Disordered” in direct contradiction to the law of the land and all current psychiatric studies.

    And of course of interest is that the Multi Billion worth Vatican has asked the UK’s indigenous Catholic populous to stump up £10 Million from the collection plate in order that this “Infallible”
    bigot can come here.

    This obviously saves the UK tax payer a bit of cash, however the fact that this odious homophobic, sexist man who has covered up pedophilia of those in his billion dollar organisation whilst claiming that world wide pedophilic Bishops and Priests are NOT under Vatican employ is coming to this country and being cow towed too is nauseating to the extreme.

    At least he isn’t sending the inquisition.

    At the very least, Copernicus has been dug up and reburied,
    as his organisation now realise that they were wrong then.

    How many more times does this pseudo religious CLUB need to be wrong before people stop supporting them?

    Witches, Astronomers, Scientists, Homosexuals. What next?


  7. At least the two old queens will be able to discuss velvets and furs and the latest taffetas together over tea. The mistress of the robes, the Duchess of Grafton, won’t have a look in; she may as well have the week off.

  8. Subjects for discussion with Betty could be…
    The churches greatest achievment is Sexual Guilt.
    Why does society get so steamed up over sex? If it didn’t, the problems, like the guilts, would largely disappear. If only we’d place more emphasis on sex education and less on sexual censorship. If only we weren’t forever confusing sex with sin. If only we’d accept that there are people who desperately need surrogate sex, we could dispose of a senseless and ridiculous dispute that’s been distracting us since 600 BC.
    He could explain why we didn’t read about St Mary the Egyptian at Sunday School. Nor about St Afra, St Thias or St pelagia, all of whom had swung handbags beneath the Lamp-posts of the ancient world. What about Jesus’s argument with the Pharises, he told them that harlots would enter the Kingdom of God before they did.
    This visit will be the final nail in his coffin. You may as well try to legislate against floods or bushfires than ban homosexuality.

  9. … as well as seeking to withdraw our human rights to equal treatment, let’s not forget that over the past few decades as a mere Cardinal Ratz, he devoted his work to systematically and effectively silence (withdrew rights to publish or preach), the free speech of many esteemed theologians (liberationists like Guterriez, Hans Kung, Rahner et al).

    This man is a threat to the state. His organisation violates children. He peddles hate speech, calling me intrinsically disordered, a threat to the family, and intrinsically discordered, among other things.

    He doesn’t even know me.
    I need help to protect my children from hearing such bile.

    I think HM is amazing the way she accommodates such distractions, and only hope she can be a good influence on him.

    Do you still have lions, Ma’am?

  10. The Dalai Lama or Shri Shri Ravishankar rather than Ratzinger….anytime.

  11. I wonder if the topic of his rehabilitation of a Holocaust denier will come up in their ‘dicussions’? Or maybe just “petty gossip” about the rape and abuse of thousands children.

    She can tell him all about her corrupt former daughter-in-law. Oh, yes, they’ll both have a good old natter. Poor mad Kate Kent won’t get a word in edgeways.

  12. But think of all the forthcoming news stories from pinknews on his visit and all those wonderful comments on those superb one-liners he comes out with – I hope all the stall vendors/hoteliers etc make a killing on all those idiots that go and see him ….

  13. Well £20Million could have been saved off the UK deficit by not funding this evil paedo-knowing man’s security and trip he. A saving worth while. He has every right to come but at his own expenses, not ours!!

  14. Sorry that should of read ‘security and trip ‘here”

  15. This has NOTHING to do with the Queen … she simply has to read a speech written by The Government, and ‘be nice’ to anyone the Government decides to invite on a visit. If anyone is open to criticism for this it’s the previous Government and David ‘Bandwagon’ Cameron.

    “Britain’s welcoming of the Pope has not gone down well with the LGBT population.” … this visit hasn’t gone down well with a whole lot of people, not just the LGBT population, and this includes many many Roman Catholics who find their leader a total embarrassment!

  16. Papal or pastoral visit. Doesn’t matter! UK simply allows the “Holy Inquisition” to enter it’ territory. Lookna little bit where he acted before and look for the OLD name of it!

  17. Since he insists on coming, how about an audio-visual presentation on one of the church’s most established institutions:

  18. “The Prime Minister’s Office has said: “The Papal Visit presents a unique opportunity to strengthen ties between the UK and the Holy See on areas of common interest.”

    Now what exact does Cameron’s office mean? Which areas of common interest is it referring to?

    If Cameron really is serious about reducing the national debt, why doesn’t he grow a pair of balls and start by cancelling this parasite’s visit? Of course, he won’t, doesn’t have the character or the guts to do it.

  19. REfuse his plane landing clearance. They can go to an alternate airport. Whose letter desigator (eg DCA is Reagan National Airport in Washington DC), is spelled HELL.

    Don’t you have hate speech laws there. Kick the old tranny and his dress out. (Ps this is not against trans people, who I know and love. Its against the deniers of whom they are)

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