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New Lady Gaga video is a ‘celebration of gay love’

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Reader comments

  1. All we need is a decent artist to do the same thing.

  2. Anyone feel like they’re being used by this daft bat to enhance her controversial image? With friends like this…

  3. BenB, was that a woosh of the manbag in the air?

  4. She’s a great rolemodel for kids, and lets face it they need one with Lindsay Lohan, jordan and kate moss being such a waste of skin and organs

    Even if you don’t like Lady Gaga, theres no denying shes fighting for gay rights and doing a great job
    And her music is the best! =]

  5. Tigra: “Even if you don’t like Lady Gaga, theres no denying shes fighting for gay rights and doing a great job.”

    How can I put this? “Bollocks”.
    The only thing she is fighting for is self-publicity, and she will say anything if it gets her in the papers the next morning. She doesn’t give a flying toss about anybody.

    Actually, come to think of it, she would make a great role model for gay men.

  6. I already love Lady Gaga (her music, her quirkiness and et cetera), and her vocal support for gay civil rights is a bonus.

  7. Rob N you will find that Lady Gaga has attended pride marches and is consistently promotes LGTB rights. I don’t understand your beef, okay maybe you don’t like her music that’s fine, but I dont think on that basis you can say she doesn’t give a toss about anyone else and is only self publicizing. Being gay in America isn’t exactly popular even to sit on the side of gay people is enough to ruin the careers of most celebrities. If you had an ounce of sense you would be thanking her for giving hope to countless thousands of young gays across the world many of whom I have no doubt will be inspired by her enough to be able and stand up and say it is okay to different, it’s okay to be gay. Maybe you could learn something from here.

  8. She speaks vocally about gay rights and has a great influence on the current generations, as Madonna did with the last.
    Every time someone famous speaks out positively about about gay rights, it knocks down the homophobes down a peg

  9. Plus she made her name playing in gay bars and still does
    How many people would still be doing that with her fame and money?

  10. Vicki Morley 25 May 2010, 11:10pm

    I don’t know a lot about the ins and outs of what she has done to speak about gay rights and attend prides etc. but what I do know is that she is helping to normalise LGBT rights in society. People are getting used to hearing about LGBT people and seeing LGBT themes on a daily basis because of the bold and frank, if controversial, moves by artists like this.

    That can’t be bad right!?

  11. At first I thought she was totally nuts …even her name.

    Now…I really like her.

    Go figure, me, a senior who listens to Mozart on Saturday morning.

  12. Some of the comments on here are disturbing.

    Lady Gaga is a powerful proponent for gay rights, and I think it’s highly disrespectful to criticise her merely because she’s in the media limelight. I also find it insanely hypocritical to criticise her for the work she does whilst wanting the world to be tolerant and respectful of your own lives.

    You don’t have to like her, but she’s doing a damn lot more for our community than the whiners on here.

  13. where even maddona doesnt give a monkey about lgbt these days, we should be happy that biggest star of the moment speaks out about our issues, and when she does people do take notice

  14. “Being gay in America isn’t exactly popular even to sit on the side of gay people is enough to ruin the careers of most celebrities.”

    Very true, zephs. Personally, I think Lady Gaga’s support is genuine, and I’m glad to have it. If just one homophobic teen listens to what she has to say, and revises their poor opinion of LGBT people, it’d be worth it.

  15. gaga duets with beyonce who is married to jay z who is openly homophobic. she is about fame and money you’d have to be an idiot to believe her. Oh wait.

    give me
    grace jones anyday

  16. I’m not that fond of her music, it’s ok, nothing special but I do really admire what she is doing here. I do one day hope to do something similar with my music.

  17. Lols, just because she duets with someone’s whos HUSBAND is homophobic doesn’t mean she condones homophobia. Well, I was taught english, and my ENGLISH TEACHER WAS A HOMOPHOBE!!!!!!111!1!11 I’m obviously a horrible person amirite? Some people just want to bash her and will find any reason to do so. People like that really don’t deserve her support.

  18. dean just because Beyonce’s HUSBAND is homophobic, it doesn’t mean Beyonce is
    Especially since she worked with Lady Gaga, who is Bi anyway

    I don’t like Elton John, but i won’t criticise the brilliant work he has done for gay rights like a lot of you here seem to be doing to Lady G
    It’s these people who show people we’re normal and deserve the same rights
    Some of you should remember that

  19. Paul Bentham 26 May 2010, 3:53pm

    She’s like totally lesser n’ stuff, dunno if i’d do her myself but each to their own. Her music sucks but then so do young Polish brickies and I’d never turn down a sesh if they offered me one on a plate, or in my lap. LOLs.

  20. actually it’s like if jayz was an anti Semite would a so called friend of jewish people be given any credibility if she recorded with a duet with beyonce? I don’t think so. and as for elton and David yeah things are much better now they did so much to make things worse I have experienced more homophobia in the last 10 years.

  21. dean if that’s that bad now with all these people fighting for these rights you take for granted then try living through the stonewall riots
    Try moaning about homophobia then and see how much sympathy you get

  22. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 26 May 2010, 8:31pm

    Do we now have so many supporters, who will stand up with/for us, that we can show
    our bad behavior by useing our words as stones hurled? I THINK NOT.
    Welcome to those who feel our plight/pain,I for one know our ranks need to swell
    as a tidal wave to wash over those who seek to make us disappear.
    We who are most harshly judged,should not be so quick to judge.

  23. #20 Paul Bentham:

    Grow up and use your own name.

  24. Comment 12 says it all – I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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