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BBC praised over documentary on homophobia in sport

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Reader comments

  1. Here it is on the iPlayer:-

    Also people might be interested in this ITV programme (Afraid to be Gay) about homophobia:-

  2. I’ve just seen the latest “Out Sport” programme on BBC and think it’s very good; unbiased,interesting, no unfortunate stereotyping – thanks, Auntie!

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 May 2010, 4:27pm

    It brought a glossy tear of precum to my jap’s eye when I watched that BBC programme. For too long sports players have been persecuted for their sexuality. Wearing brightly coloured shorts and vest combos isn’t just for the Pet Shop Boys or girls who got dressed in a hurry in the dark. Footballers, tennis players and Princess Anne can and should wear what they like; on the pitch, on the court, on a horse, with a horse inside them. By tolerating these prejudices we too are systematic of the persecution of gays an’ stuff. I’d bore you all with one of my quotes from some random piece of first-hand evidence by a doctor or shrink about how tough tings are for us gays but this time I’ll let my own words do the talking. As the rest of you know all too well I’m great at quoting Dr This or Rentboy That but no, no, this time it comes straight from the heart.

  4. @3 Jean-Paul Bentham:

    You are nowhere near funny.

    You know very well that you are using my name to post the most ludicrous these threads have ever seen.

    Your writing style, your vocabulary and your general attitudes clearly have nothing in common with mine.

    If you have a bone to pick with me, why don’t you do it properly.

    In the meantime, each time I see these comments of yours posted under my name, I am reporting them to the editor.

    Have fun while it lasts.

  5. Good programme, very well-made, but shame it was on so late and that it can’t be downloaded on iPlayer.

  6. Just like Hollywood, sports homophobia needs to be exposed and addressed.

    Its mass media. And when you have fans screaming and cheering for someone they know is gay, its kind of hard for those people to then go discriminate.

  7. Bulls eye – the last taboo. Nothing other then all gay people coming out of the fascist built closet of shame and fear.

    And sports and the movie/entertainment industry

    One of the ways we broke the back of segregation in this country was with TV and professional sports. And now, a majority of the professional sports players are black.

    its hard to hate someone you admire and respect.

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