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Protest to be held in London over imprisonment of Malawi couple

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Reader comments

  1. Surely aid should not be unconditional. We don’t give aid to North Korea, in spite of the dire poverty there, so why should aid be given to such shockingly homophobic regimes?

  2. April Fool 24 May 2010, 5:38pm

    According to street view, this place is a building site. I doubt very much anyone actually lives there. Is Pink News sure this is the correct address?

  3. Gabrielle Anderson 24 May 2010, 6:05pm

    They are not a gay couple. One of them is a trans woman ( Please correct your reporting accordingly.

  4. @April Fool: 70 Winnington Road is the address listed on the Malawi High Commission website, but you’re right, this is clearly a residential area.

    A search for Malawi High Commission on google maps will tell you that they are at 33 Grosvenor Street.

    What’s going on? Are they trying to escape detection?

  5. May 29…m-m.

    Steven and Tiwonge may still be alive by then.

  6. @JS, I was commenting more that the place looks like a complete building site rather than being a residential area and wondering if anyone actually lives there because of that though the locale looks a little opulent for such a poor country.

  7. you’ll only protest march or do a vigil when the straight press report it. why is that?

  8. 1. Why has the azmbassador to Britain from Malawi not been expelled from Britain yet?

    2. What action is being taken to remove Malawi from the Commonwealth

    3. Has the British government confirmed that it has taken steps to ensure that not a single penny of British aid money is used to persecute gay people (ie not a penny more is to go to the government of Malawi).

    Aid should definitely be used as a political tool when the country receiving the aid, spits in the face of human right.

    There are plenty of poor African countries. Our aid money will be better used elsewhere.

  9. I wonder what kind of intervention the Malawi gay organisations would ask of us.

    For all we know, we may be doing more harm than good…with the best of intentions, of course.

  10. And from GALZ.

    GALZ Employees were arrested for undermining Mugabe; check out this photo:

  11. Et Voila.
    Here’s the liknk to the Malawi High Commission which IS at 70 Winnington Road, North London.
    There’s a supposedly fetching pic of the H C. Dr Francis Moto on the site.

    Bugger to get to and from by public transport though especially from Central London- 13 to Golders Green/ then H2 I think- takes ages and ages; and very awkward even by tube/bus.

  12. What a shame you have misreported Tiwonge Chimbalanga’s gender AGAIN. Shame on you!

  13. When are you going to correct your reporting? They are a straight couple. Tiwonge is a trans woman.

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