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Gay rights dismissed from Zimbabwe’s new Constitution

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Reader comments

  1. Shame on Zimbabwe, SHAME!

    We are “worse than pigs and dogs”, are we?

    And you somehow think that you have no percentage of LGBTs in your population?

    Foolishness, bigotry, and SHAME.

    Africa the last great swathe of virulent homophobia.

  2. Look at who is saying it.

    That’s like Hitler saying he has morals.

    They need to be forced from power.

  3. Pumpkin Pie 24 May 2010, 6:36pm

    I remember when Tsvangirai was seen as a brave champion of justice, standing up to the despotic Mugabe. Turns out he’s just Mugabe’s vile mongrel after all.

    It’s so ridiculous hearing people describe LGBTs as being a “Western” thing. It’s a human thing, and has existed in us since the evolution of our species. Hell, given the prevalence of same-sex attraction in animals, it’s probably existed in our species since before we were even human. And probably before that, too. And even before that. And so on.

  4. The anti-gay US evangelicals have really stitched things up in Africa haven’t they… time to investigate these pseudo-religious organisations for crimes against humanity?

  5. “Anti-gay laws in Africa are product of American religious exports”

  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if all human rights are removed from Zimbawe’s Constitution in favor of Mugabe worship.

    We’ll be hearing he was born of a virgin next.

  7. Wouldn’t surprise me if all human rights are removed from Zimbawe’s Constitution in favor of Mugabe worship whose basic attitude is to claim that all people are pigs and dogs whose human rights are to be abused without impunity… as long as the blood is washed off the diamonds.

    Out, out, damn spot.

  8. “Copac chairperson Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana said that homosexuality was against the ethics and morals of his nation”
    It would be interesting to hear what sort of skewed ethics and morals Zimbabwe’s Constitution Select Committee actually do stand for though wouldn’t it?

  9. @8:

    It certainly would.

    In the meantime, check out this photo. Is it a dog? Is it a pig?

    No-o-o…’s Mugabe!!

  10. …er…forgot to include the url..he he:

  11. douglas in canada 25 May 2010, 1:22pm

    If they want to distance themselves from “weird Western cultures,” I hope they follow through completely. They can give up their cars and planes, their phones and computers, and their titles: President and Prime Minister. Let them return COMPLETELY to their non-Western ways, and let them not be hypocrites or pickers-and-choosers.

    It’s such a joke when truly evil people assume themselves to be moral and ethical.

  12. douglas in canada 25 May 2010, 1:25pm

    oh, and let them give up Western medicine, too. So no doctors and no hospitals and no medications and no therapies or other treatments.

    Let them put their money where their mouth is.

    The only sad thing is that lots of innocent people will suffer because of the idiocy of these a”holes.

  13. Jean-Paul, thanks for the photo of the rabid dog, teeth bared, spitting hatred. Does that remind you of Hitler? It does me! Scary. Really scary.

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