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Anglican activist calls for boycott of Christian festival after Tatchell invited

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Reader comments

  1. If I were Tatchell I wouldn’t go anyway. He is letting himself be used to pink wash organised religion that is unwaveringly homophobic. But now, while fighting against our rights and our existance, they will wave him like a flag to prove they’re not homophobes

  2. Are they going to call for a boycott if a catholic leader is invited? The danger to kiddies is just as ridiculous in both cases but at least that would show some consistancy on those people’s part.

  3. Isn’t this Dr. Lisa Nolland the organiser of last year’s “cure gays” pow-wow in London? This group Anglican Mainstream is certainly not “nainstream”, but rather a small fringe group that it closely allied to American “win-nuts”, as they call them over there. I very much doubt if many Christian youngsters will take too much notice of Dr. Nolland. Just the opposite, they will be interested in what Peter Tatchell has to say, in much the same way as they listened intently to what Bishop V. Gene Robinson had to say at last year’s (or was it two years ago?) festival. It is good that Peter Tatchell has accepted the invitation to speak. This is a festival for young people who in the main do not have the hang-ups that adults have.

  4. Remember – “Anglican Mainstream” is the Taliban wing of the Church of England, and does not represent “mainstream” Anglicans.

  5. Dave North 24 May 2010, 1:27pm

    “Dr Lisa Severine Nolland, writer, lay chaplain and web consultant to Anglican Mainstream UK.”

    Should be Lisa “Slitherin” Nolland.

    Did a web search on this odious woman.

    She seems to have it in for anyone who doesn’t share her religious views.

    She is also a big advocate of Gay reparatory therapy etc.

    One to keep an eye on……..

  6. Seems like she’s the one who need therapy, Dave North. Once again, people who vomit out such illogical hatred obviously have some major wound inside themselves. Dr Nolland would be better off sorting out her own issues.

    Thankfully, no-one with half a brain will listen to her.

  7. One can only wonder what lies in the bubbling murky depths of Dr Lisa Nolland’s own psyche that she so fears other folk might be stirred to explore their own sexuality by the mere presence of Peter Tatchell.
    Such a thin veil of bigoted piety constructed to contain exactly what hidden sexual and other horrors inside herself?…we may never know, these people always seem to be hiding something (just look at Iris Robinson as another example).
    Ms Nolland has no difficulty in openly expressing her sadistic tendencies toward the gay community anyway.

  8. Euan - London 24 May 2010, 2:29pm

    Indeed it would appear from research online that ‘Dr’ Lisa Severine Nolland (say it fast it’s hilarious) is hell-bent on ensuring gays have no place to hide their ‘real’ intentions in having loving sexual relationships.

    Let’s keep tabs on this broad for her Iris Robinson moment…

  9. “According to Dr Nolland, inviting Mr Tatchell to speak at the festival will put more children at the risk of sexual abuse.”

    That is indeed true, if less priests turn up then they’ll be in their churches with the choir boys

  10. The problem with idiots such as this Nolland woman is that some people give mind to what they say… I challenge her to come argue argue homosexuality based on the bible or even argue the bible based on real facts or prove that there is God in the first place… if she has any sense, then she would know that the sentence, “There is (a) God” is equal to the same as “There is no God”.

    She doent even behave like the Christ she claims to be like. DEVIL.

    Mr. Tatchell should go and Nolland can stay home to prove her anger… haha! we see who loses.

  11. Boycott of Greenbelt by so-called “Anglican Mainstream representative”, Dr Lisa Nolland

    This is an outrage! Exactly how many of the “Anglican Mainstream” would actually attend Greenbelt anyway? None of them – why? Because they don’t like the format of this type of Religious Worship themselves [they call it the ‘Happy Clappy Brigade’ and wouldn’t be seen dead joining in with them anyway]. There are many members of the “Anglican Mainstream” who will wish to dissociate themselves from her and her opinions – they have more sense and integrity!

    I think Dr Nolland should be ignored and any calls for a boycott of Greenbelt should be totally ignored by all intelligent Christians.

    Greenbelt is an institution of many years’ standing and is attended by a great many more genuine, devout Christians than the number of “Anglican Mainstream” fundamentalists such as Dr Nolland who purport to be the ‘voice of truth’ and the ‘guardians of people’s morals’ in the Anglican Church. She DOES NOT represent all of the Anglican Mainstream at all – she has her own agenda and it is not very pleasant!

    Anyway – who set up Dr Nolland as the Anglican Mainstream Morals Police? Parents are not stupid – they are quite capable of making their own decisions about their own children’s welfare- they don’t need the likes of Dr Nolland dictating to them what to do!

    Ignore this call for a boycott – it is absolute nonsense! I’ve been to Greenbelt in the past and would say to those who attend regularly – go with your own consciences and don’t allow yourselves to be dictated to by this woman or by her “Anglican Mainstream” – this makes me very angry.

    I hope that Peter Tatchell is not intimidated by this ‘person’ and goes and delivers his talk to Greenbelt. There are many people of greater intelligence than Dr Nolland who can see her for what she and her opinions stand for!

  12. Quite right, I’m sure if Anglican Mainstream chooses to stay away en masse it’ll be nobody’s loss.

    Nice dignified response from PT.

  13. Erroll Clements 24 May 2010, 3:19pm

    At what stage do these cants actually start acting like the ‘Christians’ they call themselves and are supposed to be????

  14. AlbiMangles 24 May 2010, 4:41pm

    Last year she compared inviting LGBT people to greenbelt with inviting the BNP.

    “May I ask whether those organizations would be willing to share this marvellous public space if GB were to allow the BNP, say, the same space, publicity and advocacy as it has granted to LGBT advocacy?”

    She is also involved with NARTH

    Another christian fundamentalist like Philippa Stroud

  15. I go to Greenbelt. I’m a gay Christian and I really enjoy the festival for it’s inclusive vibe, stimulating talks, good music and wonderfully safe feel to the festival.

    Not sure Lisa Nolland has ever been to the festival.

    Also I can’t recall there being this kind of backlash the first time Peter spoke at the festival.

  16. Just lets none of us forget that “Anglican Mainstream” certainly does not represent the Church of England en mass – it is pure Evangelical, just like the American Evangelical church that is spreading anti-gay cancer throughout Africa. AND it is this continent with its huge Christian following that has so much influence on the decisions made by the C of E synod in issues concerning homosexuality. Drop the bloody lot from the Anglican communion – we don’t, and never will, speak the same language.
    By doing this, we can have an intelligent, learned debate on the church’s position on gay rights and gay acceptance.
    Milions of people worldwide may then find acceptance by their church besides acknowledging the acceptance they have from their God.

  17. It is good to know that Peter Tatchell is supporting this event and reaching out to the many young gay and straight-but-gay-friendly christians out there.

  18. These ultra right wing religious cultist wackos are the very people Blair, Brown and Cameron are afraid of offending on the issue of marriage equality. I’ve said this many times before, its about time this bloody C of E cult were disestablished altogether, get rid of them, they’re a drain on taxpayers and irrelevant. Why should our tax pounds support their chosen lifestyle which is not immutable? Their behaviour is learned just like their hompophobia. The woman is not fit to call herself a “christian”, she doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Bearing false witness against her neighbor (Tatchell) is contrary to her belief system and a violation of the commandments that she obviously professes to uphold. What a hypocrite!

  19. Yes Mark, it is the same Lisa Severine Nolland who runs a blog within the Anglican Mainstream website entitled “Lisa’s Lookout” dedicated to dishing as much dirt on gay people as she can. Her thinking must be in line with the homophobes in Africa who are trying to put in place the death penalty for gay people (in Uganda) and (on Malawi) have just jailed two innocent men since you never hear her condemn the hatred of the religious homophobes.

  20. Silly, empty headed, ignorant woman with no purpose in life other than her own self advancement – in her tiny mind.
    Go for it Peter!!!!

  21. Mumbo Jumbo 24 May 2010, 7:54pm

    Comment #5 by Dave North

    “Should be Lisa Slitherin Nolland.”

    Or better still, Lisa Slitheen Nolland:

  22. Cheltenham is a a liberal place, it gained more Lib Dem votes than ever before in this general election. Peter will go, and he will talk, the whole event will be pleasant as it always is.

    In all fairness that horrid women is likely doing everyone a favour, and the people who will likely disrupt the peaceful event wont even attend.

  23. Dr Lisa Nolland

    What a nasty piece of work . . .

    Lets keep our eye on this one, just as some of us are monitoring Phillippa Stroud!/group.php?gid=113695921999539&v=wall

  24. I am again disappointed that these forums yet again include scathing attacks on individuals who happen to maintain the traditional Christian position that gay sex is wrong. Being the beligerent soul I am, I don’t feel we should give into the bullies that want to censor those expressing their sincerely held beliefs.

    I have looked at some of Lisa Severine Nolland blog postings and find myself in the main in agreement and just want to say so before being the butt of a further vitriolic attack. Trying to demonise individuals with who you disagree is hardly the way to foster tolerance and understanding.

    It has been a long time since I have been to Greenbelt, which is after all geared to young people and not my scene these days. As I recall, it always did invite speakers that take you outside of your comfort zone – a good thing. Without knowing all the whys and wherefores around the invitation, it does seem to me that Peter Tatchell may do a great job with a largely new audience in talking about some of the problems faced by Africa’s gay community. I would like to think that the audience will include many with conservative Christian views and the debate will be respectful and positive … or am I just being naive?

  25. John – you are welcome to your ‘sincerely held’ beliefs. You are not welcome to have them protected from criticism and ridicule, and you are certainly not entitled to have them given any special treatment or privilege in the public sphere (these ridiculous beliefs are after all based on nothing but superstition, certainly not on reality).

    You have the right to say it isn’t for you, but no right to say what’s right for other people, basically.

  26. You’ve beaten me to it Adrian T, and said it with praiseworthy concision.

    @ John: sincerity of belief is a red herring (or do I mean straw man? Perhaps a straw herring?). There are and have been plenty of people historically who feel that women, non-white people, the disabled and gay people (among others) are less than equal: the sincerity of their views does not make it any the more acceptable. Perhaps you could think this over before expressing your views in future?

  27. Sorry to steal your thunder Rehan ;-)

    Well put by the way – didn’t the 9/11 suicide bombers have very sincere beliefs as well? Why is a sincere belief in and of itself a Good Thing? I love it when people not only claim to know a god exists, they claim to be on such intimate terms with this supposed creator, they claim to know it’s mind in such intimate detail, they can tell you what it thinks about your and my sleeping arrangements! Don’t let any such people go any further in an argument than that, till they explain how they know this information – there is no need.

  28. Adrian – I appreciate your respectful response – thanks. I really don’t expect my beliefs to be protected from criticism or ridicule. It is comments like “what a nasty piece of work” of the previous post to mine that I object to and the fear such comments (sadly not uncommon in this forum) engenders with some from saying what they truly believe. I don’t expect special treatment or privilege but my understanding is mine is the mainstream Christian view (although I agree there has been a big shift in recent years) and, as unpallitable as it may seem, what follows is not just that it (gay sex) isn’t right for me but it isn’t right period.

  29. John, at the risk of tediously rehearsing views that have been expressed over and over and over again on this site, the strictures against homosexuality (so to speak) in the Bible are no stronger than the strictures against adultery or the eating of shellfish or the wearing of mixed fibres; yet (as has been pointed out regularly) these other proscriptions are, it seems, ignored in favour of what seems to be an obsession with same-sex coupling. You might want to ask yourself why this should be the case.

  30. Rehan, you are probably right about sincerely held beliefs, but then isn’t that what we are all expressing and who is to say what beliefs are right or not and how do you (or I) know whether our beliefs are the right ones … I guess that brings us into the realms of philosophy and is there such a thing as absolute truth (which is something up to now that mainstream christians has believed).

  31. Rehan – a fair question why single out homosexuality (and I would also include adultury incidentally) but not shell fish and mixed fibres. My simple response is the general tenet of scripture would maintain the first group as universally “sinful” but not the second but I also acknowledge you deserve a better response than that! Sorry to cross posts – kind regards …

  32. John, I would just say that in an ideal world it would be an appealing thought that people wouldn’t choose to advocate the boycotting of an event because there are poeple who believe love is possible between two people of the same sex. It seems to me that the attractive aspect of true Christianity (as opposed to an obsession with the proscriptions of the Old Testament) is its inclusive and not exclusive aspect. Wouldn’t you agree?

  33. Well, John, as I mentioned before, you are welcome to believe whatever you like, but so long as you accept that without any evidence to support you, it’s just your opinion that has zero significance for anybody else; and that personal, consenting affairs of others are none of your business, it’s fine with me, anytime.

  34. “I guess that brings us into the realms of philosophy and is there such a thing as absolute truth (which is something up to now that mainstream christians has believed).”

    John…… It’s the method you use to get to the truth that counts. ‘Quo warranto’ – on what authority do you claim to have the truth? The Christian case has long since beeen exposed by great writers such as David Hume, and most amusingly by Thomas Paine – you only have your book to back you up, just as much as the Muslims have their Koran. Incidentally, what do you believe about the origins of our species and life? We occasionally get evangelical extremists on here, and nine times out of ten, they deny the fact of evolution, think that the earth is no more than 6000 years old etc etc. Despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    Thankfully we can be almost certain the contents of Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua etc were made up. Do you have a reason to believe Jesus existed, was the son of god, walked on water, died and rose again? Or do you believe it because you were brought up to believe it? Do you know all this to be true more than you need it to be true?

    I don’t need to be told homosexuality is natural and harmless and perfectly right for me & my beloved. But that’s the overwhelming opinion of all experts who are qualified to speak about psychology, biology, medicine. If you claim to have better information than all these people – let’s hear the evidence.

  35. Rehan, I agree true Christianity is inclusive in that God’s love is for everyone and we are all “made in his image”. It is exclusive insofar we are all called to obey God’s commands. Our disagreement is what those commands are and whether my more “narrow” understanding is right. Back to the original story and what Peter Tatchell says about gay people in Africa being persecuted, I for one would be interested to hear what Peter says and take an informed view how such “persecution”, of which “homophobia” is sadly one of many, can be countered.

    Thanks for your comment Adrian – but (imo) it does boil down to what is right and true and as for evidence (I presume you refer to the veracity of the Bible as traditionally understood) I believe there is a huge amount.

    Rehan and Adrian, feel free to have the last word, it has been nice talking to you and given difference in views it has helped me see this forum in a better light – I need to sleep now so I bid you good night!

  36. “My simple response is the general tenet of scripture would maintain the first group as universally “sinful” but not the second but I also acknowledge you deserve a better response than that!”

    Alas, that is the usual response to this nonsense. The simple truth is you don’t know why, isn’t it? Don’t worry, most Christians don’t either. Its called selective interpretation of the bible. I suppose the 6,000 year old earth as stated in the bible is in the “you don’t have to believe if you don’t want to or is proven to be a crock” section, is it?

  37. Jock S Trap 25 May 2010, 9:51am

    Dr Lisa Nolland proves the fact that this country needs more education not more bigots!! Clearly to be so un-educated is Very dangerous, Libellous some would say!!

  38. Mihangel apYrs 25 May 2010, 11:26am

    “Dr Lisa Severine Nolland, writer, lay chaplain and web consultant to Anglican Mainstream UK.”

    Paul was quite clear about women preaching at men in church, and taking leadership roles: he forbad it!

    Practice what you preach, bitch!

  39. @24 John:

    You say:

    “I am again disappointed that these forums yet again include scathing attacks on individuals who happen to maintain the traditional Christian position that gay sex is wrong.”

    Have you ever visited a christian website that includes “scathing attacks” on individuals who happen to be gay??

    Or witnessed a senior gay man being kicked to death in Trafalgar Square by a couple of young people inspired by the kind of homophobia taught in christian churches?

    Blow your academics out your ear, and please don’t take the “last word” the wrong way, sweet manipulative petunia.

  40. @John. Whilst the words you have written are all well and good, you still have not answered the question regarding the proscriptions against shell fish and mixed fibres. Every time I have asked this question of somebody arguing as you do I have received no reply. It is clear that there is no answer to this, although I would welcome any insight you could give towards this.

  41. John Wrote
    “I am again disappointed that these forums yet again include scathing attacks on individuals who happen to maintain the traditional Christian position that gay sex is wrong. Being the beligerent soul I am, I don’t feel we should give into the bullies that want to censor those expressing their sincerely held beliefs.”

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    “Traditional Christian position that gay sex is wrong” . . . John this position is a life style choice, not a right.

    “I don’t feel we should give into the bullies” . . . John because of your “traditional Christian Beliefs”, school children are routinely subjected to homophobic abuse, because your position legitimatize and propagates insidious hatred.

    “expressing their sincerely held beliefs.” . . . John there is nothing sincere about homophobia or heterosexism.

  42. John:- “I am again disappointed that these forums yet again include scathing attacks on individuals who happen to maintain the traditional Christian position that gay sex is wrong.”

    Joseph Goebbels:- “I am again disappointed that these forums yet again include scathing attacks on individuals who happen to maintain the traditional German People’s position that Jewishness is wrong.”

    See any similarities?

    It wasn’t right in 1933. It’s not right in 2010.

  43. following her train of thought, catholic priests shouldn’t be allowed to go due to allegations of child abuse!!!!

  44. Many of the christians I have encountered have been almost simmering with a sort of tension and bitterness. Their laboured bonhomie and “welcoming” attitude does little to disguise this. It’s all too evident that their neighbourly love is based on an instruction they adhere to with great difficulty.

  45. NickGriffinsSon 10 Jun 2010, 11:45pm

    Just dont let him in Lisa, simple, refuse him entry!

  46. Rex Conrad 16 Jun 2010, 1:01pm

    Keep on Fighting Peter…For that’s what you are!!

  47. For the good of all gay people, Peter retire!!!

  48. Apparently, Lisa Nolland has been described by some as ‘a budding Ann Widdicombe’ My God, fancy being compared to Widdicombe at her age. She’d be as well to get her tits augmented now before they reach her ankles.


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