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Moscow Pride banned as protesters say they will march anyway

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Reader comments

  1. Go ahead and have a Pride Parade, Moscow….only get the biggest Rainbow Flag ever. Yea !!!

  2. They should have a riot in protest and smash up the kremlin. But as usual they’ll probs get some glitter, a few pink wigs, a big rainbow flag and mince down the street singing judy garland songs because they’re ‘happy’ and ‘gay’.

  3. Pumpkin Pie 21 May 2010, 5:24pm

    I’m guessing Jay 6pac doesn’t have the slightest idea what sorts of people would brave Russian police brutality to hold a pride march.

    Actually, wigs and glitter wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. The people who started the Stonewall riots were wearing that stuff, too.

  4. “Security”? A few dozen gay people marching peacefully being a threat that can bring down a country, of course.

  5. @ Jay 6pac – Rather than slagging off people brave enough to march in Moscow, either do it yourself or shut up. These people have more balls than the likes of someone like you will ever have.

  6. 22 May 2010, 12:50pm

    Anyone else think Peter Tatchell treats these trips to homophobe states and countries as a junket and means of picking up some local talent for a bit of t’other?

  7. If gay men walked in pride as if they were soldiers instead of clowns, we would have full equality by now – there may even be a gay president of the USA. But because the fundamentalist trannies and camps rule the gay community, we’re turned into a laughing stock – a big fvckin joke. You wear your red nose and do a comedy cabaret routine if you want to, but I assure you it’s not glitter and wigs and somewhere over the stupid rainbow that have negotiated the little freedom and equality we now have.

  8. Well said Jay 6pac. I cringe anytime I walk in to old school gay pubs, the faded glitter curtains, the ageing queens squawking along to Liza or Judy. Instead of challenging the stereotype plenty of young gays are following this pattern, its a form of conditioning; you’re not gay unless you fit a preordained ‘type’.

  9. So, Jay, you think that everyone that wants to march in Moscow is just out for a day-trip in frocks and wigs, and if we got dressed up in combat and behaved like real men, we’d have a gay president in the White House.

    Sweetie, have you ever heard of internalised homophobia?

    Try this for size. Gender stereotypes have long been oppressive to gay people. Rather than simply pander to those stereotypes, gay people’s response has often been to confound them, by doing the very opposite of what society expects. By cross-dressing, for example. Amazing!

    If you seriously think the solution to our problems is to dress combat and march about like soldier boys, then I can only think you’ve been watching too much dodgy porn.

    Having just waded through the thread about aid to Malawi, I note that you’d cheerfully see poor, uneducated people die so that you can make a point to their awful government. Surprising then, that you find no time here to condemn the Moscow authorities, while damning gay muscovites. Is it OK, just because we don’t give Russia aid? Or is it simply that you’re not a very nice person?

  10. chameleon, i aint talking about a fashion show. im talking about an attitude. clowns act stupid to have a laugh, soldiers fight for a cause. i never slagged off the men who will be marching in moscow, i know that the pride in moscow will not be like the clown prides in the uk, they know they’re fighting for something, its political – have you ever even been to a gay rights rally abroad, i have, so dont patronise me about dodgy porn. and me being gay, and people who cross dress isnt some response to heterosexual stereotypes to confound them because i or they are doing the opposite of what society expects – wtf? – thats one weird psychological profile of homosexuality you have there.

    point is this. year after year the authorities refuse a pride. they need to do something about it. you say put a wig on and do some cross dressing to confound their stereotypes, when in reality the riot police will be called in to control both the marchers and the protestors.

  11. Pumpkin Pie 23 May 2010, 2:57am

    Jay’s either trolling or is an idiot. You ever heard the term “militant gays”? I’m not sure proving the homophobes right would have gotten us anywhere. And let’s not forget the whole point of freedom: to be ourselves. What’s the point of winning the war if the cost is our very selves? That defeats the point entirely.

    Also, I’m not even going to touch the idea that being camp is due to conditioning, but acting like a heteronormative male isn’t. That’s one of the most obnoxiously, insipidly cretinous things I’ve ever heard. Who needs enemies with “friends” this thick and hateful, eh?

    You want to know who the real conditioned types are? The “effeminophobes” like yourselves. You’ve bought the heteronormative elite’s tripe hook, line and sinker. You’ve been conditioned to think there must be something wrong with men who don’t “act like men”, that they’re ungenuine, that they’re mocking you, that acting like that is a choice rather than a personality trait (because to admit that something is natural is to grant it legitimacy – sound familiar?). It’s so pathetic how prevalent this hatred of “camp” gays is amongst gay people men themselves. Maybe you’re trying to prove something to your hetero idols? Trying to prove you’re not one of those gays by attacking them?

    Pathetic. Why can’t you clowns just let people be themselves without hassling them? Oh, and I know what you’re going to say. You think there’s some sort of conspiracy here. You think the camp types decree that all gay men should be like them and shun the “normal” (nearly said it without laughing) types like yourselves. What a load of rubbish. I have never heard any camp man make such statements. But I constantly hear this sort of hateful, fascistic rubbish from you wannabe heteros. You’re the insecure ones. You’re the hateful ones. You detest them for being different. You demand that they act like you do. And then you claim that they’re the ones acting this way.

    Gay society needs less of people like you. Am I suggesting they need more camp people instead? I don’t care. So long as they’re content to let others be themselves, then it doesn’t matter one jot. It’s just a shame that the camp types have a better record for tolerance than the heteronormative types.

  12. Pumpkin Pie 23 May 2010, 2:59am

    Hold it. Just to clarify, that wasn’t entirely aimed at Jay. Although I name-checked him at the start, most of the stuff I touched on has to do with concepts brought up by Fred-oh, which I hear constantly from many different users on this site.

  13. @10:

    You say:

    “point is this. year after year the authorities refuse a pride. they need to do something about it.”

    Right on. And Gay Russia has been busy.

    For example, according to Nikolai Alekseev, the publicity recently generated by IDAHO on public TV in Russia has left the media more gay-friendly than ever:

    It occurs to me though that the situation in Russia is every bit as complicated as in Africa in the sense that, according to Human Rights Watch’s executive director, Kenneth Roth, evidence of a world-wide restrictive right-wing/human rights polarization indicates a sustained (religious) backlash against against the tremendous progress we’ve made during the last 40 years or so.

    That would mean that gay liberation in Russia goes hand-in-hand with civil rights movements of all kinds, and repressive measures in Russia have been appalling as recently as last year, eg. Stanislas Markelov, Albert Pchelintsev, Natalia Estemirova, Zarema Sadulayeva and her husband Alik Dzhabrailov…and many other dedicated freedom fighters.

    On the other hand, last June we heard Russia’s President Medvedev underscoring the importance of democracy and human rights in Russia, and acknowledging areas where change is needed. In particular, NGO’s can now work a bit more freely.

    My point is that besides religiously inspired homophobia, there are a number of restrictive laws in Russia which target politically or ideologically motivated public manifestations as extremist, and consequently as criminal.

    I believe Peter Thatchell is well aware of the thin ice in Moscow during a Pride Parade, but where I did discourage him from going there last year, I am less afraid for him now precisely because of the educational programs of IDAHO.

  14. @13 – you talk sense, and you know your stuff. you probs dont like me either so dont bother writing a comment back sayin fvck off or anythin, cause i dont care if you dont. but wanted to thank you for useful links and challenging comments on other stuff too.

  15. @14:

    I like you just the way you are.

    Just don’t get any worse (my sister is always telling me that)


  16. Hodge Podge 23 May 2010, 11:26pm

    @11 What Pumpkin said.

  17. Pumpkin Pie 23 May 2010, 11:49pm

    you probs dont like me either

    Oh, you. If it means anything, I didn’t mean to get quite so personal or carried away. Just ranting on stuff that p***es me off, you know? It’s therapeutic. Not very polite or pleasant, but therapeutic. <3

  18. it’s what we all do, innit?

  19. All these assholes looking in the mirror while they talk about satan.

    simple as that. Buy them a new pair of glasses.

  20. silly billy 24 May 2010, 4:05am

    Sounds like someone needs to be bought a new glass of something.

  21. @15 – your sisters got good advice. and youre the most sorted fella that writes anythin on here. youve helped me. thanks.
    @17 – i hope you look back at this cause there’s no needs to apologise mr pie, i aint bothered when people sling verbal at me. really. you sound like a good guy. you made me realise how angry and depressed i am cause im gay and because society hates me for being gay, i cant even stand that fvckin word. and me mates are all straight, so cant talk to them about this stuff, so i come on here and spew bullsh1t that no one likes. but im not a bad person like most on here make me feel. honest.
    So youre right to say what you did, im glad you ranted at me – not because i dont believe what i believe, but cause im not good for people on here. jean paul got me thinking about gay prides, and stuff, and i reckon these sites should be like islands, for like minded people to get on with one another and find a safe place where they feel like a community, and not have tw4ts like me tellin them theyre wrong. i should find my own place. its a bit like going to a party youre not invited to. jean paul and a couple of others have kinda inspired me over the last year, but i dont inspire no one so whats the point of sayin anything. i only started gettin into gay rights and comin on sites like this when i was beat up for stepping in to help a young gay lad (and he was very camp btw, not that that proves i aint anti camp) from getting his face smashed in a couple of years ago year by three tw4ts. he managed to run off and it was me who got me face smashed in (which im sure sum on ere would probs be glad about). weird how i get into gay rights cause i get my face smashed in for protecting a young camp lad and now realise i should stop with the gay rights ting cause i get my brain smashed in for having a go at young camp lads. one of those circles of life i guess. i aint got anything against glitter and wigs, or camp lads btw, honest. so soz if i upset you and any moscow pride marchers. its just that ive been to some gay rights prides over the last couple of years, trying to get into it, but i dont feel like i belong at them, cause the people who seem to be at the forefront, the representation that hovers over are trannies and men in pink wigs, who wouldnt even normally wear pink wigs. i just dont get it. and they’re the ones that homophobes have the biggest problem with, so i feel like i suffer for something im not. but i guess they’re just tryin to have a good time and show the people who hate them they can have a good time. its their party, not mine. so soz, i just think….oh forget it. it just doesn’t fvckin matter what i fink anymore. dont even know why im explainging myself to you either, wasnt gonna even look at this website anymore, but i did and saw youd apologised, and felt ashamed. i wont bother any of yous again, its a beautiful day on the island. lifes sh1t if youve got no love, then you die.

  22. You’re welcome, Jay 6pac.

    Why not become a member:

  23. silly billy 24 May 2010, 9:49pm

    Jay6pac, you have the most beautiful comments, and clarity on this site. You really feel clear about political issues, then some muppet-troll comes along and slags you off and you seem to retreat into yourself. I have really appreciated your input if no-one else has and hope to see more of it.

  24. Pumpkin Pie! 25 May 2010, 3:02pm

    Testing! My comments aren’t getting through…

  25. Pumpkin Pie 25 May 2010, 4:22pm

    I agree with Jean-Paul and silly billy! Please stick around, Jay!

    Damn, I wrote a huge response yesterday, but I think I messed up the spam filter code, and I didn’t save what I wrote… I’ll try and sum it up… [In parts, because long posts aren’t getting through.]

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