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Michael Barrymore says he’s no longer gay

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Reader comments

  1. Galadriel1010 21 May 2010, 1:54pm

    *Sighs* So he’s bisexual, but doesn’t realise that it exists? Yes, Michael, you are allowed to go back in the closet, just as long as you come out of a different one.

  2. Who does he think hes kidding?

  3. Makes good copy for the red tops I guess! and that sort of publicty is everything when you try to re-start a sort of career…what a load of bollacks!

  4. Does anyone really care ?????

  5. I thought Barrymore was some sort of chat host cum comedian.
    Turns out he’s a bloody magician!
    Izzy Wizzi, better get busy, then Michael, you publicity self-seeker.

  6. There was no proof Lubbock was raped, he wasn’t out but like a lot of bisexual / straight boys he could have wanted to have anal sex. Pills, booze and a swimming pool = dead essex boy. Barrymore is a not very talented entertainer from an earlier time I doubt he’s responsible for the young man’s death and reasonable doubt is all that is needed.

  7. And in Malawi, innocent gay men are being sentenced to 14 years of hard labor.


  8. BrazilBoysBlog 21 May 2010, 2:38pm

    Incredible story of a man on a totally self-destructive path..

    He´s been on it for years… it appears that nothing has changed.

  9. Ladyfriend 21 May 2010, 2:40pm

    Twits who think ‘gay’ can be cured will point to him as an example. Otherwise I wouldn’t give a toss about the self-publicising idiot.

  10. Great Michael,if only for you we were to be convinced of your now adverted preference to bedding a woman.Do you really think by making this statement you will now get offered television work? Dream on fella.All you ever did on your show was take the piss out of Joe public.How extremely difficult to master.That you have such a fantastic talent.Not interested in your sex life or watching you on the box.Go away and get a job driving a bus.

  11. Patrick James 21 May 2010, 3:06pm

    Maybe Philippa Stroud has been praying for him?

  12. First Courtney Love (with a book) followed Michael Barrymore (TV) publicity hounds. Courting the community with your sex life is so yesterdecade. Still, as long as Michael Barrymore is finding a (self-destructive?) balance somewhere that is all that matters.

    Who honestly knows the truth?

  13. My word this man is very troubled.

  14. Dave Rattigan 21 May 2010, 6:57pm

    Sounds to me the no-longer-gay-going-back-in thing was just him trying to be funny. He unexpectedly found love with a woman – it happens. I doubt he’s seriously trying to claim he’s been cured or anything like that – though you never know how the story might develop.

  15. This bloke is a serious f***up. Michael, please go away and belt up. Screw up your own life if you like, just stop doing it to other people’s.

  16. Surely all this means is that he’s bisexual – why does he have such a problem with that concept?

  17. Ladyfriend 21 May 2010, 7:33pm

    where did my last comment go? It wasn’t anything remotely offensive.

  18. Don’t deluded yourself, Mr Barrymore.

  19. There’s really no reason to object to Barrymore being no longer identified as gay. From what I’ve heard, he’s hardly the sort of person one wants being puclicly associated with gayness in the first place.

  20. [i]Twits who think ‘gay’ can be cured will point to him as an example. Otherwise I wouldn’t give a toss about the self-publicising idiot.[i]

    And after he is seen with men again and comes out of the closet for the second time (or at least comes out of the bisexual closet) we’ll point to him as an example that there is no such thing as an ex-gay.

  21. Father Tafferty O'Cavity 21 May 2010, 9:02pm

    I’m so glad he’s now straight. We never wanted him on our team in the first place.

  22. All this man wants is the limelight again. He had a lovely boyfriend and started a new life in New Zealand, but no, he craves the adoration of those television audiences. It’s like a drug. And this man is prepared to do anything. Even “purify” himself as a non-homosexual man. My goodness, does he have some issues!

  23. good point, father tafferty

  24. Indeed who is he kidding, just another PR stunt, leaves a very bad taste with the ‘Lubbock’ cloud still not resolved over Barrymore.

  25. me thinks Mr. Barrymore should rather be ashamed of himself… he sounds like a 9 year old (it used to be 14 year olds in the past) who’s just discovered cum coming out of him after a wet-dream.

    As grown-up as he should be, its a disappointing eye-sore that he doesnt realise that enjoying sex with both sexes means he is bisexual; fool!

  26. Good let him go back in the closet, he’s an embarrassment anyway!

  27. Seriously,does anyone actually fricking care?!Go away,Barrymore,PLEASE!

  28. Edward Myhro 22 May 2010, 1:47am

    Yes, he’s Bi for sure. I married a woman 28 year’s ago but never thought I was no longer gay. I came to the conclusion that I was Bi.

  29. And the farmer took another load away..!
    I had a friend like that once.
    Not gay of course; my bum ‘not gay’..!
    “I’ve changed. I’m getting married in 3 months and we will be honeymooning in the Gambia. Would you like to be one of my ‘bridesmaids’…hahahaha. Just one thing, Keith, don’t stand up at the back of St. John’s and do an ‘YVONNE FAIR’ “It should have been ME’ hahaha..”
    (YOUTUBE it; ‘s good for a laff..!)

    Yeah right.
    The ‘marriage’ lasted 8 months before she dumped him.
    He then fell totally in love with himself and died 15 years later at 47, poor tormented sod.
    It’s enough to turn you to religion..!


  30. In fact, that will be the next stage in this boring saga.
    Barrymore will ‘get God’ and will be a born again whatever.
    Why not.?
    It’ll bring in the dosh and the publicity and the dosh and the publicity and the dosh and the publ….


  31. The Grinch 22 May 2010, 8:38am

    And how exactly is Mr Barrymore going to get his new ladies vagina up his a*se?

  32. No loss to the gay world.
    He doesn’t now and never did appeal to me on any level.
    Seems like a person who would sell his soul for a chance to just be liked and a person whose sexuality is rather ambivalent.
    I hope he finds some stability and self-acceptance for all of that one day…oh and some happiness.

  33. Comment 31 by The Grinch…Brilliant!

  34. The parts just don’t fit!!!

  35. …how do you spell therapy? LOL

  36. Even before he came out the first time, he spent so much of his time masquerading as the stereotype “geezer dahn the local” with his constant mantra of “awight, awight, awight” and blokey inflections that it looked like he was overcompensating for something. He made Dick van Dyke look like a genuine cockney geezer by comparison.
    Now I’d be prepared to accept he may be bisexual, but if he expects us to credit that this little trip to Narnia is a one way ticket he must think we’ve never heard of Ted Haggard, George Rekers and half the evangelical wing of the Republican party.

  37. Sexuality can be fluid, most people are more pansexual than they dare to admit, you can’t help who you fall in love with sometimes, regardless of gender. I’d rather he’d highlight that point more directly & make it very clear to the press, rather than give the impression that people who are gay have a choice & can go straight again if they choose to. Without it he opens the doors to the religious fanatics who think homosexuality can be cured.

  38. AlbiMangles 22 May 2010, 10:38am

    This comes out just before he is about to appear on a crappy CH4 TV show!

    How very convenient for him and the shows production company this came out now.

    Hello my name is Michael Barrymore, I sold my soul to a TV show goodnight.

  39. OMG – Phillippa Stroud’s been at work again

    Mr Barrymore . . . Does what it says on the label

    Another self obsessed, self absorped, self publicist . . . .


  40. Are there any free ex-gay organisations which don’t also involve religious conversion?

  41. CArl Rowlands 22 May 2010, 2:52pm

    Well, he was never going to be a role model for anyone who was gay, bi or even straight. There is an old northern saying ‘If in doubt,say nauwt’ Perhaps he should adopt this and just continue to stay away from swimming pools and TV camera’s. We could easilly do without MB!

  42. I like you Patrick James :-)))))))))))))

  43. I have just found this on Mail’s site.

    “Quizzed by the others, he admitted he had met ‘a nice blonde girl’. When it was suggested he was bisexual, he said: ‘I suppose so.’ ”

    So he’s not gonna jump on the ex-gay bandwagon. He’s bisexual. According to Mail, he had dated a woman, before he came out in 1995. Religious lunatics will be disappointed.


  44. No. 40 Dave, none that I know of, they all charge exorbitant fees with NO guarantee of conversion. In fact, they can’t even provide the evidence of the number of people they’ve claimed to have “cured”. All ex-gay organisations use the pray-away the gay method at some stage of their “therapy”. In the majority of cases, none have succeeded. None of the organisations I know of have conducted any controlled scientific studies that have been legitimised in the scientific literature. The American Psychiatric Association does not support them either, in fact they think it is dangerous. If you want to know more about these bogus ex-gay ministries and their money scams, you should check out where you will get the whole story about them.

  45. Poor guy. He seems very troubled.

  46. Of course, I never read the the article only the headline, but then again I could never take to Michael Barrymore; even the name Barrymore struck me as utterly preposterous. However, I do accept lots of people really liked him; his former ITV shows were extremely popular and I am sure Britain’s Got Talent is based on one of his former programmes.

    He is an extreme example of someone coming out far too late in life. I suppose Simon Cowell is another.

  47. Barrymore’s life is of zero significance to anyone but those idiot enough to be in his inner circle

  48. I thought he’d done us all the favour of moving to Australia or was it New Zealand? Either way Michael, no one cares and why’d ya move back Michael, why?

  49. The fact is he is very rich, property investments probably, which will ensure he always remains in the public eye. Celebrities tend to fade into obscurity once their money runs out. I doubt this every happening to Barrymore; he’s here, he’s queer, and he’s determined to bore us all to death.

  50. musclelad23 23 May 2010, 11:55am

    Don’t care Don’t care Don’t care

  51. You know, people like this really piss me off. How can we ever convince people that being gay is NOT a “choice” and that being gay is immutable when idiots like this will do anything to get some publicity?

  52. Oi! I live in New Zealand, Squidgy, and we are grateful this preening no-talent left our shores. Please don’t try and force him back on us. The days of Britain offloading their unwanted human garbage on us are long gone!

  53. double the fun – boys and girls.

    did you know that you can buy a bed that is about 6″ wider then a King size bed?

    Lots of room for all those boys and girls. hey, I’m a friend – fun is fun. Go for it.

  54. I assume he s left the door on the latch…

  55. I don’t care if he’s stopped being gay (incredulous of that though I am). I’d much rather he stopped being so creepy.

  56. darkmoonman 24 May 2010, 2:26pm

    Mr. Barrymore, that’s because you are and always were bi. ::sigh::

  57. He’s always been creepy to me…and a total embarrasement!

  58. Erroll Clements 24 May 2010, 3:41pm

    This is rich coming from somebody who is camp as Christmas, yeah pull the other leg and the world square ?!!Anythng for publicity!

  59. Yep, Ken, I’ll second that! The less tripe from Blighty that we have here in New Zealand the better. Let the likes of Barrymore stay in the UK. I’m sure that at worst he’ll find some work in one of the UK’s many scruffy and sleazy seaside towns. Let Barrymore settle in Blackpool! We don’t want him here!

  60. you lot are awful…maybe..just maybe he has found someone (a female) who he loves. If he has no interest in guys anymore, fine. Gay people complain how its awful how they are all prejudged and it make their life hell look what you are all doing..your just as bad if not worse than the groups of people you hate!!! I say good for him and i wish him all the best!

  61. Dennis Hambridge 25 May 2010, 11:24am

    This strengthens my feelings that Barrymore was never gay, but arguably a bisexual person, off course could have been that the fame and other things just overwealmed him, as they say the more you have the more you want–
    however, as an artist, just loved watching him, just one of them people that could always make you smile, would love to see him back on the telly, i don’t think you just loose good talent, the same as you canot just loose being gay

  62. Hezekiak In 25 May 2010, 1:50pm

    Psst, pool party at Barrymore’s tonight. Bring your own swim-rings.

  63. Jess Conrad 26 May 2010, 9:01pm

    If Barrymore is’nt Gay….well of course the moon is made of cheese.

  64. Not surprised by this at all.

    There’s nothing wrong with being gay or straight. And nothing wrong with being bi either. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a “choice” or not.

  65. Jess Conrad 30 May 2010, 6:30am

    And The Moon Is Really Made Of Cheese!

  66. Chris
    Why is there so much anger at him moving from having a relationship with a man to having a relationship with a woman. Does he not have the freedom to choose. Why are so many people so angry. I personally believe that the way to get the best from life is for for men to marry women and live godly lives. But why the anger.

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