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Madonna condemns Malawi for jailing gay men

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Reader comments

  1. Good for Madonna.

    Madonna goes to Malawi quite often.

    The next time she is there she needs to repeat this condemantion of the backward nation of Malawi.

    And she needs to remind whichever officials she meets that despite her personal wealth, she is not going to be able to afford the 40% of Malawi’s national budget currently supplied by international donor countries.

    All British aid to Malawi needs to be diverted towards equally deserving countries which have respect for human rights.

    No more aid to Malawi!

  2. Madonna for President!

  3. La Madonna has spoken.

    Thank you, Madonna.

  4. sadly Martinm you will find very few “worthy” African nations inthat case! I am glad Madonna has spoken out; more celebs and statespeople please! Send a delegation of Gay MPS!

  5. Jock S. Trap 21 May 2010, 12:09pm

    Lets hope Madonna adopts lots more children then as it seems you lot to want them dead from starvation. Don’t preacher for tolerance when you clearly have none.

  6. AlbiMangles 21 May 2010, 12:36pm

    Could PinkNews please report this story right! this is a trans woman and her partner its not two gay men.

    Or maybe PinkNews feels its funny being transphobic and denying a trans woman her gender identity!

  7. “Lets hope Madonna adopts lots more children then as it seems you lot to want them dead from starvation.”

    No we don’t.

    Regardless of whether Britain gives nothing or millions per year, African children are going to starve.

    Africa’s problems (dire poverty, corruption, murderous dictatorships, governments stealing wholesale from their people, religious extremism, Aids etc etc) are far too large to be solved by British aid.

    Not all African countries have genocidally homophobic laws. But these countriues face the exact same struggles as Malawi. British aid money needs to be diverted to those countries. They are just as deserving after all.

  8. @ ‘Staff Writer’ – you have basic facts wrong about this couple i.e. they are NOT a gay couple. Perhaps you should have a read of this and edit the article to reflect the facts:

  9. The coiple are two men.

  10. Did you click into the link at 8. Niki?

  11. paul canning 21 May 2010, 3:51pm

    Read the judgment against Malawi gay couple

    Peter Tatchell issued a plea for action in support of them:

    Send a letter or postcard of support to Steven and Tiwonge. In this difficult time, they need to know that people around the world love and support them. Get all your friends to do the same. Write to:

    Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza, Prisoners, Chichiri Prison, P.O.Box 30117, Blantyre 3, Malawi

    Make a donation by post or BACS electronic transfer to OutRage!’s Malawi Defence Campaign. OutRage! will use all money donated to support Tiwonge and Steven with food parcels, medicine, clothes, blankets etc. and to help fund the campaign for their release.

    By BACS electronic transfer:
    Account name: OutRage!
    Bank: Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank, Bootle, Merseyside, GIR 0AA, England, UK
    Account number: 77809302
    Sort code: 72-00-01

    For electronic transfers from overseas (outside the UK), please
    ADDITIONALLY quote this code:
    IBAN: GB65ALEI72000177809302

    By cheque:
    Write a cheque payable to “OutRage!” and send to OutRage!, PO Box 17816, London SW14 8WT. Enclose a note giving your name and address and stating that your donation is for the Malawi Defence campaign.

  12. BrazilBoysBlog 21 May 2010, 4:15pm

    Thank you Madonna. This country must be made to realise that it cannot break international laws and agreements that it has previously agreed to.

  13. About time Madonna, what took you so long? But thanks anyway – better late than never.

    Her opinion will possibly carry a lot more weight in Malawi than assorted govenmental ‘representations’.

  14. One of the couple is actually a transsexual woman, presumably pre- or non-op, but I think Pink News should still be sensitive about this. After all, the T in LGBT isn’t just there for decoration.

  15. Anti-gay laws in Africa are product of American religious exports, say activists (The Times)
    More here:

  16. BrazilBoysBlog 22 May 2010, 11:41am

    @14 I agree, but as this person is transgendered, and presumably pre or non-op (unless she had it done abroad), the country is sentencing them as men, under their views on homosexuality. As such, it is mostly about how this country treats it´s gay citizens. As they are outlawing gay relationships, I don´t think they are anywhere near appreciating transgendered issue yet!

  17. 16: “this person is transgendered, and presumably pre or non-op (unless she had it done abroad), the country is sentencing them as men, under their views on homosexuality. As such, it is mostly about how this country treats it´s gay citizens.”

    No one can deny that this has shown up how Malawi treats its gay citizens, whether the couple involved consider themselves to be gay or not, but it equally hightlights the country’s view of trans people doesn’t it? I still wonder why the full facts have not been reported by Pink News and others? So the Malawi government doesnt recognise trans people – I was under the impression that Pink News did?

  18. Who the hell do you think fvckin cares what madonna thinks? No one with any power. She’ll probs do a cr4p song about it, sell some singles and then sell some more tickets for one of her concerts that has malawi gay men in the background on a video whilst she dresses up like the virgin mary and does a dance routine, she’ll probs even get two gay malawi men on stage to kiss one another then start voguing, and then she’ll add the money she makes to her $600 million accumulating wealth. And guess what, the majority of africa will still be homophobic.
    She’d be more help if she stopped making jesus’ mum seem cool and stopped banging on about christianity and jewish mysticism. She’s a mixed up recovering catholic that has fed off gay men. It’s pathetic that the big gay cultural icons that influence and represent gay men are camp heterosexual women. Where are the sexy gay male popstars to represent us?

  19. Sister Mary Clarance 23 May 2010, 2:10am

    Jay, could you just run your contribution to modern society past us again please?

  20. I thinks it’s be a long, long time since Jay 6puk has any grasp of ‘modern society’ or indeed reality!

  21. yawn.

  22. squidgy – didn’t you moan about being bullied yet you are willing to bully others!

  23. Sister Mary Clarance 24 May 2010, 10:24am

    Chester, one comment suggesting someone is out of touch with modern society is not bullying. Particularly when you read the content of the previous post it was in response to.

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