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Gay minister Scott Rennie boosts church attendance

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Reader comments

  1. 21 May 2010, 3:23pm

    Why on earth would any gay join a religious order? It buggers belief considering how homophobic the majority of these orders are. Does he think he can change it from the inside?

  2. Danny Morrison 21 May 2010, 5:15pm

    I agree with the post above. It’s okay to believe any old garbage, but joining up to an organisation based on superstitious bigotry seems a wacky thing for any not insane person to do!

  3. Superstitious tosh it may be but good on Scott Rennie. Provincial Scotland is still blighted by the ghost of Jean Calvin and any contrary voices in the Kirk mitigate it a bit.

  4. I’m not a christian myself, but I think this story lends weight to the argument that most christians can’t be bothered with the homophobic crap that comes from some church leaders and that they just want to get on with a “love thy neighbour” philosophy. Good going Scott!

  5. He looks like summat out of the League of Gentlemen, and only that programme could concoct a gay Scottish minister.

  6. Yes Fred-ohs, so brave of you to slag off someone. I’d be interested to see if you are brave enough to drive up to Aberdeen to tell him to his face…no? Thought not.

  7. If Scott contacted me I’d be more than happy to discuss my views with him, no courage required.. we’d have a very civil conversation I@m sure.

    ANyway.. the Church of Scotland has made its position clear.. The only part of the C of E with any consistent and in many cases huge growth is the evangelical wing. Trumpeting a small 5% rise (and I@d like to see the figures) seems like a lot of fuss over very little. Perhaps the liberal lobby have been turning up in droves to massage the figures, I dunno, but honestly, I hope Scott finds his peace somewhere, but he’s living in direct contradiction to the Bible he preaches from.. and that seems a little hypocritical to me.

  8. “but he’s living in direct contradiction to the Bible he preaches from.. and that seems a little hypocritical to me. ” quote

    Sorry but if you look over the centuries, you will find that the bibles (plural) have been used as justification for some of the worst of crimes.

    This includes the stoning to death of women who weren’t a virgin on their wedding day. the death of any child who sassed his parents, death for wearing clothes made of different clothes, and of course man with man and woman with woman. etc etc

    I don’t think that writer is a mean spirited person, but he needs to do a little research. We aren’t living in the 5th century any more, and we btw don’t burn women at the stake as witches.

    Jesus said “love thy neighbor as thyself”. That trumps the bible, which at least in the USA has been subtly altered – a word here, a comma there, to change its meaning. By christian publishing houses, who cater to the idea that you always need some victim, to sell your brand of “faith and Love”.

    Enough said – something to think about?

  9. Why would anyone drive to Aberdeen?!

  10. Although Scott has perhaps attracted a gay following – and if he has, then really wonderful! – couldn’t it be that this chap has charisma, energy, dedication and leadership, besides having the guts to put up with all the crap he’s had to accept over all these years both with and without his partner?
    The church is bloody lucky to have someone of this chap’s calibre.
    Fancy a job near here, Scott?
    We could do with you!
    And so would many other diocese!

  11. Jess Conrad 30 May 2010, 6:40am

    Well Said Barry, and what a load of utter, ignorant crap merchants the other commenters are! The Guy is a Gay Saint in my eyes and puts to shame the Pink Crap Merchants!

  12. Brilliant – the fact that Scott Rennie being openly gay has boosted church membership shows that most people want their religion not to be bigoted and homophobic.

    Unitarians (including those in Scotland) have been welcoming openly LGBT members since 1970, ordaining openly LGBT ministers since 1977, offering same-sex blessings for decades, and campaigning for same-sex weddings and religious civil partnerships. Frankly, I am amazed that other churches have yet to resolve this issue.

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