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Fears over Uganda’s ‘discriminatory’ HIV bill

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Reader comments

  1. Mihangel apYrs 21 May 2010, 3:49pm

    theotherone is firmly of teh belief that they should do as they like while we “tut-tut” from the side

  2. Carry on Uganda.

    If you have the resources to persecute law abiding minority groups, then you are saying to the world that you no longer require international aid.

    Fair enough. There’s a recession on. Britain could do without subsiding genocidal, basket case countries like Uganda and Malawi.

  3. In Uganda we have the advantage of knowing a bit of its recent history.

    We have names and events; American religious ex-gay nutters and at least one native fundamentalist and mentally ill clergyman, all of whom have abused the human rights of ordinary Ugandan citizens, gay or str8.

    We also know who our friends are there.

    Here too we are seeing the insidious religion versus human rights campaign in Africa.

  4. oh and btw…Uganda does have oil deposits.

  5. This illustrates the tragedy of creating civil laws based around fcuked-up irrational pseudo-religious fantasy instead of scientific and medical fact-based reason.

    Uganda is a faith-based fcuk-up of a country controlled by creatures who have lost their humanity to a perverted and sadistic evagelical ideology.

  6. @ Mihangel apYrs

    The fact you need to make such comments so personally shows you really are the bitter twisted person who has little regard to any sensible knowledge or indeed debate. I suggest if you can’t handle debate you cease commenting. You’re clearly a sensitive flower that needs ‘special’ care so feel this may not the right place for you.

    By all means if I am wrong please learn to debate in a fashion that fits the programme. One that does not include personal trashing. It’s Very sad, surely your worth more than that?

  7. On a more relevant note, this story is dangerous let alone scary. Yet again religion plays it evil card to prove some seriously misguided points. The Day society puts such backward lifeless souls into the light and the help they so desperately need the better. They are the only ones to hold humanity back in reaching its full potential. They are the only ones who will ultimately destroy humanity.

  8. Joe Amon also said on the Human Rights Watch website:

    “For Uganda to address its HIV epidemic effectively, it needs to partner with people living with HIV, not blame them, criminalize them, and exclude them from policy making.

    Recognizing that rights-based approaches are critical, and that people living with HIV will prevent transmission if they are empowered and supported, would allow Uganda’s HIV response to get back on track.”

  9. AlbiMangles 22 May 2010, 10:51am

    HIV is mostly a heterosexual problem in Africa and woman are mostly the victims of male promiscuity. If Uganda wants to stop the spread of AIDS the need to pass a law for heterosexual male to keep their equipment in their trousers and not abuse the female population.

    Its the misogynistic attitudes that need addressing in most African countries not any of this crap.

  10. Mihangel apYrs 22 May 2010, 1:25pm

    finished trashing me yet Squidgy?

    I’ve you’d read to the end of the Malawi thread you’d have seen my apology to SMC and theotherone.

    I seem to remember you stamping your little feet quite excessively during the election debates, not at all personalising there where you?

    FYI: I don’t want people to die (as the Ugandan legislature and Malawi powers want for gay people), but I do want their regimes to change, become less corrupt/in hock to external interests, and hummane.

  11. @ 10:

    You did good.

  12. Mihangel apYrs 22 May 2010, 6:36pm

    merci, cher ami

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