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21 May 2010

  • 21st May 2010

    First gay magazine launched in Morocco 12

    The first edition of Mithly

    4:57 PM — The first gay magazine has been launched in Morocco, despite the fact homosexuality is illegal in the country. The Arabic publication, titled Mithly, has sold around 200 copies so far, having been distributed informally. It is also available to read online.

  • Australian Rules football star says gays should stay in the closet 12

    Australian Rules football has no out gay players

    4:27 PM — A veteran star of Australian Rules football has been attacked for saying gay players should stay in the closet. Jason Akermanis wrote that such players "could break the fabric of a club".

  • Fears over Uganda’s ‘discriminatory’ HIV bill 12

    Uganda parliament is considering an HIV prevention bill

    3:24 PM — A bill has been tabled in Uganda's parliament to make HIV testing mandatory for pregnant women, their partners and victims and perpetrators of sexual assaults.

  • Gay minister Scott Rennie boosts church attendance 12

    Scott Rennie has seen his congregation grow

    2:23 PM — The openly gay minister of a Scottish church has seen his congregation grow since joining the church. Rev Scott Rennie, the first out gay minister to be appointed by the Church of Scotland, has had a five-per cent rise in the number of worshippers at Queen's Cross Church in the last 12 months.

  • Michael Barrymore says he’s no longer gay 66

    Michael Barrymore said he was seeing a woman

    1:49 PM — Michael Barrymore has said he is no longer gay after beginning a relationship with a woman. The television presenter reportedly revealed the romance to fellow celebrities while filming for Channel 4's Celebrity Come Dine With Me.

  • Madonna condemns Malawi for jailing gay men 23

    Madonna condemned the sentences (Photo: David Shankbone)

    11:41 AM — Madonna has said she is "shocked" at Malawi for sentencing a gay couple to 14 years in jail. The singer, who is the adoptive mother of two Malawian children and possibly the country's most famous benefactor, called on the country to challenge the court's decision.

  • Moscow Pride banned as protesters say they will march anyway 25

    Peter Tatchell is arrested at a previous march in Moscow

    11:12 AM — Moscow city hall has banned a Pride parade for the fifth year running. Gay rights activists applied for permission to hold a march on May 29th but officials turned it down, citing reasons of security.

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