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Doncaster Pride defends £3 entry charge

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Reader comments

  1. So long as nobody’s making a profit, I’m not sure why people would be so mean-minded as to reject helping with three quid. The organisers are likely to have given days or weeks of their time for free, after all… or aren’t they?

  2. The organisers are likely to have given days or weeks of their time for free, after all…


    Try a whole year in their spare time and during their work hours without being caught out. I understand why they would want to do that as we have considered doing the £1 entry for the donation bucket, but we know as Doncaster maybe finding LGBT people don’t want to pay for a festival. But reading it sounds value for money if it also gives you the after Pride Party too. Where most people would have to pay a minimum of £5 entry to a venue for more entertainment.

    I don’t know their set up, so I will base it that they are probably trying to help supporting LGBT issues in Doncaster.

  3. the price of a pint…….(!)

  4. Rob Hedley 19 May 2010, 3:19pm

    It staggers me that people can be so tight fisted when they will happily pay £10+ each on a saturday night to get into a nightclub or more than £3 on a cappucino on the high street. People are quick to complain at the lack of facilities and entertainment at pride events but strangely never to quick to put their hand into their pockets.

  5. As I said in a previous posting on here, gay men are as tight as a duck’s arse when it come to shelling out for what they see as a charitable event, yet they will pay more than that for a fcuking coat check in some clubs.

  6. They do not own pride at all and it is a celebration of our rights
    When you start charging you discourage people from going, probably not many but some
    It is greed, plain and simple and profiteering

    Considering in Birmingham the clubs use pride as an excuse to charge up to £20 entry at night, it is profiteering and goes against the spirit of the event

  7. The Halcyon 19 May 2010, 4:08pm

    To quote that grand old Yorkshire phrase, you don’t get ote for note.

  8. this is exactly what pride is about £££. notting hill carnival never charges

  9. Manchester Pride tickets can cost as much as £20.30 for the Pride event! So I think £3 to sustain the future of the event is hardly a rip off. I’d say that if money is being collected though, the accounts should be made public so visitors can see what the money will be spent on and so stop any fears of profiteering

  10. The Grinch 19 May 2010, 8:57pm

    I’m confused…if you had £3 in your pocket wouldn’t you be catching the first bus out of Doncaster?

  11. Have you tried confused .com?

  12. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2010, 11:38am

    I think we should stop relying on the state for handouts and encourage good old Fund-raisers and sponsorship. They can be fun and also a great feeling of self-achievement is had by all concerned. That said so long as greed doesn’t take over. £3 surely a price of a bevvy or an ‘e’ prehaps.

  13. Interested 21 May 2010, 1:58am

    £3 for 12 hours of entertainment….all those that complain at that I ask: if Doncaster Pride has to close down because it doesn’t have any funds for the future – will you then complain about there being no pride at all???

  14. Sweet jesus,3 fecking quid,puhlease,stop your whinging and cough up! Last time I went to a ‘pride’ event,about 7 years back,hackney-sodding-marshes in London,cor blimey,luv a duck,it cost about 25 quid,and it was packed to the rafters with naff hettys charging 3 quid for a tiny beaker of home-maid vodka jelly!come on,just pay the 3 quid,have a good time and count yourselves damn lucky that it’s only 3 quid,and it’s only once a year!

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