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Labour Leadership Contest

Andy Burnham to enter Labour leadership race with the worst gay voting record of contenders

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Reader comments

  1. John McDonnell for Labour leader!

  2. I don’t think it will matter as this guy is a long-shot outsider for labour leader at best.

  3. Patrick James 19 May 2010, 7:49pm

    This phrasing in the article is rather curious:

    He has the worst voting record for LGBT rights of the five Labour leadership candidates.

    According to They Work For You websit Andy Burnham Voted strongly for equal gay rights. Their link to the votes record at The Public Whip website shows a scoring of 90% according to their system.

    If Andy Burnham were in the Conservative party he would be regarded as highly progressive indeed!

    He is not as good as the other Labour leadership contenders in LGBT rights.

    I am glad to see competition opening up for the Labour leadership. The more hats in the ring the better.

  4. theotherone 19 May 2010, 8:11pm

    yes patrick – all the people standing are Queer friendly including Ed Balls who passed Amendment 70 through? Will you tell Queer Youth siting in a classroom being told that they are evil that Ed balls or the Millipedes (who sat and said nothing when Amendment 70 was passed) that these people love them?

    Join the chorus of discontent:

  5. Yes Patrick, I think any other mainstream politician seems progressive when placed next to a Tory MP. That wouldn’t be a difficult achievement given the Tories disgraceful attempts to sabotage LGBT rights though.

  6. um. this will be the ‘losers’ party. Mediocre and irrelevant.

  7. mediocre. Who care’s who wins the labour leadership – they are now powerless

  8. I love his eyelashes, they really frame those big brown eyes, do you think he uses mascara? I think the candidate with the biggest puppy eyes will win, so it’s between this guy and the Millibands.

  9. What do you expect – he is a committed Catholic!

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