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Malawi gay couple found guilty of unnatural acts and gross indecency

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  1. Jock S. Trap 18 May 2010, 11:13am

    All funding to this backward country should cease!

  2. Totally agree; all funding for homophobic nations should be cut; we can’t afford it morally and fiscally!

  3. That was good, they can rot in jail… we wont allow people do stupid things in the name of getting funding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Grinch 18 May 2010, 1:22pm

    Sami, I am sure State funding was not top of mind while this lovely couple were getting dug up the chocolate whizz way. However, you raise a very good point – we should all apply to have our peen licking, butt fondling and man on man action be a part of our State Relief. Appreciate your kind suggestion..

  5. The bottom line is no country should get funding if they use it on weapons or don’t respect equal rights
    Africa is Terrible under Mugabe and discriminates freely against white people for taking farm land, yet hes ok with taking our money to buy his supporters guns

  6. @ Sami:

    I really don’t see why you need aid anyway, if you can’t even comprehend the concept of basic rights. You have all the grass you can eat and obviously all the sunshine to power your computer. The rest is just luxury, really…

  7. This makes me sad and infuriated. So many of the gay people do not see we are truly at war, and our people are the ones getting tortured and killed. So many would rather play dress up or just pretend none of this is happening, and even worst so many are cowardly hiding in their closets and or actively fighting for the enemy. They are now attacking our children because of the love we have for each other.

    Friends, comrades, we are at war with an enemy who finds it okay to harm and kill us. Don’t stand there trembling- fight, fight, fight….

    I’m vent here.

  8. davevauxhall 18 May 2010, 1:51pm

    Good one Ray. This is horrific, I am so sorry these poor men are going through this.

  9. Malawi has declared that it does not require British aid money.

    If they can waste resources on persecuting innocent minorities then clearly they do not require monetary aid.

    All state funding to Malawi must cease.

    And they need to be expelled from the Commonwealth.

  10. Alan Duncan is the new Minister of State for International Development – the department that would deal with Malawi.

    I wonder if he will show any cojones in condemning the murderous, evil Malawian regime.

    Unlikely seeing as the Tory Law and Justice Party are vile homophobes


    This is the email address of Alan Duncan’s parliamentary secretary. Alan Duncan only includes this contact email address on his website.

    This fascist new law will show how serious the new government is about tackling homophobia.

    If there are no consequences for Malawi (even though Alan Duncan is himself gay) then I think we can take it as given that until the Tories are out of power then the situation for LGBT people in this country is going to get a LOT worse unless they are loudly opposed every step of the way.

  12. Newspaniard 18 May 2010, 2:20pm

    You don’t actually expect justice from a bunch of death cult savages do you?

  13. Ray’s right. Problem is, you can’t fight a war if you have no army. And I don’t see no soldiers.

    If we had our own country, a homo country, we could declare war on Malawi. Bomb the sh1t out of them. Like heterosexuals do to one another, because heterosexuals are so morally upright – they always do the right thing.
    Imagine there was a homo country, and we decided to jail two heterosexuals for having sex, do you think the rest of the world would sit around doing nothing and let that happen?

    It always amazes me how heterosexuals think they have all the answers that everyone else should live by. They really are an abomination. Heterosexuals will destroy this planet and mankind, and blame gay men for it in the process.

  14. @’jay6pac’,what an absolutely ridiculous comment!”Heterosexuals will destroy this planet……”!Come on,please!All hetties are evil,all men are rapists,all gays are good people.Is that how it goes in your world,then?!Lets get real here!Jeeze,what a klutz!

  15. We haven’t heard the last of this.

    I expect IGLHRC to release an update on this story and to organize a concerted effort to intervene in this gross injustice.

    It’s precisely because we feel so helpless that we are frustrated at news like this. We need to learn about the means that exist and use them to promote the fact that gay rights are human rights.

  16. Leatherman 18 May 2010, 5:39pm

    I find it utterly bizzare that Recon the biggest gay fetish website has 3 staff cycling in Malawi at the moment raising thousands of pounds from gay fetishists for this wretched country.

  17. @ paul – my comments are taking the piss. wtf is a klutz anyway? What I say about heterosexuals is what a lot of world leaders say about homosexuals. See how ridiculous it sounds, yes that’s the world we live in – a ridiculous heterosexual world.

    But instead of attacking peoples comments on here, perhaps you should comment on the story and say how ridiculous it is what heterosexuals are doing to these men.

  18. impotent gay racists are the same as ignorant black homophobes.

  19. Africa is Terrible under Mugabe and discriminates freely against white people for taking farm land, yet hes ok with taking our money to buy his supporters guns

    Tigra07, what the hell does Mugabe have to do with Malawi? Without wanting to detract from the seriousness of the situation for this poor couple, please remind yourself that Harare is as far from Lilongwe as London is from Cologne – can you seriously think all African coutries are the same? Is it because they’re all full of black people?

  20. Rehan, there is no need for u to resort to racist connotations, just to prove ur point. The point is African countries have poor record on human rights, happy to relay on homophobic laws created by British Empire. And anyway is Mugabe better then the rulers of Malawi.

  21. Further to my post 15:

    Oh, and I thought Rehan had a point (20), unless we want to bring in Uganda, Cameroons and Kenya just to muddy the waters.

    This is about a gay couple in Malawi, that’s all.

    @18: Thanks Dave Wainwright. I signed the petition.

  22. @ Rehan:

    Of course it’s never about the colour of their skin. That’s exactly why I keep referring to them as savages and not blacks. Even though they all look the same to me, as a liberal I am gracious enough not to resort to racism.

    And you underestimate Mugabe’s influence on the African continent. He is the great liberator, after all. Many leaders still look up to him. It’s probably more of an emotional than a rational thing, though.

  23. This would be a good time to encourage IGLHRC; a simple “Thank you” would do it:

  24. And for those of us who want to expand our interest in Africa:

    A most informative read where our issues are highlighted, and certainly not a waste of time in view of right-wing back lash against Human Rights around the world.

  25. A conservative estimate of the gay population of the world is roughly 300 million. Thats the population of a large state
    ***************WHY DONT WE USE THAT POWER????? ***********************

  26. This is what happens after decades of extremist anti-gay evangelism in Malawi, the self-named righteous destroying the lives of those who don’t conform to their stinking religious dogma.

  27. @26;

    Yea, NGO’s like IGLHRC (and there are hundreds more) may very well have more clout than another government…if only a fraction of 300 million of us would back it up.

    And then again, as someone told me lately, a super star like Madonna could settle the matter in the wink of an eye.

    For starters I signed Dave Wainwright’s petition (18) and I sent an email to IGLHRC encouraging them to go to the very end with this one.

    These two guys are not criminals…………where’s the victim???

  28. Then there’s Amnesty, another important tool if we want a global awareness of Human Rights abuses, as well as in Malawi:

  29. @ Andy (#21): I’m hardly the one making the racist connotations! Whether Mugabe is a psychopath or not (and I think there’s little doubt that he is), it is irrelevant to Malawi, which isn’t even a neighbour state of Zimbabwe’s. It’s as stupid an assumption as imagining 1930s Britain had substantially the same attitudes as Germany just because of proximity.

    I don’t see that much is gained by lumping all African countries together, it seems pretty ignorant to me. Many of them are appalling, in human-rights terms, in their own unique way.

  30. @ Lucius (#23): “Them”? Your graciousness is truly overwhelming. Perhaps, seeing yourself as liberal (as well as gracious, of course) you would know better than I, but my impression is that Mandela, not Mugabe, is usually seen as the Great Liberator and the one who’s looked up to.

    Anyway coming back to the point, as SimonM says at #10, it will indeed be interesting to see whether Alan Duncan will take a stand against Malawi now that this issue has arisen.

  31. Malawi sells it’self as the “Warm heart of Africa”

    I nearly choked when I read that!

  32. lucia. Reading your post makes me think Mugabe is right

  33. Rehan: “Can you seriously think all African countries are the same? Is it because they’re all full of black people?”

    Yes, African countries are all the same, and they all are populated by black people. Whether those two facts are connected is up to you to decide. What I can say is they are relatively rich countries, yeah most of the inhabitants are in poverty. African countries are *all* backward, corrupt, ignorant and dangerous. Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria and others are all still eating babies and South Africa is just about to go the way of Zimbabwe and turn into an anti-white bloodbath as soon as Mandela dies.

  34. Please sign the petition @18.

  35. How on earth can it be “gross indecency” when no-one saw them doing anything?

    Shame on Malawi for persecuting Stephen and Tiwonge, and all other LGBT people.

  36. @ Rehan:

    This world really is coming to an end when people on a British newspage don’t get my (albeit feeble) attempt at self-mockery.

    Anyway, I’m waiting anxiously for the verdict tomorrow. I have a feeling they won’t dissapoint.

  37. Ray @7; you are right. LGBT people are becoming the victims of a holocaust from both the muslims and the christians in Africa!(sadly, perhaps the only thing both sides agree on is they hate gays!). The pen being mightier than the sword I have written to the Foreign Ofice and the US Secretary of State to urge them to intervene whenever these cases come up. I admire the way the French Govt has stood up to be counted on these issues!

  38. “Eating babies”, Rob N (#34)? Hahahaha – not drinking Christian blood as well? Many people here have labelled you a racist and, although so far I’ve resisted the lynch-mob mentality, I’m afraid I’m beginning to see what they mean.

    For a start, while rustics and other such people inhabiting remote and isolated villages (even mentally) might inagine that all African people are black, it might come as a surprise to you to hear that North Africans – Egyptians, Algerians etc – wouldn’t consider themselves so. (Of course, for someone who probably imagines that everyone on the ‘wrong’ side of the Bosphorus is ‘black’ it’s probably a waste of time trying to explain.)

    Western European nations were responsible for two of the most extended and bloody wars of the 20c: are all “white” nations therefore to be seen as inherently destructive, savage and bloodthirsty? Prejudice is a nasty thing, specially when seemingly disguised as common sense.

    None of which is particularly useful to the two poor people being so mistreated; my apologies for going off-topic.

  39. @ Lucius (#39): while the ability to mock oneself is an admirable quality, it could be seen as out of place in a thread on a serious subject, specially one where opinions that would surely be assumed to be a joke, or mockery, are expressed in all seriousness (see above).

  40. Rehan: When I said easting babies”, I was referring to the fact that over 50 albino children have been killed in Africa in the last year, due to these stupid superstitious people and their witch doctors, although the predominance is in Tanzania and Burundi, it is thought the practice could be going on right across central and Southern Africa.

    I don’t see how any of this is being racist. It is a fact.

  41. Wow, Roeb_N, you really don’t get it, do you?

    While not wanting to belittle the barbarism of killing albino children, how many children under 5 were murdered in the UK in the last year [one country vs a continent]? (Baby P comes to mind.) Do you see this as symbolising the barbarism of all white Britons? No, I thought not.

    The definition of racism isn’t really too hard to uncover, if you think about it. Try.

  42. Crash2Parties 23 May 2010, 6:43pm

    Sigh. As has been reported elsewhere, Tiwonge Chimbalanga identifies as a woman; she is transsexual, not gay. Which makes them a straight couple, one of whom is trans. Given the media’s propensity to label them as a gay couple, it should not shock us that transsexuals are even more marginalized in her culture than gays. While this might seem like a minor distinction in context, we should show respect for her gender identity in light of the persecution they are enduring.

  43. Jason Feather 26 May 2010, 3:42pm

    Hi, please join and promote the 20,000 strong Facebook group I set up to start a letter and email writing campaign to secure the release of Steven & Tiwonges (the coule jailed in Malawi)!

    Amnesty have shown again and again letters in large numbers can gain peoples release!

  44. Barebacking spreaders 29 Oct 2011, 8:08pm

    When will the sodomite beggerers learn to obey the laws of the land instead of pursuing their rectal lusts? The laws are there for good reason

  45. Some of you may not be a ware that the scat community are also persecuted in Malawi, many in prison as we speak. The consensual scat community are a loving community that practice their ‘expressions’ to the detriment of nobody else. The campaign to educate school children has started in earnest and t’shirts with the slogan, ‘some people eat diaorrhea, get over it’ are being distributed free in our primary schools. Pity malawi is behind the times in this regard. Never fear. Some day all consensual adult sex acts will be accepted. Scat, fudge packing, father and son incest etc etc, all loving expressions are they not?

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