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Killer who claimed ‘gay panic defence’ jailed for 18 years

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Reader comments

  1. Let hope you serve as near as poss to 18years you piece of scum.

    Im sure you bee ‘touched’ by some nice big butch man in prison.


  2. The tragedy is that the ‘gay panic’ defence is still legitimately used in our judicial system!Mr Greenland should serve the whole of his sentence and not be considered for parole at any point.Prisons are full of people who really shouldn’t be there thus leading to overcrowding.Prisons should be for people like Greenland who commit truly heinous crimes,not those who commit minor,petty offenses which could be dealt with by tagging,curfew and community reparation.That way evil criminals such as Greenland can be incarcerated for the full tariff without being released back into society early simply because the prisons are full.

  3. darkmoonman 18 May 2010, 3:30pm

    “Gay panic” should be viewed as the same vapid excuse as “Asian panic” or “Black panic” would be.

  4. BrazilBoysBlog 18 May 2010, 3:32pm

    Agreed. I am sick of this bloody ´gay panic´ defense. Leaving aside for a moment that the victims body was found naked… (hardly matching the attackers version of events?), lets look at the word ´defense´´.

    Case law has already established that defense should be proportional to a perceived ´attack´. For example, if someone were to try and rob you, and they are unarmed, it is allowed for you to take all ´reasonable steps´ to defend yourself. It is not allowed for you to take out a gun and blow the mans head off… or bring out a knife and repeatedly stab your attacker. That would be a disproportionate defense.

    So, (assuming it happened like the man said), the gay victim here ´stroked his leg´ and ´tapped him on his shoulder´… so, did this nutter then need to produce a knife?, and use it to ´defend´ himself? Clearly not and this was disproportionate to the ´threat´ this man felt.

    When will defense lawyers learn and understand this? It is now an established legal precedent and therefore you cannot use ´gay panic´ as a valid defense here… simple. Why do they still try and pamper to homophobia? If this man did not want sex with the victim, had he not got a tongue in his head?

    Clearly though he´s a nutter, and as such should have been locked up for life.

  5. I’m just glad he got locked up. Sick of these pathetic excuses they pull out of the bag when they get caught. Would have seriously set a homophobic hate crime precedent among your everyday thug if he was acquitted.

    Absolutely spot on Darkmoonman. Perhaps throw rape panic & religious panic in there too. People like him are of the mindset that he can beat, stab, or murder anyone who’s different because he sees them as subhuman :/

  6. theres much more to this story -why did he go back to the flat in the first place, for a coffee?


  7. Maybe next time someone hurls abuse at my partner and I in the street we can go for ‘Straight Panic’ and beat them to death because, by nature of their approach and demanour, we felt ourselves to be in danger of being frogmarched to the nearest (female) prostitute and ‘correctively’ raped?

    I’m glad his laughable defense (which was the last resort of a man desperate to avoid taking responsibility for his actions) got the credibility it deserved. Had I been the judge I would have asked him to be assesed and sectioned as he obviously has a narcissitic mental illness that makes him believe he is so attractive nobody, male or female, can resist him.

    (Maybe this is correct – I’ve never seen his picture – But a little part of me hopes it is and that one day he drops the soap in the prison showers…)

  8. Sexual energy attracts certain things. No person should do such terrible things, etc, etc. Some comments on this page are as destructive as the guy who murdered. Night.

  9. Simon was a very very close friend of mine, no one desrves the wounds that were inflicted upon him. He was repeatedly stabbed and had his throat slit, left naked at the bottom of his stairs. Whilst this story is awfull and horrible the true state he was left in has been totally brushed over! May that nasty, nasty little man who killed my friend rot fir his actions. Simon had lots of people who loved him and this has left a huge hole in all of us. No one is ever truly safe from harm!

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