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Entire congregation quits over appointment of gay Scottish minister

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Reader comments

  1. I really don’t see this news as any great shakes really. Churches are entirely allowed to do what they wish internally, and certainly the congregation have made their feelings known.

    Rather a shame for the minister, but I would just hold out and do my job, and with any luck, the flock might yet regather.

  2. so they show how bigoted they are

  3. Kate Leigh_Aberdeen 18 May 2010, 9:27pm

    Wouldn’t be the first time the Kirk has had a split over dogma, would it? Some of these who are so against gay people in their church have every right- but they really need to catch up on a few miss translated passages from the originals over the centuries – the originals having been rediscovered and the translations corrected, and what created the miss translations – ancient homophobia! But we should know better now should we not – unless of course another adgenda is in operation – never mind the facts.

  4. More religious discrimination. Rampant as ever, exclusively religious homophobic discrimination is going unchallenged. These idiots need to take their heads out their arses and stop hiding behind scripture. Discrimination is unacceptable in any area of our discourse; work, socially, school etc.. Why is it any different in the religious sphere?

  5. Biblical orthodoxy.

    What exactly is that??

  6. Talk about over the top drama – This should read “Entire congregation has a hissy fit over appointment of gay Scottish minister”

  7. So now prejudice and ignorance are considered “Biblical orthodoxy”? How enlightened.

  8. No loss then. If they cannot deal with their homophobia being unacceptable, then let them thro& minister who panders to their bigotry and who tells them only what they want to hear, rather than encourage being challenged about being kind decent human beings.

  9. The headline for this article is wrong (or at least potentially misleading) on several counts. Rather than “Entire congregation quits over appointment of gay Scottish minister,” it should read “Bahaman congregation leaves Scottish Church over gay ministers.”

    I am not surprised that some of the commentators here haven’t troubled to read the article before weighing in, but one would rather hope that the subeditors of Pink News might have done so before appending a headline.

  10. Erroll Clements 19 May 2010, 3:19pm

    They really do know how to portray themselves as good ‘christian’s don’t they, doubt if they’d be missed, at least it will be quieter without their wailing and carrying on ! Miserable kants !

  11. Good grief, as though anybody cares what the Church of Scotland in the Bahamas – I mean, honestly! – gets up to!

  12. Please God rapture these religious phoneys off to a suitably secure homophobic heaven and keep them there for all eternity.

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