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Brighton Pride terminates bar contract after row over finances

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarance 18 May 2010, 4:47pm

    All too often Pride management committees seem to have the attitude ‘Let’s have a party and then go bust’.

    Its all too easy to forget the consequences to other businesses (often small) when Pride events fail to cover their costs or go bankrupt.

    Its such a shame that more emphasis isn’t placed on keeping these events solvent.

  2. Most people take their own booze to the park anyway!

  3. Many years ago, there used to be “Gay Rights Marches” – as the rights were slowly ticked off one by one, the marches became less political and more of a celebration. I see nothing wrong in that, but I would expect support of a political march, but i see no reason why the public should fund, what is in essence, a big party. You want to go and have fun, go for it, but don’t expect the taxpayer to subsidise you.

    You want to see what a *real* pride march is like, go to Belarus, Latvia or Poland and get rock thrown at you. Those are the people that really need funding, not a bunch of mincers with whistles.

  4. Maybe the whole “Pride” era is over. The average age of gay men is now about 45 – so it’s very unlikely that the big crowds will return even if it is heavily subsidised.

  5. “The average age of gay men is now about 45”

    Where did you get that from? The math on that doesn’t make any sense.

  6. musclelad23 19 May 2010, 10:54am

    It’s really funny how many of the counter protests against the eastern european pride – the stone throwers, the hate filled speakers, the thugs with molotov cocktails.. they all lean politically exactly the same direction as you Rpb_N…

    I’m sure if you were born in eastern europe it would be pretty clear what side of the fence you would be on.

  7. Is it time for Pride events to start making it a fee paying event?
    Look at London when they tried…Now Doncaster.

    At Reading we are lucky that the council give us the local park for free (as they should do), so we hope that we never need to charge, but what comes with that is smaller budgets on acts. As it’s about supporting the local groups and help them have a platform and hopefully give them some money afterwards.

    As we only read today that ‘Syed’ gets abuse every day just for playing a gay charictor, we have to do hand holding demonstrations, have help from celebs to help the young come to terms with their sexuality because of the social issues involved in coming out.

    We need to stop saying that it’s a party in the park, it’s not, well not for Reading, it’s a lifeline for the LGBT groups in that town/city. It’s day when you can actually walk in a park holding hands and kissing your partner in public. The day that is acceptable and not intimidating (see documentry with Gareth Thomas) is the day we can say we don’t have any issues and we can fund raise for the sick children with HIV in Africa. (BTW that not’s a flippant comment it will be the future one day).

  8. BouncerManInBlack 19 May 2010, 3:27pm

    Who would I trust with MY own money, Brighton Pride or Wild Fruit?

    Wild Fruit wins ……….. and the Brighton Pride committee can sign on the dole if they want to line their pockets without producing an event.

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