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US lesbian bishop Mary Glasspool is ordained

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Reader comments

  1. OMG the Archbishop of Canterbury will have cardiac arrest – a woman who is a les lesb lesbian (said it) being ordained an assistant. :)


    Mary Glasspool has a wonderful record of doing the most exceptional work in the church – far more than many men – gay or straight – could hold a candle to. (forgive the grammar and no inuendo meant). So go for it girl! Christian Gay society is as proud of you as we are for Gene Robinson.

  3. Excellent, lets have lots and lots and lots and then they’ll be able to STORM Lambeth Palace next time the Archbish is having a conference. Poor Rowan Williams on the wrong side of history. And well done California x

  4. Wrong side of history?! The TEC isn’t growing. The actors on stage get a lot of publicity but the audience left a long time ago. The TEC are on the same side of history as the Methodists.

  5. Another blow for male heterosexual propaganda!

  6. In the so called dark ages, Abesses and Prioresses often weilded more power, spiritual and temporal than Bishops; nice to see the balance being redressed at last!

  7. The two Marys.

  8. She isn’t the first out lesbian bishop. The first woman bishop came out after she was ordained.

  9. God has given them reprobate mind. Signs of end time.

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