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UN report finds gay men in Asia ‘denied HIV care’

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Reader comments

  1. john sharp 18 May 2010, 2:37pm

    thanks to queen Vitoria for the section 377 outlaws gay sex
    and in other cases to backwards thinking
    Asia is so gay and it is sad to see them all dying
    religion too bans gay sex

  2. More proof the governments and Christian religions of the world want to kill the gays off, around the world. The CIA Christians scientist made the AIDS virus to kill off gays and they are spreading it around the world to kill off all gays. Note this news story, nothing is being done to stop the death of gays from AIDS. The insanity is gays are born every day around the world, God creates gays to be born on earth, that is why they are here. Stop the madness and get help for God’s creations, gays. God Help Them.

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