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New Foreign Office minister marks IDAHO

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Reader comments

  1. Brenda Lana Smith R af D 17 May 2010, 6:25pm

    This septuagenarian long ago ceased using the descriptive Great before Britain when referring to an internationally politically toothless post-WW2 country that in its Victorian heyday had embedded much of the homophobic legislation and mentality that LGBTQI folk are inclined to so rudely encounter throughout its former empire today… but encountering such on British Overseas Territories today is a black mark against a British Labour government that had been in power for thirteen years… and… that a Clegeron government might similarly do nowt—for this Lib-Dem elector will not be over surprising, but absolutely unforgivable…

  2. Thanks to the cons MEPs ,Hannan ad Chichester , which took an active role in getting the British CP recognised in France and bothering to ask questions to the EU commissioner (I am still looking for the questions that their labour conterparts didn’t appear to ask).Chichester – Subject: British Civil Partnership in France-In the context of Article 515-7-1 of the civil code, adopted in France in May 2009, can the Commission advise how many ministries in France have not followed the advice of the Minister of Justice and, now, the example of the Ministers of the Economy and the Budget in granting the same rights to other EU nationals as those afforded to French same-sex partners? What action does the Commission propose to take to ensure fair and equal treatment of EU citizens? The Cons MEPs are already fghting for Brit rights of CPs in Europe , I hope the other parties will too…

  3. “The UK has a long and proud history of defending the basic rights and freedoms of the oppressed and vulnerable.” – really? He obviously thinks 13 years is a long time.

  4. I was at a GLBT rights event yesterday in Beijing hosted by the British embassy (which essentially gave it diplomatic immunity from being cancelled by authorities). I’m very proud the UK engages in this human rights issues outside its own borders. Our country believes in what it stands for and is willing to speak out even in areas where this might be not favourable.

  5. Brenda Lana Smith R af D 19 May 2010, 8:17am

    Vince@ “Our country believes in what it stands for and is willing to speak out even in areas where this might be not favourable.”

    Great to read that a 2010-05-17 GLBT rights event was hosted at the British embassy in Beijing… but how come no similar events were hosted at Government houses on Britain’s own homo- trans- phobic British Overseas Territories?

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