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Gay couple to sue over being barred from bed and breakfast

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Reader comments

  1. Well done to them. I hope they win. If they don’t, it proves the judicial system in this country is still homophobic. Imagine a business refusing someone because they were Jewish, or Asian, or Christian and getting away with it.
    The director of Liberty has hit the nail on the head when he compares it to Rosa Parks. She is exactly who I had in mind when I first heard of this case.

  2. Nigel Holland-Williams 17 May 2010, 2:29pm

    Great news. Lets hope it costs them their business ! That way they wont be able to turn anyone away ! Doubtless there will be some homophobic bigot who will help them and support them through this ! Perhaps Theresa May could put her name forward along with Chris grayling !

  3. A business is a business, no matter how small or big and just because they are christians it should not be there business’s view!

  4. “Mr Wilkinson said he was disappointed that Liberty was taking the side of the gay couple.He told BBC News: “We are rather surprised that Liberty would be so one-sided in a matter of liberty because there are two liberties to uphold in this case.”

    Why’s he surprised? The B and B owners broke the law. Obviously, Liberty will side with the gay couple. I’m sick of Christians saying they’re being discriminated against – they’re not. The law relating to the provision of goods and services applies to everyone.

    Why don’t we say that racists are being discriminated against? Their beliefs – while disgusting and offensive – are strongly held. Well, having a strongly held belief which isn’t compatible with the Law is not acceptable – whether that belief is religious or not.

  5. Nigel Holland-Williams 17 May 2010, 2:59pm

    Well said Matt !

  6. It’s a shame it has come to this but well done the gay couple, the B&B owners simply don’t acknowledge that they are legally in the wrong … for any future incidents of pseudo-religious homophobic discrimination of this sort it helps to have a legal precedent decided in a case like this for the courts and judges to refer to.

  7. And her being a former flying mattress too. She should know better.

  8. Unfortunately, even when they lose, they won’t have learnt anything about the difference between being discriminated against and being prevented from discriminating against others. Sometimes we have to ask courts to rule on matters where the issue is not clear. The law is quite clear on this issue and we know who’s in the right. So I doubt the verdict will achieve much and they’ll only think they’ve been wronged by an unjust, politically correct law.

    Nevertheless, if the only other option is to let it slide, I suppose I’m glad they’re suing.

  9. David....Chester 17 May 2010, 4:22pm

    Well done you two.
    We had a similar instance about 10 years ago whilst owning a travel company, Emirates refused to grant us travel staff concessions as I had put ‘partner ‘ on my flight request and said thyt are a Muslim airline and don’t recognize homosexuals, it made the press/TV as homophobic but they would not offer us flights and said NO.
    We did not have these laws then, if we had we would do the same…
    Good luck

  10. @4:

    It’s like you say:

    “The B and B owners broke the law.”

    That sums it up nicely, innit.

  11. Peter Roberts 17 May 2010, 4:45pm

    Good for them. Resisting homophobia in this way and over this sort of treatment is the the key to fighting homophobia on the streets. If the government is not going to fight for us, we will have to do it ourselves.

  12. I am sure that they would rather pay the damages than obey the law.

  13. The thing is, these homophobes have to obtain licence to run their B&B. As such, that makes them liable to the law of the land in the delivery of goods and services. It would be different if they weren’t running it as a business, but they are. I have NO sympathy for them. They want it both ways. The same should apply to religious cults. As long as they are getting tax payers money, they too should be subject to the law. In a true democracy, nobody should be exempt. Imagine a gay owned business refusing to serve homophobes. Now lets see how Cameron and his gang handle this one.

  14. de Villiers 17 May 2010, 5:41pm

    > Now lets see how Cameron and his gang handle this one.

    This is the issue of following a statute rather than a genuine political question. I’d be happy to leave this one to the judge.

  15. @15:48 – Oh, yes, Dave, she was the chief stewardess with Aeroflot; her tits were legendary.

  16. I wrote to the Wilkinsons via their website and complained about their behaviour. I received the following reply:

    “We draw a line at the activities of homosexuals in our family home. Is that so outrageous?”

    Yes, it is, Mike Wilkinson, because we are not speaking of your home, we are speaking of your business. You can’t have it both ways.

  17. Well said, Damina. If their family home is so important to them and must be a certain way, they shouldn’t have opened up in business as a B and B. And, using that old test, if you replace the word ‘homosexuals’ with the word ‘black’, you can see how offensive their statement sounds.

    As I’ve said before, what about the activities of HETEROsexuals? Do they have a form at reception that straight guests have to fill in regarding their sexual practices? No, I imagine not…

  18. Stick it too them but good. They aren’t christians – they are haters in the name of God. People who make Christianity the curse of western civilization.

    Religious freedom of speech, used for propagating hatred against gays is every bit as insidious as that which gave us 9/11 and the London bombings etc. Strengthen these laws that deny the right to propagate hate speech.

    And remember the louder the bigots scream, the more you have found the way to stop these victims of the mental illness called homophobia – Induced by religious hatred, utilizing the same mechanisms of anxiety that give people conventional Obsessive Compulsive disorder.

  19. Val,

    “Unfortunately, even when they lose, they won’t have learnt anything about the difference between being discriminated against and being prevented from discriminating against others”

    This is what gets to me. To my mind, they are two separate, easily distinguishable concepts. Do fundamentalists really struggle to grasp such a simple notion?

  20. The guest house couple broke the law of the land and are therefore guilty in the eyes of the law. They claim a higher moral authority but yet again its christians quoting the old testament; Jesus said nothing about gays!!!! Given their views, they should not have any menstrating women or shell fish on the premises!

  21. Some great comments here: I really hope that this case strikes a strong blow against bigotry. Until such laws are tested, they remain rather toothless – so we will all see…

  22. Does anyone know if the Wilkinsons require evidence that ‘straight’ couples are legally married before letting them have a room? No! I thought not.

    Oddly enough in Beijing many years ago my parents (then about 70 year old) had to prove they were married to get a double room.

  23. David.

    Given that (as I understand it) the gay couple in question are nto married, the Wilkinsons would not be facing this court case now if they had turned away unmarried straight couples.

  24. Rachel, do you really think they would “turn away unmarried straight couples”? Gimme a break.

  25. All this fuss could have been avoided had they displayed the correct House Rules as follows:
    “House Rules

    This is a Christian Establishment but we respect the rules of the Old Testament; we follow Leviticus!

    No Masturbation on the premises

    No Women having a Period allowed on the premises

    No Divorced persons allowed

    No sea food or pork will be served or allowed in rooms

    Under no circumstances will same sex couples be allowed on the premises

    Anyone wearing clothes of more than one animal fibre will be required to remove said garment

    “The Management reserve the right to stone any of the above to death.”

  26. the bible doesn’t condemn same-sex couples though

  27. Gary Morris & Lucas Wang 1 Aug 2010, 11:45am

    Ref;- Large Housing Association (sovereign southwest) starts ASB on Gay Muslim who wears religious dress.

    Dear Liberty

    My partner and I are Gay Muslims and I wear the Muslim religious clothing. Our (sovereign southwest) Housing association in West Berkshire who own over 70 % of housing stock and are influential in West Berkshire started their investigations in June in order to prevent me from wearing what our neighbours complained to be a “Mask and Robe”.

    We have never been treated as equals with regards to being Gay and Muslim with this housing association that pretends to uphold diversity standards.

    We have been victims of Homophobic religious intolerant hate crime at two of their properties which has been reported to the local police and even IPCC etc.
    Despite this and the clear knowledge of our faith and sexuality by sovereign southwest they had started their ASB investigations and other forms of restrictions against our religious free speech and freedoms. We were only made aware of this investigation by being given documents for a complaint hearing.

    We do not feel at all safe with this housing association that allow character assassination and gay and religious abuse.

    Please could you help as this organisation is very large and has much in the way of resources. We do not wish to be prevented from wearing our clothing.

    Thank you

    Yours Gary & Lucas

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