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Austrian straight couple fighting for civil union

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Reader comments

  1. These legal challenges are exactly what we need and are our fastest route to full equality. Fair play to them!

  2. good on them, they highlight inequality.

  3. de Villiers 17 May 2010, 5:36pm

    This is a political question to be settled by an elected Parliament. It should not be converted into a legal question and adjudicated upon by middle class, middle aged, privately educated judges.

  4. I don’t personally want a Civil Union myself so this couple shouldn’t be allowed to have one. In fact, the government of Australia should only consider allowing straight couples to have Civil Unions when at least 90% of the straight community wants one for themselves.

    Isn’t that the argument that some gay people here make for why England shouldn’t consider giving gay couples the right to marry?

    Doesn’t it sound selfish and ridiculous when one uses the same argument to deny straight people the right to have a Civil Union?

    All people, straight or gay, should have the right to participate in ANY and ALL CIVIL institutions that they choose to.

    That’s the bottom line here. Full freedom of choice.

  5. de Villiers, with all due respect, what the hell do you think the courts/judges are for if not to enforce laws and to determine if citizens are being deprived of legal rights/protections due to unfair, biased or discriminatory laws?

    What do YOU think judges’ and the courts’ roles are?

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