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Ed Miliband to fight his brother David for the Labour leadership

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Reader comments

  1. He would certainly lost to his brother David in a beauty contest :)

  2. Make them Leader and Deputy Leader. Good eye candy! Gordon Brown made one flaccid , but these chaps!!!!! Ra, Ra, Ra!!!!!

  3. I don’t care which one gets in , if their gay manifesto doesn’t show a mark improvement , in paticular their negative stance against gay marriage in the UK, then they are both doomed to get the gay vote…. Different face on the same policy isn’t going to fool anyone….

  4. Dumb and dumber. Careful lighting with this photo to make him appear goodlooking. Any of you guys who reckon either he or his brother are “eye candy” need to get out more.

  5. Milliband has a good track record on gay equality voting, which is more than can be said of the leader of the ConDem coallition.
    The gay tory voters should be ashamed of themselves for bringing into power this homophobic pack of scum.

  6. @Jay 6pac – more importantly what about Milliband’s record as a close ally of Tony Blair and part of the cabinet that took us into an illegal war in Iraq on false pretences? It does make one wonder who are the real ‘scum’ as you put it?

    Currently I feel I never want Labour to get into power ever again and in the future I’ll have to consider how best to help prevent that from happening.

  7. WHY vote lab again, if the Tories don’t reverse any gay policies and no-one sees any difference in their lifestyles and the economy improves then what will labour have to offer – this guy is at least admitting they lost and admitting to problems , what the hell is LGBT lab and its followers admitting to – they can’t even admit to the fact that their polling never improved during their campaign – the Philippa of the world won’t always fall into their laps and if they have been proven wrong will all their scare stories then they’ve lost the gay vote for ever … offer us something new lab

  8. The Goon Show lives on. Or should that be The Marx(ist) Brothers? Sickening.

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