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General Election 2010

Lib Dem Lynne Featherstone appointed junior equality minister

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Reader comments

  1. This should be fun to watch. Actually this is a lose-lose for Theresa May since if any positive moves are made for our equality, it will be generally assumed it is Lynn Featherstone’s work, while any action detrimental to our equality will be blamed entirely on Theresa May due to her abominable voting record.

  2. Patrick James 14 May 2010, 3:19pm

    Many Lib Dems will have voted for them because they have people like Lynn Featherstone.

    Now their votes are being used to create a mandate for a government with Theresa May as Home Secretary and Minister for equality.

  3. I wish Lynne Featherstone well, she has a decent track record since becoming an MP, but I suspect she’s got an uphill task – and can’t help but feel that she’s there as window dressing. Hope the job doesn’t leave her totally disillusioned.

  4. I’ve not been very impressed with the Lib Dems’ anti-discrimination credentials. And as for equality, it seems they pushed for a 55% threshold to force a new election – that means that some MPs are more equal than others. A disgrace.

  5. Let us hope she can be a positive force in government. I am happy she is thus there.

  6. how can she support section 28, be against CP’s and then claim to fight homophobic bullying and support equality?

  7. She didn’t support section 28 and wasn’t in Parliamentwhen it was repealed in 2003

  8. says in the article she voted against the repealing of section 28

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