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General Election 2010

Chris Grayling demoted to junior pensions role

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Reader comments

  1. Good – serves the fascist bigot right.

    Having said that, the creature that takes his place as Home Secretary is the grotesquely homophobic Theresa May.

    She voted against an equal age of consent
    She voted against adoption equality.
    She voted to keep Section 28.

    She should be in the BNP. Her past record indicates that she is a foul bigot.

    She must be watched like a hawk. Having a neo-fascist as Home Secretary is bad for everyone.

  2. Just when you thought the Tory Party couldn’t take the piss out of the Gay Community even more.

  3. theotherone 14 May 2010, 8:35pm

    that’s what you get for embarrassing the Leader during an Election campaign.

    Oh and David can you please stop screaming ‘Nazi’ constantly? It rather reduces the impact when you come across a proper Nazi fvckwit.

  4. theotherone 14 May 2010, 8:38pm

    Red rag: I find it hilarious that you claim Labour help the poor. How? By fvcking the Economy? By reducing access to Welfare? By abolishing the 10p tax rate? Please do tell me how Labour help the poor?

  5. @3 and 4 – why do you attack everyone else? You sound very angry and bitter, about everything.

    back to the story instead of theotherones ego……

    I can’t believe a man who thinks that businesses should be able to discriminate against gay people should have a job in government at all. If he had said that a B and B should be able to turn away Jews or Asians, he wouldn’t have sounded out of place being a BNP politician. His appointment as pensions minister is another ConDem sick joke.

  6. I bet now he will make sure gay people dont get their partner’s pension… this man doesnt deserve to be anywhere near government; not even as an MP. but hey, its democracy.

  7. Patrick James 15 May 2010, 1:31am

    Ironic that Chris Grayling gets the kind of job Cameron he seems to reserve for his LGBT members.

    However Chris Grayling has not been demoted for his homophobia. After all the person that did get Home Secretary in the end is even more homophobic than Chris Grayling.

    Chris Grayling has been demoted because he is a walking disaster area, it was those stupid made up statistics during the election which backed fired that did it for Chris.

  8. Patrick James 15 May 2010, 1:38am

    Jay 6pac writes about theotherone:

    why do you attack everyone else? You sound very angry and bitter, about everything.

    I don’t think it is worthwhile to waste time on posts by theotherone.

    I will remind you that on 8 May theotherone wrote:

    you did know that the Unions and bosses in the Civil Service gathered everyone after Lunch on Thursday and told them that if they didn’t vote for Labour they would loose their jobs? I know people in the Civil Service who experienced this.

    He knows people in the Civil Service who actually experienced that – so it must be true!

    On 8 May theotherone also wrote:

    the problem with people being turned away from Polling Stations was caused in the last hour or two of voting when there was a sudden huge surge in the Labour vote. So why did everyone turn out in the last hour or two? There wasn’t that high a turnout throughout the day for the stations not to cope and then suddenly…Electoral Fraud anyone? It was heading straight for a Tory Landslide until this strange sudden surge.


    that big increase in votes at the end of the day on 6 May was masterminded by Labour!

  9. theotherone 15 May 2010, 10:23pm

    If you want a howler Patrick how about your claims that Labour managed the economy well and managed low levels of unemployment.

    How we all laughed. Well we would laugh if there where not higher levels of Unenmployment than under the worst days of Thatcher (‘oh,’ you’ll scream, ‘but the figures are lower!’ Yes Pat but one fifth of the workforce isn’t earning a wage just now – that’s over twice the level than under thatcher. Now let’s do a gestemate as to the true Unemployment figures shall we? 2.5 million under Labour’s way of reckoning them and more than twice the number of ‘Economically Inactive’ people than when there where 3,000,000 Unemployed so let’s say that we need to double the Unemployment figures? 5,000,000 people on the scrap heap.

    Now three little things my little ray of darkness:

    1. I have provided links to news stories about Labour’s Electoral Fraud in this election. If you choose to ignore then then that’s your problem not mine.

    2. I have pointed out that I do know quite a few people in the Civil Service – it’s not hard up here in Scotland where nearly 60% of people in Employment are employed by the Government.

    3. I’ve told you several times to stop being a Genderphobic fvck but then you being so moraly pure means you can engage in Phobia as long as you’re protecting Labour.

    You’re an embarrassment to the Scene.

    Oh and sorry: I should have pointed out thatI was referring (in my question thrown in the direction of Red Rag) to a poster on their site claiming that the Tories help the rich and Labour help the poor. Well Labour took away the 10p tax bracket and the Torie/ Lib Dem Coalition are making the first £10,000 earned Tax Free so who helps the poor?

  10. silly billy 17 May 2010, 10:05am

    Thesthostherone has exceeded himself here, no? Where has Patrick shown evidence of being a Genderphobic fvck? Or is it just the same old, same old? Natsy-party and their natsier supporters……

  11. theotherone 17 May 2010, 11:35am

    Here we go again: Labour supporters and their bullsh1t.

    No Patrick’s not Genderphobic – that’s why I’ve told him time and time again that I’m a Transwoman and he refers to me as a male. Oh wait a minute – you read me saying the same thing silly billy so you’re a fvck1ng cvnt too!

    The Moral superiority on show overwhelms me.

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