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Campaigners’ anger at Pope’s latest ‘homophobic’ comments

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  1. Lets hope Gay and equal rights campaigners come out in force and ruin his UK visit!

    1. this is the reincarnation of hitler.

      Give him aids tained drugs, and put him in a zoo where he will get gods true revenge.

      And remember – lions aren’t fussy about what they eat.

  2. Perhaps LGBT should wear pink triangles for the duration of Nazinger’s stay to commemorate the NAZI youth pope’s visit to the UK – let’s even have a rememberance day, pink triangle day instead of red poppy day. He does still share Hitler’s views on Gay men.

  3. he’s an old ex-nazi, he wants marriage so that it can’t be broken if there’s abuse etc! he isn’t rational or interested in facts – a trait bigots share, plus he has no perspective and was chosen for pope due to how vile he is
    I’d be surprised if LAbour and the tories condemn him

  4. Since when does this enabler of paedophilia and other forms of sexual abuse speak with any moral authority? What would he know about relationships let alone give advice and then make such absurd statements? If I had marital problems, a catholic priest would be the last person I’d seek counsel from. The more he opens his mouth, the more irrelevant his cult becomes.

  5. Homosexual relationships and birth control are issues for individual consciences.

    Gay rights are human rights.

  6. Given his past pronouncements both before and after becoming Pope, I’m not surprised at this latest outburst. Of course, after the continuing revelations regarding the child rape scandal, the man does indeed have NO moral authority when it comes to any pronouncements on anything, but especially marriage equality. He gave that up when he began to help enable pedophiles to escape justice and continue their crimes in new venues.

    Hope GLBT people come up with creative ways to make his Holeyness’s visit miserable. He deserves it. The devil does indeed wear Pradas.

  7. dangerous threat -you would know all about that old man in a white frock -the millions that have died to HIV in Africa (and other places) where you have not let condoms be used you should hang you head in shame and disgust.

  8. It has always been my experience that the stronger one rants against homosexuality, the deeper into the closet they themselves are. Moreover, the greater the hunger to experience it for themselves. I’m convinced that this moron is no different from the other poor souls who have not learned to respect themselves.

  9. Lynching – some people deserve it.

  10. Even British catholics must be profoundly embarrassed about the arch-homophobe exposing his moral decreptitude in this country. Lets hope EVERYBODY protests; the 15 million aetheists, the 30 odd million women (although post-feminists seem keen to get back under the cosh – masochism by marriage) as well as LGBT and all other groups the pope likes to have a pop at.

  11. The more he rants, the more he becomes an ‘insidious and dangerous threat’ to the survival of the Catholic Church.

    Go Ratzy, go!

  12. Funnily there are about 4 Million catholics in the UK, a number not too different from the number of gay people and of that 4 Million a certain percentage are gay.
    A counter protest could be just as big as the crowd the pope draws.

    And ‘blurring gender’ from a man in a dress, pot kettle

  13. we are ALL Gods children He made Gay people the way they are we did not choose our sexuality like a straight man or woman they could have been gay.The Pope should not be allowed to come to the UK and should stop preaching and encouraging Homophobia,is he the not the dangerous and insidious one? power crazy like Hitler,he is the major threat to his own Church get rid of him now before Catholism becomes an exctinct religion.

  14. Ghastly to see this man talking about “threats to the common good” and meaning gays and lesbians marrying and enjoying loving relationships. I’d list allowing his staff (RC priests) to abuse children, and then having an institutional cover up across whole continents as a much bigger threat. Along with denying contraception to women in the developing world whose lives are ended prematurely by the burden of too many pregnancies. And trying to stop the use of condoms, in countries hit by the horror of HIV infection rates we can hardly begin to imagine. And hoarding wealth in the form of gold, artworks and property, when his church should be feeding the poor.

    The wicked old goat certainly seems to have plenty of experience of these “threats to the common good”, how he has the nerve to try to dump the blame on us kinda floors me.

  15. It’s like a stuck record isn’t it? I hope those guys who are trying to get him arrested for crimes against humanity or whatever it was manage it!

  16. Peter & Michael 14 May 2010, 4:13pm

    Portugal will soon have Gay Marriage as it is becoming more secular than catholic. The pope and his tribe have been against people using condoms, especially in the African states causing many unnecessary deaths from HIV and Aids. They have blood on their hands.

  17. Musta been a sale on red velvet…

    In the earlier photo this morning, he was wearing white on a lavender background…mustard tint.

  18. This merchant of hatred is playing into the hands of secularists everywhere.The catholic church/cult/sect is fast becoming a laughing stock the world over due mainly to this evil bigot’s homophobic tirade.Sadly there are still plenty of people out there who see this vile creatures words as those of god.We MUST protest in the strongest terms against this paedophile protecting,danger-mongering nazi’s planned visit to our country.I am so glad I had the strength to turn my back on the catholic church!

  19. I still don’t think he will come to UK. It’s becoming too risky, especially with Hitchen’s and Dawkins’ clamouring for his arrest. The man is a complete and utter disgrace; his fashion sense is also highly suspect. Gok Wan would go mental.

  20. davevauxhall 14 May 2010, 5:03pm

    These aren’t just “comments” lets call them what they are! A concerted political attempt to influence Government legislation which would allow gay men and lesbians to marry their same sex partners and legislation which allows women to choose to abort children if they need to. The Vatican is a political organisation and this pope uses every opportunity to attack LGB people and to lobby and politically influence governments and legislation. It’s why the separation of church and state is so important. Because unelected religious organisations are desperate to be in the power game and want believers and non believers to bend to their irrational dogma and beliefs.

  21. The “gift” that keeps on giving: this man is absolutely tone-deaf & blind to the truth. For comic relief see:

  22. No. 20 Davevauxhall….I’ve been advocating the diestablishment of state religion for decades. Its irrelevant and unncessary and a waste of tax payers money, more importantly ours. Ironic that our taxes help support the Anglican cult as well as funding for catholic and other religious schools. Time that ended.

  23. Why don’t they campaing for gay marriage in the UK instead. Spain and Portugal haven’t listened to the pope. who is the UK listening to. What reason do THESE campiagners have for WHY THE UK DOES NOT HAVE GAY MARRIAGE? If you didn’t notice the lab party also used relgion as a REASON NOT to have it!!!!! Double standards by our campaingners….

  24. is there a facebook page with info on the protest when he comes here? we all need to go…. we want his visit to be all about gay people protesting against his disgusting views.. not him!

  25. Alan: “Spain and Portugal haven’t listened to the pope. who is the UK listening to. What reason do THESE campaigners have for WHY THE UK DOES NOT HAVE GAY MARRIAGE?”

    The answer is simple: It is not the Catholic church that holds the power here, unlike Italy, it is the Church of England. The Church and the State have always been inextricably intertwined, and they still hold sway in the UK. Additionally, with the increasing Muslim immigration, they too have a large control over the government’s decisions. Civil partnerships were set up as an alternative to marriage for that very reason; they are identical, but as they are not called “marriage”, they won’t be stepping on any religious toes. Both the Tory and Labour governments are essentially scared of pissing off religious organisations because they can bite back when they want.

    Ratzinger is a fool to stir up this wasp’s nest, because there is a strong chance he will have a war on his hands.

  26. George Vye & Ward Stewart 14 May 2010, 6:45pm

    The Nazi pope is the most insidious and dangerous threat to the common good.
    Love his various costumes, the red cape, flowing gowns, many rings, the cute beanie, and the red Capizio slippers, and this fool thinks he knows Jesus.
    Ward and George,
    54 years together, yet strangers before the law in our own country of the United States.

  27. Me thinks he doth protesteth too much –

  28. That an ex Nazi Pope will be lauded in London and Edinburgh and have the Queen bow, scrape and kiss his ring will have the millions of dead who fought so valiantly against the Nazi’s, spinning in their graves. The utter insult to their memories to have a self confessed Nazi lording it over any one in this country is a disgrace.

    The conservative estimate of cost to the taxpayer is supposed to be £25 million more like £100,000 million by the time this charade is over and the cost calculated.

    For costs there will be, for this visit is likely to cause riots, like of this country has never seen. His behavior in Portugal is an indication of what he is about, and this simply will not be tolerated in this free democracy. Especially from an ex Nazi.

  29. “Especially from an ex Nazi”

    I didn’t realize he was “ex”

    I just thought he was semi closeted.

  30. Eww, the poop is nothing but a dirty old man. Nice dress you pedophile!

  31. Edward Prendergast 15 May 2010, 1:06am

    The world is slowing learning to ignore this bigot.

  32. I’ll try to be there to protest him!

  33. Once again the noble knight Joseph Ratzinger embarks into his quest to defend the world from the evils of the same-sex marriage in the same way a Don Quixote sweeps an evil breed of giants from off the face of the Earth !!

  34. Sancho, the realist, tells his master:

    “I sometimes think that all you tell me of knighthood, kingdoms, empires and islands is all windy blather and lies”

    (Book 1, Part 15).

  35. you hope it won’t be tolerated Boston but there’s still many homophobes and cherry-picking christians, many also deny he was nazi and claim he was forced to be, the UK may be a democracy but it’s still influenced badly bt the evil bigoted lying christians

  36. Rob – yeah you’re right – the pope has no influence in the UK and it seems doesn’t have the influence he once had in SPain and Portugal. It’s governments that decide whether to have gay marriages or NOT and not the pope – I wish these campaigners would direct their anger at governments – CP are NOT marriages , the UK has CPs, the lab party have argued that marriage is the traditional one between people of the opposite sex . They said they would not bring in gay marriage becuase of relgion. Even these campiagners seems to agree with this line. Marriage should be available to all…the fact that CPs give the same rights (in the UK at least) doesn’t detract from that.. The pope’s view on gay marriage, the pill, abortion etc hasn’t changed nor will it, it’s well documented….it’s NOT the POPE you should be campainging against but canvass those people who are campaingning for us ie Stonewall who say we don’t need gay marrigae, it’s ok to be ghettoised into CPs. Campiagn against your MPs both parties…For heavens sake is this pope business really news, the pope is against gay marriage, WHAT A SURPRISE!. The lab party is against gay marriage and so it Stonewall, THAT IS THE SURPRISE and the worrying issue!

  37. When you realise the RC church has ‘lost all credibility’ (not my words, the Archbishop of Canterbury [and he should know]) in a country like the Republic of Ireland you know the writing is on the wall for the future of the universal church. The only thing keeping it going in its present form are countries like Italy, Germany and Austria which impose compulsory taxes on the entire population for church funds running into billions a year for the RC church.

  38. The Pope is 10 centuries out of date: – did you know that there was an openly gay bishop in the 11th century, and the Pope Urban II didn’t give a monkeys?

  39. I strongly believe that the papel visit later this year ,is not in this countrys best interests! His homophobic comments alone, are enough testiment to a ban. Then the cost to the british taxpayer,at a time when everyone needs to tighten the financial reigns. The former government got Fred Phelps and his evil funeral protestors banned, i see no differnece in Phelps’s and the Popes comments/actions,except that the Popes is proberbly worse! That means we have strong grounds to ban the papel visit too! We should be organising a strong campaign against his visit with a petition to this new government for a start! The Pink triangle idea hits the mark too! a grim reminder to the wider british public, of his nasty nazi past! We just don’t need or want him here! End of!

  40. The Catholic Church is clearly “some of today’s most insidious and dangerous threats to the common good”

  41. The Pope Benedict and the church is the ONLY threat to man kind and this world has ever seen , he has done more sins by covering up all of the SINS that the Vatican and his so call good priest has done since the beginning of time, this word would be a better place with out religion, all it has to offer is hate,war and discrimination all you have to do is look at their history and learn the truth.

  42. Jen Marcus 15 May 2010, 2:56pm

    Religion has now become an impediment to the advancement of civilization, science and human evolution itself. One of the worst religions in this regard is the one run by a bunch of “insidious, dangerous” and deranged old men like the Roman Catholic Church. Its time this existential fantasy cult based on pre rational scientific thought, ancient tomes and manuscripts go by the way of the dinosaurs and become extinct because it has become an instrument of hate, bigotry, injustice, oppression, immorality and evil.

  43. unfortunately the pope does have influence in spite of the UK church as many will listen and agree with him unfortunately, many don’t even get why homophobia is wrong and they’ll rant about biblical nonsense or lies to support their cfraziness

  44. I don’t really think he is normal – there seem to bits missing.

  45. Dave North 15 May 2010, 9:04pm

    The Curse of Ham (also called the curse of Canaan) refers to the curse that Ham’s father Noah placed upon Ham’s son Canaan, after Ham “saw his father’s nakedness” because of drunkenness in Noah’s tent. It is related in the Book of Genesis 9:20-27.

    Some Biblical scholars see the “curse of Canaan” story as an early Hebrew rationalization for Israel’s conquest and enslavement of the Canaanites, who were presumed to descend from Canaan.

    The “curse of Ham” had been used by some members of Abrahamic religions to justify racism and the enslavement of people of Black African ancestry, who were believed to be descendants of Ham.

    They were often called Hamites and were believed to have descended through Canaan or his older brothers.

    Christian proponents of slavery in the US increasingly invoked the ‘curse of Ham’ in the US during the 19th century, as a response to the growing abolitionist movement.

    This old frock wearing w@nker is clearly using Leviticus 18:22 to justify the same old bigotry.

    I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that this old fool will end up in the hell that he believes in.

    Isn’t Christianity wonderful…… NOT

  46. Lookee me, I’m wearing my white fur-trimmed red-velvet mozetta.

    Wanna come into my closetta…Ya betta bringa luncha, this could taka tima:

  47. @38 Yakoub:

    Salem alekem.

    In his scholarly work on homosexuality in in pre-Modern Europe, John Boswell writes that Pope Urban II could not be made to take an interest in the homosexual relationships of his prelates:

    “Ivo of Chartres informed the papal legate and the pope himself that Ralph, the archbishop of Tours, had prevailed upon the king of France (Philip) to install as bishop of Orléans a certain John, whom Ivo knew to be the archbishop’s lover (and to have had sexual relations with the king, since the latter boasted of it to Ivo).

    In fact John had also shared his favors with the previous bishop of Orléans (Ralph’s brother) and was generally so accommodating with his person that he was popularly known as Flora, in reference to a celebrated courtesan of the day.

    …Urban declined to take any action whatever against the election of Ralph’s lover, who was consecrated on March 1, 1098.” (pp. 213-14).

    As you know, the intolerance of the later Middle Ages was directed first against the Jews, as in Thomas of Monmouth’s published account in 1173 of the ritual murder by Jews of a Christian child (William of Norwich, subsequently known as Saint William of Norwich), whose veneration became quite popular both in France and in England.

    “No charge against a minority seems to be more damaging than the claim that they pose a threat of some sort to the children of the majority.” (p. 273)

    “Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality; Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Fourteenth Century”, John Boswell, Winner of the 1981 American Book awards for History.

    Boswell was assistant professor of History at Yale University at the time.

  48. ‘…Derek Munn telling the Daily Telegraph: “Some might say that it’s dangerous and insidious for the Pope to spend so much time publicly belittling gay, lesbian and bisexual people.”‘

    You got that right!!

  49. I liked the suggestion near the beginning of this thread, that at any LGBT protests against the Pope’s visit, the wearing of pink triangles, also probably lots of referencing the Pope’s total absence of credibility due to his defending his Church’s priests in the face of child molestation charges. Yeah Pope, like any sane person will believe gay people & a woman’s right to control her own body are really more evil than your organisation being kiddy-fiddlers.

  50. The Pope is a red herring, the guilty parties are government. My partner is a Quaker , his relgion says “British Quakers also supported the 2005 introduction of the legal status of ‘civil partnerships’ in the UK, and were taken to their 2009 support of same-sex marriage with the idea that “marriage is the Lord’s work and we are but witnesses”. The government doesn’t listen to his relgion so why does it listen to any other? Relgions is a red herring… relgion doesn’t govern equality!

  51. “The Pope is a red herring” – to who? the billion catholics in the world he has an effect upon? The politicians, who use his rhetoric to justify their ideas? The journalists and media, who print and share his ideas to non catholics, and therefore spread his hate. The government does listen to his religion unfortunately. That’s why some of us are protesting. So stop trying to undermine our protest.

  52. #49 – I too think the pink triangle protest idea is a good one. I think a good protest would be thousands of LGBT dressed like we were going to the concentraton camps with pink triangles. Nazinger would love to exterminate us all if he could. It would highlight to the worlds media that nazinger is an ex nazi and that homophobia is a nazi idea, that if you are homophobic you are a nazi. People hate being thought of as a nazi, so it would stop people from being homophobic. I don’t have anything against glitter, but I think the usual pink wig drag queen protest makes the worlds media think that we think its a big joke and that we are all ‘gay and happy’ and therefore it doesn’t matter. We have to make sure the worlds media know that gay men are not hapy that this man has any power. It should be a solemn protest highlighting what can come from the ideas that nazinger has.

  53. Father Tafferty O'Cavity 16 May 2010, 5:52pm

    I loved my visit to Vatican City last year. There are so many naked male statues on display in the various musuems – honestly, I saw more penises there than I did in the sand dunes at Gran Caneria the year before.

    I think the Pope is just jealous of gay people because even though he puts on his best dress and sashays up and down hoping to get the attention of the hottest guys, it’s still a case of always the bridesmaid never the bride. Face it grandma – you’re over the hill. Why not take up knitting instead of bitching.

  54. Just let hope he keeps his trap shut as well as his legs during his upcoming visit to UK. He’s the type who could cause a row in an empty room. I just cannot find a strongest word to describe this fat queen. Of course, I blame Italy for allowing this charade to go on for so long. The sheer vulgarity of it all is awesome to behold.

  55. ‘He (ben16) called abortion and same-sex marriage “some of today’s most insidious and dangerous threats to the common good”…’

    Here in Canada, Marci MacDonald’s new book entitled “The New Argameddon” suggests that “Primie Minister Harper is catering to Christian conservative groups in an effort to bolster his party’s political base:

    Identifying both abortion and same-sex marriage as threats against the common good does in fact give us a clear idea of the agenda that has been brewing as a reactionary force to neutralize the gains of the Human Rights Movement.

    There now exists ample proof in the USA, Canada and the UK that social and religious conservatives are making strides to institutionalize their agendas, more or less forgetting about the outrageous sexual and psychological abuse of countless thousands of children by right-wing religious groups of all kinds.

    It’s high time the majority, who are not inclined to support religious fundamentalism in any way, shape or form, spoke up on these issues and more, eg., women, infallibility, priests in peril, divorce, dissent, euthanasia as well as church and state.

  56. john sharp 17 May 2010, 7:49am

    the good thing with all his recent stupid comments
    he is pissing off believers.
    and making the church institution look like a joke
    that it is .
    religion is a lie
    so please do not judge us
    see up your own ass and not mine

  57. @jean-Paul

    Thanks for the link. I think that should act as a wake up call.

    Just like the Pope, conservative religious groups are using same sex arguments as a stepping stone to their broader agenda.

    David Cameron’s Tory party is not a strong government and therefore will lean on the same religious groups – if they haven’t done so already.

  58. Alex Fairbanks 19 May 2010, 2:06am

    Again another disgusting display by the current pope abusing his and the churches power, no change there then, for a faith which advocates rape, slavery, abuse of married women and much more, I would say the catholic faith is the biggest danger this world has to contend with.

    It is amazing to think that the saviour of the Catholic Faith Jesus actually never discriminated against anyone even homosexuals and this story actually exists in the bible, in Matthew 8 where he meets a roman soldier who’s servant was actually his partner was very ill and he asked Jesus for his help and Jesus did not condemn their relationship in anyway, he actually praised the Roman Soldier and Jesus commended this Roman Soldier for having more faith than anyone he had ever met and assured him that he would sit down in the Kingdom of Heaven with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. By this miracle of healing, Jesus preserved this loving same-sex relationship

    Funny isn’t it how the Catholic Faith and the Pope fails to actually highlight this particular story, anyone who is interested can read the whole story @ this link :

    I must add I came across this by chance when searching for info on Transgender stuff and am not a member of this church but wouldn’t it be nice if all Christians and Catholics embraced this quality of Jesus.

    I think the term – Practice what you Preach – comes to mind in relation to the latest vile outburst of the bigot and inciter of hate called Pope Benedict XVI and his visit should be banned and he should be arrested by the UN and Human Rights Organisations for abuses to humanity in all its forms.

  59. Personally,I’d like to see a bit more showmanship. Imagine having all that dazzling drag.

    A few hours on the set with our dear Cher should it.

  60. Apparently, he can still kick his height.

  61. Bostjan Avsec 17 Sep 2010, 11:55am


    What do little girls and boys who were victims of pedophiles
    have common with white adults(YOU) and were/are victims
    of genocide against whites performed by
    Parasites = criminals = PEDOPHILES = HUMANISTS = communists = terrorists

    Why is just nothing ever good enough for these individuals who poison our societies….why is it that they are allways in need for change….different environments(exotic countries) while our white European people are simply not acceptable option for them…why do they always suggest and lie to you(when entering your homes or at work) how change is foreigners are even your ancestors have committed terrible crimes…why do they always knock on your conscious and are lying to you in the face when we can all see what their results are…what they have created from our clean streets or what is visible from videos their agenda is….

    Everything right here….just seat back and enjoy learning TRUTHS about
    people like Bill Clinton and Angela Merkel….+ make sure you sign up
    for the cause(
    if you haven’t yet, so we can arrest this bastards and
    place them where they belong(jail/prisons or mental care hospitals) !!!!

    Video 10

    Video 11

    Don’t let them turn your streets and homes…cities into this…

    Video 12

    H U M A N I S T = P E D O P H I L E

    stop chem trails…stop gay parades…stop pandemics used to kill us and
    force us in state of anarchy or terror, stop America from genociding
    our people in USA who have founded one and us Europeans in Europe, stop
    uncontrolled immigration or invasion of non Europeans on Europe, stop
    parasitic Slavic communists from advancing throughout Europe from East
    and suppressing their own people for the sake of profits, demand corrupt
    politicians to step down, condemn human rights organizations which
    serve their masters only, condemn corruption of media and politics, free
    our people and our continent so we can be useful as well for our own
    people across the world ! Spree shootings in schools….gay
    parades….unemployment…church scandals…mass emigration..911…economy
    crises…our people dyeing in foreign wars…..everything explained here



    Video Number 47

    Video Number 48

    Video Number 49

  62. He should not be alowed to come to this country and speek his homophobic hatefueled mind. Just because he’s the head of his church, it doesn’t mean he has the right to insult and upset people of this counrty. I’m all for free speach, if people want to hear his doctrin of hate then they are free to go to church or visit his website (or whatever), but when it comes to the mass media there needs to be more control.

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