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Video: Laura Bush reveals she supports gay marriage and abortion rights

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Reader comments

  1. too late!!! you should have open your big mouth before silly woman

  2. Stuart Neyton 13 May 2010, 12:54pm

    It’s natural for her to have loyalty to her husband and, recognising how much this would infuriate George Bush’s support base, i’m not going to criticise her for not being public about this during his time in office. It’s easy to rage against her like pppppp, but I admire her for talking to Bush behind the scenes and am glad she’s now talking about this.

  3. Well done, Laura! Better late than never. We have NOBODY other than Clegg and the Greens supporting it. Even though America doesn’t have full equality, at least five of its states have same-sex marriage having abandoned civil unions for the universal standard. At least Laura sees the larger picture unlike our own celebrities and politicians.

  4. A classic case of “how did those two ever find enough in common to get married in the first place?”
    Shame she didn’t come forward make her views public earlier, but at least she’s prepared to stand up and be counted now, which is something. Every so often you get the impression that political spouses could do the job far better than their husbands.

  5. Thomas, FloriDuh, USA 13 May 2010, 3:15pm

    Too late. Stop trying to rewrite history. Eight years of horrific (and continued) evil towards America’s gays under your husband’s leadership. Mission accomplished indeed. An innocent bystander my _ss.

  6. too fVcking late darling.

  7. foolish whore

  8. Wait a minute. The article talks about George Bush. Isn’t Laura the wife of his son, George W. Bush?

  9. With the way these right wingers are being forced out of the closet, perhaps Laura Bush is preparing us for some more news.

  10. First it was Cindy McCain posing for the NOH8 Campaign and now Laura Bush “coming out” as a supporter of same-sex marriage. Why is it that the real Republican women are just wives of the candidates while abortions of nature like Sarah Palin gain public recognition as representatives of the elephant party ?

  11. @2:

    Yea, I see what you mean. She would have principles, wouldn’t she?
    I’d like to read her book to get a better idea of why she had to wait till now to speak up, and boy! did she speak up, or what.


  12. Who cares what some hasbeem thinks.

    yes it’s nice that she supports marriage equality and abortion, but she is a private citizen.

    It could have made a difference when her maniac husband was in power.

    Too late now.

  13. People here seem to be living in the past.

    Her views and her book are part of the Republican’s internal battle to see if they move to the centre or lurch to the right with the Tea Party supporters.

    For the extremists who want to portray support for gay equality as some mad Democrat plot to undermine America the former first lady had stuck a spanner in the works.

  14. I think good on her, she could’ve stayed silent ’til the end of her days.. the one thing I’m interested in is howcome none of the national TV networks havent run with this, isnt this something of major interest???

    On the BBC News RSS feed one of the news items they’re running with is this tidbit of national import “Claudia Schiffer gives birth to third child”. Doesn’t this news about Laura Bush deserve to be there to?(I just checked the BBC News search for their website just to make sure)

    With the TV news being deathly quiet about this and the whole Philippa Stroud story, I’m seriously wondering about the whole impatiality of the TV press and what agenda they have.

    I’ve never thought like this before I would happily declare myself a namby pamby middle of the road Liberal, I think things for me are about to change

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